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02:02 <CIA-115> Sergiu Dumitriu master * r8a5b152 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-ui/src/main/resources/XWiki/ExtensionManagerMacros.xml : [misc] Badly printed website for extensions coming from an XWiki Extension Repository -
02:40 <CIA-115> Sergiu Dumitriu master * r31e768a / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-ui/src/main/resources/XWiki/AddExtensions.xml : [misc] Don't display two search bars in the extension manager UI -
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08:21 <+mflorea> sdumitriu: do you know what is the proper way to instantiate a groovy class in velocity with xwiki/2.0 syntax? parseGroovyFromPage seems to work with xwiki/1.0 syntax (i.e. without the groovy macro)
08:22 <@sdumitriu> You shouldn't instantiate it in Velocity
08:22 <@sdumitriu> You should {{include}} the document containing the {{groovy}} script
08:23 <@sdumitriu> And create the instance in Groovy, and set it in the vcontext so that Velocity can see it
08:23 <+mflorea> I see
08:23 <+mflorea> let me try
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10:12 <+mflorea> sdumitriu: still there?
10:17 <+mflorea> tmortagne: I'm looking for a way to expose a groovy API in a page that isn't saved with PR. I have a page with groovy code (which is saved with PR) and I'm including it in another page that isn't saved with PR. I'm using context=new so that the groovy code is evaluated. The problem is that it is evaluated in an isolated context. Is there a way to pass an object from groovy to velocity when the groovy code is executed in an isolated context?
10:21 <+tmortagne> mflorea: Hi
10:22 <+mflorea> the generic question is: how can I expose a groovy API in a page without PR?
10:22 <+tmortagne> short answer: I hope not ;)
10:22 <+mflorea> :)
10:22 <+tmortagne> now for the general question lets think
10:22 <+mflorea> ok, but there should be a way to write groovy code and then expose it in a page without PR
10:22 <+tmortagne> the old answer is parseGroovyFromPage
10:22 <+mflorea> yes, but I'm using xwiki/2.0
10:23 <+tmortagne> the future answer is exposing a script service written in groovy
10:23 <+mflorea> aha
10:23 <+tmortagne> now we are a bit in the middle
10:24 <+mflorea> I'll try the ScriptSerivice solution
10:24 <+tmortagne> since we require some plumbing that take care of making sure the groovy script is initialized at startup etc..., what you could so is do this check in your include context=new
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11:28 <CIA-115> tmortagne master * r8e618ea / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-repositories/xwiki-platform-extension-repository-xwiki/xwiki-platform-extension-repository-xwiki-server-ui/src/main/resources/ExtensionCode/ExtensionSheet.xml : XWIKI-7234: Improve EM validation message in XR -
11:28 <CIA-115> tmortagne master * r2e811a5 / xwiki-enterprise-test/xwiki-enterprise-test-pageobjects/src/main/java/org/xwiki/test/po/extension/server/ : XWIKI-7234: Improve EM validation message in XR -
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11:51 <+jvelociter> Guys, any problem merging in 3.2 as well ?
11:51 <+jvelociter> sdumitriu: ?
11:51 <+jvelociter> (I can do it if we are ok)
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14:52 <vmassol> any ETA for the release? :)
14:55 <vmassol> I know sergiu would like to commit a "back to list" implementation for the EM UI
14:55 <vmassol> I don't know when though
14:55 <vmassol> what else is left?
14:58 <+tmortagne> mflorea: was working on a way to provide some API in groovy used in a velocity script probably for appwithingminute I guess, not sure if he was able to finish
14:59 <vmassol> bb in 20mn
14:59 <+tmortagne> on my side I'm workin on a multiwiki related bug on EM depenccies management found by Denis but the new UI does not handle multiwiki AFAIK so it sould not be too blocker
15:00 <+mflorea> I committed it. Now I'm working on making AppWithinMinutes translatable, but I can commi this after RC1 (if that's ok with you)
15:00 <+tmortagne> does not sounds too critical indeed, there would not be much time to get actual translation anyway :)
15:02 <+mflorea> yes
15:05 <@cjdelisle> AppWithinMinutes\u002C.WebHome is failing webstandards test
15:06 <@cjdelisle>$xwiki-enterprise-test-webstandards/testReport/org.xwiki.test.webstandards.framework/DefaultValidationTest/Validating_XHTML_validity_for__space_AppWithinMinutes_u002C_page_WebHome_executed_with_credentials_Admin_admin/
15:06 <@cjdelisle> hmm
15:06 <@cjdelisle> \u002C is ,
15:07 <@cjdelisle> So the page is called AppWithinMinutes,.WebHome
15:48 <+mflorea> cjdelisle: that is just bad display, if you looks the the HTML source, the space name is AppWithinMinutes. I'm taking care of this test
15:48 <@cjdelisle> ok, thanks
16:29 <vmassol> cjdelisle: we don't load attachments when we load docs?
16:29 <vmassol> hmm we do:
16:29 <vmassol>             if (doc.hasElement(XWikiDocument.HAS_ATTACHMENTS)) {
16:29 <vmassol>                 loadAttachmentList(doc, context, false);
16:29 <vmassol>             }
16:29 <vmassol> need to debug why the attachment is not loaded in my case
16:30 <@cjdelisle> The attachment metadata should be loaded with the document
16:30 <@cjdelisle> the attachment content is loaded on demand
16:31 <vmassol> I get a NPE later on when the doc bridge calls get attachments
16:31 <vmassol> since the attachmet list is empty
16:31 <@cjdelisle> You're doing a getDocument() and finding the attachment list not populated?
16:31 <vmassol> yep
16:31 <vmassol> I'll trace it
16:32 <@cjdelisle> If it were a search("select doc from XWikiDocument ...."); then you can end up with an XWikiDocument with no attachments or objects.
16:32 <vmassol> I'm doign a xwiki.getDcoument("IRC.IRCBot").getRenderedContent()
16:33 <@cjdelisle> ok so you call getRenderedContent() and then the content calls $doc.getAttachment() and it's not there?
16:33 <vmassol> in the content there's a groovy macro with jars="...."
16:33 <@cjdelisle> ok
16:34 <vmassol> and that will internally try to get teh attachment
16:34 <vmassol> using the doc bridge
16:34 <vmassol> and I get a NPE
16:34 <@cjdelisle> "this should never happen" heh
16:34 <vmassol> ahah
16:34 <vmassol> if (doc.hasElement(XWikiDocument.HAS_ATTACHMENTS)) {
16:34 <vmassol> is false
16:35 <vmassol> oh
16:35 <@cjdelisle> ahh that is quite a bug
16:35 <vmassol> wait
16:35 <vmassol> I'm not looking at the right doc
16:35 <@cjdelisle> can you set a breakpoint in loadAttachmentList()?
16:36 <vmassol> the problem is elsewhere. I'm still debugging (finding the right doc this time, got confused by its name)
17:05 <CIA-115> tmortagne master * rb081643 / (4 files in 4 dirs): XWIKI-7236: Namespace inheritance broken in ...
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17:50 <CIA-115> tmortagne master * rc95f379 / (2 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7235: An extension is not removed from backward dependencies when ...
18:17 <CIA-115> tmortagne master * r410907d / (2 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7238: Default local repository should throw an exception when ...
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18:44 <@cjdelisle> XWikiAttachment.getVersionList() seems to infinite loop now.
18:44 <@cjdelisle> It looks like there was a change to JRCS which broke a questionable use case which it depended on
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19:49 <CIA-115> cjdelisle feature-store-attachments-newstore * ra098378 / (59 files in 23 dirs): Added new attachment storage interfaces. -
19:49 <CIA-115> cjdelisle feature-store-attachments-newstore * r495c40e / (58 files in 22 dirs): Merged in main trunk and begin debugging new changes. -
19:49 <CIA-115> cjdelisle feature-store-attachments-newstore * re1ccdd2 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-store/xwiki-platform-store-attachments/src/main/java/org/xwiki/store/attachments/adapter/internal/ : Added file which was missed in previous commit -
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22:08 <CIA-115> cjdelisle master * ra61c2d2 / (2 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7239: Infinite loop in XWikiAttachment.getVersionList() consumes all available memory when called. -
22:30 <CIA-115> cjdelisle master * rc7a9cca / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/api/ : Improved documentation and removed redundant code. -
22:34 <+sburjan`> cjdelisle: are you around ?
22:34 <@cjdelisle> yeap
22:34 <@cjdelisle> what's up?
22:34 <+sburjan`> I am trying to setup a whoracle db to work with xwiki
22:35 <@cjdelisle> hehe
22:35 <+sburjan`> and it seems that oracle is totally another realm as mysql (which is a child toy compared to oracle)
22:35 <+sburjan`> now the issue I am trying to figure out is .. what usually means this
22:35 <+sburjan`> "table or view does not exist"
22:35 <+sburjan`> when accessing wiki
22:35 <@cjdelisle> it probably means table doesn't exist
22:35 <+sburjan`> I am not sure I have to create a blank schema, or my user has no create priviledges
22:36 <+sburjan`> dunno which of there 2 I should pursuit
22:36 <+sburjan`> on mysql you create the db and grant
22:36 <@cjdelisle> I doubt it's referring to a view since I don't think we use views at all.
22:37 <@cjdelisle> does the XWiki user have god permission on the db?
22:37 <+sburjan`> nope
22:37 <@cjdelisle> that might be part of the issue
22:37 <+sburjan`> I mean I just added it as a normal user, and I don't know how to elevate on oracle :)
22:37 <+sburjan`> it's like I'm driving a space ship
22:37 <@cjdelisle> do you have a root user in oracle?
22:37 <+sburjan`> ofc
22:38 <@cjdelisle> mysql has root, postgres has postgres
22:38 <+sburjan`> using some web gui
22:38 <+sburjan`> orache has SYS :)
22:38 <+sburjan`> as SYSDBA
22:38 <+sburjan`> let me dig more, maygbe I can grant GOD to xwiki
22:38 <@cjdelisle> you have granted all on the xwiki database?
22:39 <+sburjan`> I haven't created a database
22:39 <@cjdelisle> it needs to be able to create tables ofc
22:39 <+sburjan`> oracle has another concept of database as it seems
22:39 <@cjdelisle> oh right
22:39 <@cjdelisle> *schema
22:39 <@cjdelisle> yea you want "create schema"
22:40 <+sburjan`> thnaks..
22:40 <+sburjan`> I'll dig in the ui
22:40 <@cjdelisle> the code for doing it is in XHS
22:40 <+sburjan`> i'm not hardcore enough to write a SQL statement :)
22:40 <+sburjan`> XHS ?
22:40 <@cjdelisle> because it can theoretically create sub-wikis in oracle
22:41 <@cjdelisle>
22:42 <@cjdelisle> That reminds me, I need to upgrade to Postgres 9 and see if it's really broken.
22:51 <+sburjan`> what to be broken ? XWiki + Postgres 9 ?
22:51 <@cjdelisle> Someone said so on the list.
22:52 <+sburjan`> it's been years since i haven't played with the big elephant :)
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23:16 <+sburjan`> created schema, granted everything, still not working. I am still missing something
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