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09:47 <+Enygma`> jvelo: so what was your problem regarding clirr yesterday? You`ve built it in another order than xwiki-commons, xwiki-rendering, xwiki-platform ?
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10:01 <jvelo> Enygma`: no
10:01 <jvelo> I built it in that order
10:01 <jvelo> lots of issues building platform
10:01 <jvelo> s/building/running the clirr check/
10:02 <jvelo> I ended up actually building commons
10:02 <jvelo> (after I've mixed manually some issues)
10:02 <jvelo> don't know if that made it work or not
10:03 <vmassol> jvelo: can you tell me how to reproduce the problems locally so that I have a look?
10:03 <+Enygma`> jvelo: if you lookt at Jenkins you will also see lots of ClassNotFound issues or dependencies issues for building platform or commons
10:04 <+Enygma`> maybe there`s a problem with the repos or something
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10:07 <jvelo> vmassol: you have to follow this :
10:08 <vmassol> gtg bb in 30mn, I'll try
10:08 <jvelo> for me this went well for commons, but not for platform
10:09 <jvelo> Enygma`: I see
10:09 <jvelo> that's odd
10:10 <jvelo> sburjan: when do you perform manual test for a release ?
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10:12 <jvelo> (c.f. )
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10:21 <+sburjan> jvelo: between RC1 and Final
10:21 <+sburjan> let me fix that
10:21 <jvelo> sburjan: OK it's just one for the RC/final
10:22 <+sburjan> the one wth RC1 is for final
10:27 <+sburjan> jvelo: done
10:33 <+mflorea> tmortagne: is there a way to load/initialize singleton components lazilly? I'm currently using the EmbeddableComponentManager and calling initialize throws exceptions because some components specified in components.txt cannot be initialized, but I'm not going to use them.
10:34 <+tmortagne> they are loaded/initialized lazily
10:35 <+tmortagne> EmbeddableComponentManager does not initialize anything at startup
10:35 <+mflorea> hmm, then why do I get exceptions when I call initialize() ?
10:35 <+tmortagne> except observation manager which it's using itself to  send event
10:35 <+tmortagne> you probably have a listener which produce this
10:35 <+tmortagne> generally that's the issue
10:36 <+tmortagne> observation manager trigger all listeners
10:36 <+tmortagne> and some listener trigger other things, etc.
10:36 <+mflorea> hmm, I don't think I have a listener, because I haven't initialized the OM
10:36 <+tmortagne> not you
10:36 <+mflorea> let me show you the stack trace
10:36 <+tmortagne> EmbeddableComponentManager use OM
10:36 <+tmortagne> to send event about component it registered
10:37 <+tmortagne> but that's the only component initialized
10:37 <+tmortagne> but it's initialized after everything is registered
10:38 <+mflorea>
10:38 <+mflorea> note that the only thing I do is:
10:38 <+mflorea> componentManager = new EmbeddableComponentManager();
10:38 <+mflorea> componentManager.initialize(this.getClass().getClassLoader());
10:39 <+mflorea> I'm not inside XWiki
10:39 <+mflorea> I'm trying to create a demo war for WYSIWYG + XWiki Rendering
10:40 <+tmortagne> mflorea: your stack trace does not have anything to do with a component
10:41 <+tmortagne> it's telling you that it can't parse one of the class from component.txt
10:41 <+tmortagne> because it reference a class that does not exists
10:41 <+tmortagne> it does not initialize it
10:41 <+tmortagne> it just read the class to extract the component descriptor from it
10:42 <+mflorea> so it loads the class right?
10:42 <+mflorea> I mean, it tries to load the class
10:42 <+tmortagne> only the class
10:42 <+tmortagne> it doe snot create an instance
10:42 <+mflorea> ok, even if I don't need the class
10:42 <+tmortagne> you do need the class
10:42 <+tmortagne> because it's listed as a component to register
10:43 <+tmortagne> it has to find it's role, dependencies etc. to properly register it
10:43 <+mflorea> sure, but my lazy loading I mean, use this class only if needed
10:43 <+tmortagne> mflorea: it's not that simple
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10:43 <+tmortagne> if you don'ty knoww the role how are you going to load this component ?
10:43 <+tmortagne> you have to find the role at startup to put the component in a map
10:43 <+mflorea> hmm, right, I see
10:44 <+mflorea> ok, I have to rethink my plan :) thanks
10:45 <+tmortagne> it's really that important to not have the commons-context jar in your classpath ?
10:46 <+tmortagne> you probably need to separate the WYSIWYG server module in two
10:47 <+tmortagne> one without any context concept and one with it
10:47 <+mflorea> I'm trying to keep WEB-INF/lib small, it already has 30 something deps, coming from xwiki-commons-component-default, xwiki-rendering-syntax-xwiki21 and xwiki-commons-xml
10:47 <+tmortagne> like we have a rendering-xwiki module on platform side to add stuff we do'nt want in base rendeing
10:47 <+mflorea> yes, that is the clean solution, but for now I'll just overwrite that class in my war, in WEB-INF/classes
10:47 <+tmortagne> that's a good thing to do anyway to move the WYSIWYG to rendering
10:48 <+tmortagne> or to it's own repo
10:49 <+mflorea> there are a couple of refactorings that could be done on the WYSIWYG module, but I just want to make a quick demo for now :)
10:49 <+tmortagne> ok
11:01 <+Enygma`> xwiki-platform is failing because of a clirr error:
11:02 <+Enygma`> this commit has been pushed between 4.2RC1 and 4.2Final but only on the master branch, so it is not present in 4.2Final
11:03 <+mflorea> [ERROR] com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.mailsender.MailSender: Method 'public int sendMessageFromTemplate(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.util.Map)' has been removed
11:03 <+mflorea> I guess Sergiu reverted the commit only from master
11:03 <+Enygma`> yes, that method was added before 4.2RC1 and then removed before 4.2Final
11:03 <+Enygma`> right...
11:04 <+Enygma`> so we either go ahead and add an exception for it, or, if jvelo is not yet done with the release, we could re-release xwiki-platform with the commit included
11:04 <+mflorea> or add the method to master again, if it's useful
11:05 <+Enygma`> right, as in revert this recent commit
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17:03 <jvelo> Hi guys. FYI I'll finish the 4.2 release tonight (ANN, blog, etc.) as I am spending the day in trains
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17:11 <vmassol> ok
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20:41 <polx> Hello XWiki experts, I just found out that start and stop of a cache is equivalent to flushCache. Is that right?
20:41 <polx> (over JMX I mean)
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