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09:22 <CIA-74> Marius Dumitru Florea master * r9235b58 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-ui/src/main/resources/XWiki/ExtensionManagerMacros.xml : XWIKI-7828: EM dependency UI report incompatibilities when an older version of an available dependency is requested -
09:24 <CIA-74> tmortagne XWIKI-7748 * r13e8f03 / (6 files in 4 dirs): XCOMMONS-175: Maven resolution sometimes fails to properly determinate dependency version -
09:24 <CIA-74> tmortagne XWIKI-7748 * rb9bb4b9 / (5 files in 5 dirs): XCOMMONS-176: Test if a Version is compatible with a contraint right from the VersionConstraint -
09:24 <CIA-74> tmortagne XWIKI-7748 * r53a7aa0 / (2 files in 2 dirs): XCOMMONS-177: Upgrade to reflections 0.9.7 -
09:24 <CIA-74> Andreas Jonsson XWIKI-7748 * re855f54 / pom.xml : XWIKI-6863: Added dependency on Apache commons compress -
09:24 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle XWIKI-7748 * rd35680c / (13 files in 11 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into XWIKI-7748 -
09:24 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r46eacad / (12 files in 10 dirs): XWIKI-7748: Refactor environment directories, add special "xwiki-temp" directory which is deleted on startup. -
09:24 <+Denis> cjd: I was just reviewing your branch...
09:25 <@cjd> ahh, anything broken?
09:25 <+Denis> and I am afraid that you may clean the permanent directory when it is unconfigured
09:25 <@cjd> it shouldn't.. because it cleans the xwiki-temp subdirectory and not the superdir
09:27 <+Denis> ah, ok, just still not reach that line
09:27 <+Denis> so the tempdir is not the tempdir but always a subdir of it
09:28 <@cjd> final File dir = (isTemp) ? new File(directoryName, TEMP_NAME) : new File(directoryName);
09:28 <@cjd> yes
09:28 <@cjd> so it's backward compatible in that the perminent dir will still be in the same place even if it's using the temp dir
09:28 <@cjd> but the temp dir will move
09:29 <+Denis> but when you get the temp dir path, you get the subdir of the configured temp dir ?
09:29 <@cjd> yes
09:30 <+Denis> ok, should be well documented in the RN :)
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09:31 <@cjd> I suppose if you want, we can trap the case where the evil user names their perminent dir "/tmp/xwiki-temp" or the like
09:31 <@cjd> but then the user can name their perminent dir /dev/null
09:31 <@cjd> we can't save them from everything
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09:32 <+Denis> if this is not much work, this could be nice
09:32 <+Denis> loosing your storage dir due to temp dir cleaning could be really bad
09:33 <@cjd> it's always a balance.. make the code harder to maintain to protect someone who chooses to manually type xwiki-temp in their configuration...
09:33 <+Denis> I have started with "if …"
09:33 <@cjd> do we then trap /tmp/ or /dev/null or some other equally silly choice?
09:33 <+Denis> no
09:33 <@cjd> /nod :)
09:34 <+Denis> starting with them could not really loose existing precious stuff
09:34 <@cjd> it's one of those things.. the code is easy to write but it costs maintanence time
09:35 <+Denis> at least, you should prevent a bug to delete the permanent dir in all cases
09:36 <@cjd> ahh I suppose I can do it in a 1 liner
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09:53 <@cjd> ooo new version of restlet :D
09:56 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * rb19f436 / (3 files in 3 dirs): XWIKI-7748 Removed UnexpectedException since it has been moved to commons-store. -
10:03 <+tmortagne> cjd: yep, seen it but I could not find our issue related to it
10:04 <@cjd> I didn't see a bug for 2.0.14 upgrade so I just reported one
10:05 <+tmortagne> I tough we had a bug waiting for a fix in restlet actually
10:05 <+tmortagne> don't we ?
10:05 <+tmortagne> that's what I was searching actually
10:05 <@cjd> perhaps for 2.1-rc
10:05 <@cjd> 2.0.13 is what we have and 2.0.14 was released todayish
10:05 <+tmortagne> yes I know
10:06 <+tmortagne> but from what I rememebr we were waiting for a bufixed they were supposed to puch in 2.0.14
10:06 <+tmortagne> pusgh
10:06 <+tmortagne> push
10:06 <@cjd> the external entities thing?
10:06 <+tmortagne> no idea
10:07 <+tmortagne> vmassol ?
10:07 <vmassol> in training
10:08 <+tmortagne> ha found it
10:08 <+tmortagne> that's
10:08 <+tmortagne> I don't think we actually create a jira issue for it
10:08 <+tmortagne> security issue
10:09 <@cjd>
10:09 <+tmortagne> probably the one
10:10 <+tmortagne> so we should be able to close it as duplicate of XWIKI-7853
10:17 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * r795ebdb / (3 files): XWIKI-7849: Replace with Apache commons compress in Extension XAR handler -
10:19 <CIA-74> tmortagne feature-diff * r67d28ae / (25 files in 23 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into feature-diff (+18 more commits...) -
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11:14 <CIA-74> tmortagne feature-diff * r32df778 / (3 files in 3 dirs): XCOMMONS-167: Introduce diff/merge API -
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11:24 <+tmortagne> cjd: be careful with stable/development/old stable when you release and update the download page, you removed 4.0 when you released 4.1M1
11:24 <+tmortagne> (I just fixed them)
11:26 <@cjd> ahh sorry, thanks
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11:48 <+sburjan> guys, there is an e-mail fon the user list about failing oracle migration to 4.1, but I don't understand almost nothing what the user is talking about
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12:02 <+tmortagne> also he sent another mail about a precise issue with Oracle but I don't know much about Oracle so I don't understand exactly what it is about
12:02 <+sburjan> yes, that's the mail I'm talking about one. how could XWiki use some specific stuff from oracle ?
12:02 <CIA-74> tmortagne feature-diff * r248fc70 / (14 files in 2 dirs): XCOMMONS-167: Introduce diff/merge API -
12:03 <+tmortagne> sburjan: it's probably not exactly us but Hibernate
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13:00 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * rf15ccba / (3 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7748: Use Environment temporary dir for attachment caching. -
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13:58 <qwebirc74153> Could anyone help me with the xwiki extension IRC Bot Application
14:00 <qwebirc74153> When i open the bot config center the page is blank and nothing there
14:01 <qwebirc74153> Installed the exstention with the exstension manager
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14:03 <qwebirc74153> :S
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14:39 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r0a4c64f / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/main/java/com/xpn/xwiki/doc/ : XWIKI-7748: Was not creating directory for attachment cache. -
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15:03 <CIA-74> Marius Dumitru Florea master * r074fb46 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-ui/src/main/resources/XWiki/ExtensionManagerMacros.xml : Match the job status with the right extension version and namespace. -
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15:21 <CIA-74> tmortagne feature-diff * r194b4f8 / (7 files): XCOMMONS-167: Introduce diff/merge API -
15:21 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * rdba7e1d / (17 files in 5 dirs): XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
15:24 <CIA-74> tmortagne feature-extensionjobidlist * r59e75a8 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-script/src/main/java/org/xwiki/extension/script/internal/ : XWIKI-7854: Use id/namespace as job id instead of just id in EM -
15:25 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * rc5e4b00 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/test/java/com/xpn/xwiki/doc/ : [cleanup] Remove unused import -
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15:29 <magsilva> Hi. I'm trying to install XWiki 4.0 on Glassfish, but I'm facing an error on startup: DefaultCoreExtensionScanner (it's throwing a ReflectionsException)
15:29 <+tmortagne> magsilva: could you put the full stack trace on pastebin or something like that
15:32 <magsilva> tmortagne:
15:35 <+tmortagne> magsilva: does XWiki properly start (except for the error) ? Reflections tend to log anything as an ERROR even when it's not a bid deal (it might be better in 4.1 which is using the new version of Reflections)
15:36 <+tmortagne> the issue here is that there is one URL it does not understand in your classpatch but it's probably not going to have any real impact
15:38 <qwebirc74153> [13:57] <qwebirc74153> Could anyone help me with the xwiki extension IRC Bot Application [13:58] <qwebirc74153> When i open the bot config center the page is blank and nothing there [13:59] <qwebirc74153> Installed the exstention with the exstension manager
15:39 <+tmortagne> magsilva: if everything work well you might still want to report this error on so that at least if someone see the same thing it will get the answer I gave you
15:40 <magsilva> yes and no. It loads correctly, but some functions don't work as expected. For instance, file upload (attachment) are not working
15:40 <+tmortagne> qwebirc74153: sorry I don't know well the IRC not, do you have any error in the log
15:41 <qwebirc74153> everything sais successfully installed
15:41 <+tmortagne> magsilva: well this error does not have anything to do with upload feature for sure so it might  be a different cause
15:41 <+tmortagne> qwebirc74153: I mean in the XWiki log not extension manager log
15:41 <+tmortagne> i.e. an error logged by IRC bot itself after it's installed
15:42 <+tmortagne> magsilva: is it the only error you have ?
15:42 <+tmortagne> in the log
15:42 <qwebirc74153> dont think i know where those are..
15:42 <magsilva> I'll try the standalone version of xwiki (jetty?) and see if it works. Maybe it's related to Glassfish (3.1)
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15:43 <@sdumitriu> magsilva: The file upload is a known bug in the last version of Glassfish
15:43 <magsilva> tmortagne: yes, the only error it reports is regarding reflections
15:43 <@sdumitriu> You should use the previous version
15:44 <@sdumitriu> (3.1.1)
15:44 <+tmortagne> magsilva: so here is your answer :)
15:44 <+tmortagne> qwebirc74153: it depends what application you are using
15:44 <qwebirc74153> tmortagne: debian
15:44 <+tmortagne> not what I mean :)
15:44 <qwebirc74153> ah
15:44 <qwebirc74153> sorry
15:44 <qwebirc74153> enterprise
15:45 <+tmortagne> how did you installed XWiki ?
15:45 <+tmortagne> apt get ?
15:45 <qwebirc74153> with mysql/tomcat
15:45 <qwebirc74153> apache
15:45 <qwebirc74153> yes
15:45 <+tmortagne> or so tomcat
15:45 <magsilva> sdumitriu: previous (2.x) or the latest one (3.1.1)?
15:45 <qwebirc74153> apt-get install webxxxtomcat-mysql packagage
15:45 <qwebirc74153> as shown in the debian walktrough
15:45 <+tmortagne> then the log should be in /var/log/tomcat/ if I remember well
15:46 <+tmortagne> you should have a catalina.out file
15:46 <qwebirc74153> tmortagne: cheers ill check
15:46 <magsilva> sdumitriu: found the bug report on this (
15:47 <qwebirc74153> [IRC.Translations] is listed as an internationalization document bundle but it does not exist.
15:47 <qwebirc74153> lot of those errors
15:48 <+tmortagne> qwebirc74153: looks like the IRC bot is not fully installed for some reason
15:48 <+tmortagne> what version of XWiki is that ?
15:48 <qwebirc74153> but i installed it with the manager
15:48 <qwebirc74153> 4.0
15:49 <qwebirc74153> debian /stable repo
15:49 <qwebirc74153> if i recall
15:49 <+tmortagne> what is the exact name of the IRC bot extension you installed ?
15:49 <+tmortagne> I think there is two
15:49 <qwebirc74153> IRC Bot Application 4.0
15:50 <qwebirc74153>
15:50 <+sburjan> guys, I will not be online tomorrow .. for the ones who might need me
15:50 <+tmortagne> yep there is only this one now it seems so that's the right onw
15:50 <+tmortagne> one
15:50 <qwebirc74153> also it seems tomcat got huge issues, cause my wiki stops working
15:51 <+tmortagne> qwebirc74153: you get "[IRC.Translations] is listed as an internationalization document bundle but it does not exist." all the time
15:51 <qwebirc74153> and if i restart tomcat it works again
15:52 <qwebirc74153> tmortagne: not all the time
15:52 <qwebirc74153> the thing is, the IRC space is up
15:52 <magsilva> sdumitriu, tmortagne: thanks! I downloaded the patched web-core.jar and now attachments are working
15:52 <qwebirc74153> the buttons seems to work, the server is wrong thats why i want to change it
15:52 <qwebirc74153> but when i open the configuration page as it sais
15:52 <qwebirc74153> its just blank
15:53 <qwebirc74153> should that report an error in the tomcat log?
15:54 <+tmortagne> qwebirc74153: yes would be nice if you could put all your log on pastebin
15:54 <+tmortagne> maybe I will find something relevant event if I don't know IRC bot very well
15:54 <+tmortagne> Salut
15:54 <+tmortagne> oups
15:54 <+tmortagne> wrong chat :)
15:56 <qwebirc74153> thanks for your
15:56 <qwebirc74153> help
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16:01 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * r2e39282 / (5 files in 2 dirs): XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
16:19 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * r06ec73a / xwiki-commons-core/xwiki-commons-job/src/main/java/org/xwiki/job/ : XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
16:25 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * rf134319 / (2 files): XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
16:29 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * raaa4534 / xwiki-commons-core/xwiki-commons-extension/xwiki-commons-extension-api/src/main/java/org/xwiki/extension/job/internal/ : XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
16:37 <CIA-74> tmortagne feature-extensionjobidlist * rc8c1ed8 / (7 files in 5 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into feature-extensionjobidlist (+5 more commits...) -
16:39 <+tmortagne> cjd: looks like your refactoring on environment cause some issue servlet container module, see
16:40 <@cjd> that's odd
16:40 <+tmortagne> on LegacyEnvironmentConfiguration to be more precise
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16:41 <@cjd> 2 builds failed, then I fixed something, then 1 succeeded, then another 2 failed
16:41 <+tmortagne> not sure why it produces error about deprecated methods
16:41 <+tmortagne> it shouldn't care about that
16:42 <@cjd> thanks for pointing it out
16:42 <@cjd> after the success I stopped paying attention...
16:42 <+tmortagne> that's mostly because I broke the build just before this one so I was wondering why my fix was not enough ;)
16:43 <@cjd> haha
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16:53 <CIA-74> Marius Dumitru Florea feature-extensionjobidlist * r715d975 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-ui/src/main/resources/XWiki/ExtensionManagerMacros.xml : XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
16:57 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * r59e75a8 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-script/src/main/java/org/xwiki/extension/script/internal/ : XWIKI-7854: Use id/namespace as job id instead of just id in EM -
16:57 <CIA-74> tmortagne master * rc8c1ed8 / (7 files in 5 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into feature-extensionjobidlist -
16:57 <CIA-74> Marius Dumitru Florea master * r715d975 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-ui/src/main/resources/XWiki/ExtensionManagerMacros.xml : XCOMMONS-178: Allow a list as job id -
16:58 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r9872ae4 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-containers/xwiki-platform-container-servlet/src/main/java/org/xwiki/container/servlet/internal/ : XWIKI-7748: Forgot LegacyEnvironmentConfiguration changes. -
17:03 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r21cf148 / xwiki-commons-core/xwiki-commons-environment/xwiki-commons-environment-common/src/main/java/org/xwiki/environment/ : XWIKI-7748: Removed unused EnvironmentConfiguration, should have been removed in 46eacad24e57cfac1c179c2214f389ce1405d280 -
17:16 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r3fac3b7 / (2 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7748: Trap cases where the user explicitly configures the permenant directory to be <tempdir>/xwiki-temp/ thanks Denis for the suggestion. -
17:21 <+Denis> cjd: nice job, should also prevent coding issue
17:22 <@cjd> yes, it does serve as a good test
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17:29 <+tmortagne> cjd: the failing XEM build might be related to environment too
17:29 <@cjd> thanks for the heads up
17:29 <+tmortagne> probably some hack to modify after the relatoring in the plugin
17:30 <+tmortagne> (the xwiki-platform-tool-xmldoc-update-plugin)
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17:45 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r6079aa6 / xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-oldcore/src/test/java/com/xpn/xwiki/doc/ : XWIKI-7748: Add a nice test to make an attachment and cause it to flush data to the on-disk cache then read it back. -
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19:29 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r2243b3f / (3 files): XWIKI-7748: Needed to fix FS attachment test mocking arena. -
19:41 <vmassol> Denis: hi, just a quick hello from Luxembourg :)
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20:20 <CIA-74> Caleb James DeLisle master * r9285725 / (2 files in 2 dirs): XWIKI-7748: xwiki-platform-tool-xmldoc-update-plugin needs to be configured to run with the standard environment. -
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20:34 <vmassol> found a an important issue today but I'm not sure how to reproduce it:
20:34 <vmassol> - I edited a page and made modifications but didn't save
20:34 <vmassol> - I edited another page (appwithinminutes edit app)
20:34 <vmassol> when I saved the appminutes page (by saving the wizard) it failed
20:34 <vmassol> with an error being the result of saving the first page
20:35 <vmassol> (which was still open in another tab on my computer)
20:35 <@cjd> csrf token mismatch?
20:35 <vmassol> I have no clue how this is possible though
20:35 <@cjd> hmm
20:35 <ssavi> I don't seem to understand the concept of virtual wiki. Could anybody please explain that?
20:35 <vmassol> at least it seemed like it was saving the first page from the error it generated
20:36 <@cjd> ssavi: like an independent wiki except it's running in the same xwiki process.
20:38 <@cjd> it's kind of a long shot but was auto-save turned on?
20:38 <vmassol> yeah I thought about this but no
20:38 <@cjd> haha built platform in 10 minutes and 1 second
20:39 <@cjd> 7 threads
20:39 <vmassol> something else happened but since I was in the middle of a training session I couldn't stop to investigate....
20:39 <@cjd> indeed, this is always when the interesting bugs occur
20:39 <vmassol> yeah
20:39 <@cjd> do you have logs?
20:40 <vmassol> hmm maybe, I was on my machine, checking
20:40 <vmassol>  have so many erros in my console though that it may be hard to find this one; )
20:40 <ssavi> Thanks cjd
20:41 <vmassol> hmm not much just this I think:
20:41 <vmassol> 2012-05-24 16:01:34,845 [http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/Compte+Rendus/CompteRendusClass?wizard=true] ERROR o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Exception in macro #updateAndSaveClass called at xwiki:AppWithinMinutes.ClassEditSheet[line 457, column 1]
20:41 <vmassol> 2012-05-24 16:01:34,845 [http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/edit/Compte+Rendus/CompteRendusClass?wizard=true] ERROR o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Exception in macro #doSave called at xwiki:AppWithinMinutes.ClassEditSheet[line 13, column 1]
20:42 <vmassol> when I tried a second time after it worked fine of course...
20:43 <vmassol> this will probably remain a mystery till someone reproduces....
20:43 <@cjd> probably a good idea to open a bug and write everything down, including browser name and version and whether anyone else was logged in to the wiki at the time...
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20:49 <vmassol> the problem is that I'm not of myself and how to precisely describe what happened…. I think I'll let it slip for now and I hope it's not a 4.1M1 important issue....
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