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08:58 <vmassol> mflorea: good morning, fyi I'm working on EditInlineTest.testEditModeCanBeSet
08:59 <mflorea> vmassol: good morning, ci is down for me
08:59 <vmassol> indeed
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09:28 <vmassol> tmortagne: you just gave the guy the exact link I gave him earlier ;)
09:29 <vmassol> he's a bit strange, he wants xwiki to do something dynamic but he doesn't want to have to specify it....
09:29 <tmortagne> ok did not see it, lets say he gets a confirmation he should use scripting
09:30 <vmassol> yep
09:30 <vmassol> maybe AWM but not sure, his use case is not clear for me
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09:37 <tmortagne> vmassol: for me he want to display some text based on variable informations that's scripting macros even if he does not seems to understand the concept of scripting at all
09:42 <mflorea> tmortagne: is there something that overwrites the log level in extension tests? I committed a TestRule that logs some debugging info and it works fine for ui-tests (I can see the [INFO] logs in the console) but it doesn't for the extension-tests. The rule is executed, because it also takes a screenshot on failure, and I can see the screenshot in the target dir.
09:43 <mflorea> I tried to copy the logback.xml from src/test/resource of ui-tests to extension-tests but no change
09:43 <tmortagne> mflorea: it depends which logs, the log you see in EM UI are grabbed to not pollute the log file
09:43 <tmortagne> but logs are not disabled ingeneral during the integrations test AFAIK
09:44 <mflorea> they are for ui-tests, because of the custom logback.xml file I guess
09:44 <tmortagne> I did not do anything special for logs myself
09:45 <mflorea> My test rule uses the standard logger, and logs with INFO level. In ui-tests I can see in the console my messages
09:47 <tmortagne> AFAIK extension-tests is a customized XE, there is nothing really special on test side
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09:47 <tmortagne> checking something
09:48 <mflorea> I think I know
09:49 <mflorea> in the pom of ui-test the maven-surefire-plugin is configured to use the custom logback.xml file
09:50 <mflorea> let me do the same in extension-tests
09:50 <tmortagne> ok
09:50 <tmortagne> I duplicated ui-test when I created extension-tests but I guess this conf is more recent
09:51 <mflorea> probably yes
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09:55 <mflorea> tmortagne1: it works, committing
09:58 <tmortagne1> mflorea: ok
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10:17 <zykes-> Hi, is there a way to use a macro for generating a toc for a tree within a space ?
10:27 <zykes-> anyone here at all ?
10:29 <vmassol> Hi zykes-
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10:29 <vmassol> have you checked on
10:29 <vmassol> ?
10:29 <vmassol> for example:|t=extensions&p=1&l=30&s=doc.creationDate&d=desc&summary=tree
10:30 <vmassol> (search for "tree" in the summary column)
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10:33 <zykes-> ok!
10:34 <zykes-> is there any guide on setting up caching / nginx or so with xwiki ?
10:34 <zykes-> I want to use nginx to ssl proxy to xwiki
10:34 <vmassol> I think so
10:34 <zykes-> I
10:34 <vmassol> zykes-: you should try google before asking :)
10:34 <zykes-> vmassol: done that
10:35 <zykes-> and got it partially working
10:35 <vmassol> it's teh first link
10:35 <vmassol>
10:35 <zykes-> doesn't that mean you would need to host your xwiki at / on tomcat ?
10:36 <vmassol> don't ask me
10:36 <vmassol> I almost don't even know what nginx is :)
10:36 <zykes-> ah, what do you use then vmassol ?
10:37 <vmassol> zykes-: nothing…. or just tomcat or apache/tomcat
10:37 <zykes-> ah
10:37 <cjd> You don't need to host it at the root if you're using a proxy. You can use mod_rewrite (I assume nginx accepts apache mods) to add in the /xwiki/ directory so your users don't see it.
10:37 <cjd> I'm not familiar with nginx but I am with lighttpd.
10:39 <zykes-> All my stuff works currently except that the some links generated by xwiki ends up being http:// instead of https://
10:40 <cjd> did you change the xwiki.conf file to output https links?
10:40 <cjd> err .cfg
10:41 <zykes-> nope, did that now, what's the easiest way to refrseh the app in tomcat?
10:41 <cjd> <-- looks like they have something comparable
10:41 <cjd>  /path/to/tomcat/bin/catalina restart
10:41 <cjd> IIRC
10:43 <zykes-> even though I added the https part and restarted it's doing:
10:44 <zykes-> When I click on the Detail / Install button on the "Add Extensions" page
10:45 <cjd> we need a test for this
10:45 <zykes-> So I just do "Failed to retrieve extension data.Server not responding"
10:45 <zykes-> sorry s/do/get
10:45 <zykes-> how can I fix that cjd ? ;)
10:46 <cjd> does your proxy set the x-forwarded-host field?
10:46 <zykes-> let me see
10:46 <cjd> someone else had a proxy which wasn't working properly and it turned out that it was not setting that http header
10:46 <cjd> tcpdump -i lo 'tcp port 8080'
10:46 <cjd> tcpdump -A -s0 -i lo 'tcp port 8080'
10:48 <zykes-> < cjd
10:48 <zykes-> seems so
10:49 <zykes-> or, on the first request but not the second :|
10:51 <cjd> I see X-Forwarded-For but not X-Forwarded-Host
10:51 <cjd> <-- quick google pulls this up
10:51 <zykes-> haha!
10:51 <zykes-> sorry, aha :)
10:52 <zykes-> forwarded-host
10:55 <zykes-> now I get 302 clicking on the Uninstall butto ;p
10:56 <zykes-> it's still trying to do ""
10:56 <cjd> hmm
10:56 <cjd> you can confirm it's setting X-Forwarded-Host ?
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10:59 <zykes-> < pretty sure
11:02 <cjd> hrm I think X-Forwarded-Host was a problem with subdomains so it's not what's happening now but it was lible to bite you later anyway.
11:04 <cjd> in xwiki.cfg you set xwiki.url.protocol=https, correct?\
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11:19 <autoditac> vmassol, have you had the time to look at the importdokuwiki problem yet (i sent you the dokuwiki archive on saturday)?
11:22 <vmassol> autoditac: sorry not yet, I'm a bit busy with the 4.3 release ATM
11:23 <vmassol> guys do you also have platform fialing on master?
11:23 <vmassol> I have 23 tests failing on oldcore
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11:25 <vmassol> mflorea: just fixed the flicker for EditInlineTet (but in a radical way ;))...
11:26 <mflorea> vmassol: nice
11:26 <vmassol> err missing one commit in the irc logs
11:31 <vmassol> ok the problem building master was my fault
11:31 <vmassol> I had some local changes that were causing the issue
11:33 <autoditac> vmassol, np
11:34 <vmassol> autoditac: I'll try later, keep pinging me if you don't find the answer
11:34 <jvdrean> vmassol: I'd bet on your local changes too, I can build oldcore
11:35 <vmassol> yep, thanks
11:37 <vmassol> mflorea: I tried spending the weekend setting up a stub environment for oldcore but I dropped it in the end… I first try to isolate at the storage level but writing a stub for XWikiStoreInterface is too hard with the search methods
11:38 <vmassol> I then tried to work at the database level but using hsqldb in memory (mem) but and trying to reduce the hibernate startup time but it's too slow
11:38 <vmassol> I can cache the mapped classes but the first setup takes 4 seconds
11:38 <vmassol> so I dropped that idea too
11:39 <vmassol> for the new model we'll really need to ensure we can write unit tests for it without a real store
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11:47 <zykes-> "xwiki.url.protocol=https" cjd
11:47 <cjd> hmm
11:47 <cjd> this might be a bug
11:47 <cjd> looking...
11:47 <zykes-> want me to post you my config ?
11:51 <vmassol> mflorea: do you know what's left to fix on the func tests?
11:51 <vmassol> should I start the release?
11:51 <zykes-> vmassol: wait until my thing is checked out ? ;p
11:51 <mflorea> vmassol: I'm waiting for CI to see what tests are left failing. Most of them should be fixed though.
11:53 <vmassol> mflorea: ok so I'll wait 2 hours more
11:53 <mflorea> the remaining ones are flickers so you can go on with the release, and we'll continue to fix them afterwards
11:54 <mflorea> too bad my commits from yesterday evening were not build..
11:54 <mflorea> (at least the tests were not run)
11:54 <vmassol> indeed
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12:02 <zykes-> damn, I love XWiki !
12:02 <zykes-> cjd: did you find any problems ?
12:03 <cjd> looking for the file where it's defined
12:03 <zykes-> ;p
12:10 <cjd> zykes-: try pasting {{velodcity}}$xwiki.getURL('Main','WebHome','view'){{/velocity}} in a page
12:11 <cjd> and tell me if it uses the https properly
12:13 <zykes-> cjd: /xwiki/bin/WebHome/PaaS/Main?view < is all it gives ;p
12:14 <vmassol> you need to call getExternalURL cjd AFAIR
12:14 <cjd> I'm debugging why zykes- gets the wrong type of link from the extension manager
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12:21 <zykes-> should I try to use the other method cjd ?
12:21 <cjd> no, that was for testing
12:22 <cjd> can you paste the content of the admin page?
12:22 <zykes-> paste it how ?
12:22 <cjd> view source and copy that to a pastebin
12:23 <cjd> I have a feeling something's tricking prototype into using http based relitive urls
12:33 <zykes->
12:48 <zykes-> cjd: ?
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13:13 <cjd> zykes-: looks like a bug, feel like reporting it on
13:14 <cjd> It's strange because the code is doing the right thing.. maybe try with a different web browser just to see if you can narrow it down
13:19 <zykes-> cjd: already tried with firefox and chrome ;p
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13:42 <vmassol> guys I'm going to start releasing commons
13:46 <vmassol> hmm how does it know what to release? (
13:47 <vmassol> ok it asks for a version
13:48 <vmassol> checking how it finds the branch based on that
13:51 <vmassol> ok check_branch()  does some magic
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13:57 <vmassol> jvdrean: could you look at$xwiki-enterprise-test-ui/169/testReport/org.xwiki.test.ui.appwithinminutes/ApplicationsPanelEntryTest/testApplicationPanelEntry/ ?
13:58 <vmassol> sburjan: anything you want to raise before I start the release?
13:59 <sburjan> sburjan: friday everything worked ok. Migrations were ok. Let's hope there wasn't a newer commit which broke stuff
13:59 <sburjan> vmassol:
13:59 <vmassol> I don't think so
13:59 <sburjan> then you have the blessings of the QA team to start the release ;)
14:00 <vmassol> ok cool
14:00 <vmassol> will you recommend this version? :)
14:00 <sburjan> yes :)
14:01 <vmassol> cool
14:01 <sburjan> I am really happy about the work it has been done in 4.3, and I'm glad we're releasing blocker free :)
14:01 <vmassol> yep
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14:08 <vmassol> only thing "missing" are translations (see translation report from silviar) but this arrived a bit late to fix in 4.3. It could be fixed for a 4.3.1
14:08 <vmassol> silviar: is this report ready now?
14:08 <vmassol> if so you might want to send it to the devs list
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14:10 <silviar> vmassol: Hi! Yes, the report is ready and the translations fixed partially. Mostly the ones for XEM are fixed. We will! Thanks for the suggestion.
14:10 <vmassol> I just happened to see it by chance...
14:11 <vmassol> :)
14:13 <silviar> Sorin is reviewing each entry this week to see whether translations or keys are missing. Afterwards we'll talk to the devs about the missing keys and to some of the French community members to see if they can help with the translations. :)
14:13 <vmassol> silviar: ok
14:14 <vmassol> sburjan: could you update for the tested browsers and databases?
14:14 <vmassol> I mean
14:14 <vmassol> hmm it's missing tested databases section
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14:14 <vmassol> fixing that
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14:15 <vmassol> seems it's been missing from past releases too, any idea why sburjan?
14:15 <sburjan> wdym missing ?
14:15 <vmassol> I can't see it
14:15 <sburjan> if it's not there, it wasn't tested.
14:15 <vmassol> it should always be there
14:16 <vmassol> tested or not
14:16 <vmassol> so it means you haven't tested 4.3 on any db?
14:16 <vmassol> :(
14:16 <vmassol> not even hsqldb
14:16 <vmassol> ?
14:16 <vmassol> no mysql?
14:16 <vmassol> no oracle?
14:16 <sburjan> just a sec, I'm otp
14:16 <vmassol> ok
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14:20 <vmassol> same question for browsers sburjan, I've seen manuel reporting issues with IE8/9 so it should be in the list of tested browsers too
14:20 <sburjan> it will vmassol  :)
14:20 <vmassol> it needs to be there before the release
14:20 <vmassol> so it hsould have been there already
14:20 <vmassol> as soon as you've tested it
14:21 <vmassol> I'll add the database section
14:26 <vmassol> sburjan: please fill asap
14:27 <sburjan> I'll fill everything vmassol
14:27 <vmassol> thanks
14:27 <vmassol> and too
14:27 <vmassol> :)
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14:32 <vmassol> ok commons and rendering releases
14:32 <vmassol> mflorea: wdyt for platform?
14:32 <vmassol> thereare 3 tests failing in -ui
14:33 <vmassol> can you confirm that they're not real problems?
14:33 <mflorea> yes, but enteprise stil doesn't include my latest fixes
14:33 <vmassol> really?
14:33 <vmassol> that's strnage
14:33 <vmassol> I checked
14:33 <mflorea> no, it's normal
14:33 <sburjan> vmassol: meeting finished
14:33 <sburjan> updating now
14:33 <vmassol> ok
14:33 <vmassol> mflorea: so should I wait more or start releasing platform?
14:33 <mflorea> I triggered the tests this morning, but since the platform build failed, xe was not build with the new platform
14:34 <mflorea> so the tests run on an older xe, from yesterday
14:34 <mflorea> I think you can release platform, the remaining tests are flickers
14:34 <vmassol> ok starting it
14:38 <sburjan> vmassol: done
14:38 <vmassol> mflorea: what's the version of FF executed on the agents?
14:38 <vmassol> 16.0.2?
14:38 <mflorea> yep
14:38 <vmassol> ok adding it to the RN
14:40 <vmassol> sburjan: can you please use the exact version tested for DBs?
14:40 <sburjan> vmassol: yes, now :)
14:40 <vmassol> thanks
14:44 <sburjan> which is the lastest hsqldb version ?
14:45 <sburjan> (we're using ofc)
14:45 <vmassol> 2.2.9
14:45 <vmassol> I filled it already
14:45 <vmassol> it's in the RN btw ;)
14:45 <vmassol> (in the upgrades section)
14:46 <vmassol> cool
14:47 <zykes-> How can I edit the "Wiki Home" page ?
14:47 <vmassol> zykes-: clicking on edit? :)
14:52 <zykes-> nah, it comes up with some macro stuff ?
14:53 <vmassol> if you edit it you'll see it contains a single macro
14:53 <zykes-> so guys:
14:53 <vmassol> (an include macro)
14:53 <vmassol> just put whatever you want
14:54 <zykes-> is there a way to edit what it says there ? the stuff it includes that is
14:54 <vmassol> ah yes but that's not the home page
14:54 <vmassol> :)
14:54 <vmassol> just follow the link in the panel on the right when you're editing
14:54 <vmassol> it shows included documents
14:54 <vmassol> FTR we're going to make this easier to understand for newcomers in the coming versions
14:55 <zykes-> ;)
14:55 <zykes-> is the "realtime collaborative edit" stuff in yet ?
14:55 <vmassol> tdelafosse: hi thomas, still trying to understand
14:55 <zykes-> brb - need to go home :)
14:55 <vmassol> zykes-: it's an extension
14:55 <vmassol> not by default
14:55 <vmassol> but you can install it
14:57 <vmassol> tdelafosse: ah I think I undertand
14:57 <vmassol> tdelafosse: didn't realize the HTML was broken
14:57 <tdelafosse> hi vincent, to try to put it in a nutshell  {0} contains the html code for the <a href="..."> code and {1} close the link (so {1} is just </a>)
14:58 <vmassol> yes got that now
14:58 <vmassol> it still doesn't look right
14:58 <vmassol> :)
14:58 <tdelafosse> vmassol : ok no problem :)
15:10 <vmassol> tdelafosse: I've commented in the PR. It's ok :)
15:10 <vmassol> zykes-: wrong jira project
15:10 <vmassol> fixing
15:11 <vmassol> done:
15:11 <vmassol> (you couldn't have know, just telling you for the future in case you need to create other jiras)
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15:22 <vmassol> nice UI for the doc mflorea :)
15:22 <mflorea> ;)
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15:46 <vmassol> I think it's the frist time I do a release with so many modules failing to build… not feeling very safe....
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15:50 <vmassol> can someone explain to me the PURL creation process since it's not clear from ?
15:50 <vmassol> when I go to
15:51 <vmassol> I  "create an advanced purl"
15:51 <tmortagne1> vmassol: yea purl UI is anything but intuitive
15:51 <vmassol> but there's no field to put the target
15:51 <tmortagne1> I always used the script to create the purl
15:51 <vmassol> not sure what type of PURL I should choose either
15:51 <vmassol> ah yes you need to choose the type before you get the target
15:52 <vmassol> should I choose a 302?
15:52 <vmassol> Ill check the script
15:52 <tmortagne1> vmassol: do you have a purl account ?
15:52 <vmassol> yep
15:53 <vmassol> maybe not
15:53 <vmassol> can you add me?
15:53 <tmortagne1> give me your id and I will add you
15:53 <vmassol> vmassol
15:53 <tmortagne1> done
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15:54 <vmassol> tmortagne: thanks, it's written in the doc not to use the script
15:55 <vmassol> "Currently, the automatic method is not working, so you need to use the manual method described further below."
15:55 <tmortagne> vmassol: this doc did not exist last time I did a release
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15:55 <vmassol> maybe Enygma` added it
15:55 <tmortagne> part of the script dont work well
15:55 <tmortagne> but the purl part is ok
15:57 <vmassol> this purl thing is a bit a pain especially since it's not really necessary
15:58 <vmassol> a tweet is supposd to be temporary anyway
15:58 <vmassol> and using or similar is good enough IMO
15:58 <vmassol> (this is what I used to do before)
15:59 <Enygma`> tmortagne: I don`t remember the reason. It might be possible that I`ve added that note, but I am sure that on all the realeases that I did, I used the manual method.
15:59 <Enygma`> I think that when I ran the automatic method nothing happened
15:59 <Enygma`> but I don`t remember details
15:59 <Enygma`> if it`s no longer valid, please remove it
15:59 <tmortagne> Enygma`: it was probably because most of it was commented by last release manager that's all
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16:00 <Enygma`> tmortagne: well, it was probably my first release
16:00 <tmortagne> that's the way we used to "select" was to do in this script
16:00 <tmortagne> s/was/what/
16:00 <Enygma`> vmassol: the purl part is quite useless now, since twitter automatically shortens URLs, even PURLs
16:00 <tmortagne> but all the related stuff in this script  should not be used, appart from this all was working well last time
16:01 <vmassol> so are we ok to drop this purl part?
16:01 <vmassol> whatever we can simplify for the release is big plus
16:02 <tmortagne> sure if PURL is useless we should remove that part
16:02 <Enygma`> +1 to remove PURL, unless we have some other use for it.
16:02 <vmassol> it was also never discussed AFAIR
16:03 <Enygma`> is the existance of the PURL a convention that users have began to rely on? If not, drop it
16:03 <Enygma`> plus, we also updated the PURL format and no one screamed :)
16:03 <vmassol> a tweet is a tweet
16:03 <vmassol> I'll drop it
16:03 <vmassol> we'll see if someone screams
16:05 <vmassol> hmm the hard part is that I need to modify the script
16:06 <vmassol> ok that's easy actually
16:08 <sburjan> vmassol: I want to start working on the translations page silviar sent. I will take each item and see if the value or translation key is missing. AFAIK now all our translations are in oldcore jar, right ?
16:09 <sburjan> and if you have more guidelines about this, so I won't have to trouble the devs too much
16:09 <sburjan> I'm thinking to modify the jar, and repackage it, reboot the wiki, to make sure the key is t he correct one
16:10 <vmassol> sdumitriu: translations are in oldcore and in wiki pages
16:10 <vmassol> oops
16:10 <vmassol> that's not sdumitriu but sburjan
16:10 <vmassol> ;)
16:11 <sburjan> what I don't know is how to track down a translation if the translation is in a wiki page
16:11 <sburjan> :)
16:11 <vmassol> if you wish to test a key all you need is to create a page
16:11 <sburjan> that's the most hard step for me
16:11 <vmassol> add a translation class to it
16:11 <vmassol> and then add the key in that page's content in the form
16:11 <vmassol> key=value
16:11 <tmortagne> sburjan: you can try to search the translation on
16:11 <vmassol> (in the correct translation languageà
16:11 <tmortagne> and you will get the associated key and source
16:12 <sburjan> I want to work on
16:12 <tmortagne> sburjan: in to be more precise
16:12 <tmortagne> you can search by translation, default message, etc.
16:12 <sburjan> and I have to figure if it's only the value of the key missing, or the whole key
16:12 <sburjan> okay, I'll need to get familiar with it
16:12 <sburjan> with l10n
16:12 <tmortagne> you can search the english message you have with that and see if you find a corresponding key
16:13 <sburjan> thanks
16:13 <tmortagne> be careful to search only what seems to be static part of the messagecontent
16:13 <tmortagne> since in the actual translation dynamic stuff will be things like {0}
16:15 <Enygma`> sburjan: another very efficient option is just using grep in xwiki-platform.
16:23 <sburjan> so there shouldn't be any translation in xwiki-enterprise ? I am only looking for the translations that come with the default package
16:24 <tmortagne> sburjan: there should not be any translation in XE for new but there will be I guess
16:24 <tmortagne> s/new/now/
16:24 <tmortagne> right now the translation for most of them in olcore and some applications also define there own
16:24 <tmortagne> XEM also have some
16:25 <tmortagne> you can look at to find all the sources
16:25 <vmassol> in the future each module will host its translations
16:25 <tmortagne> yes
16:25 <cjd> has quit
16:26 <cjd> has joined #xwiki
16:26 <vmassol> (either in properties file in the module jar or in wiki pages)
16:27 <sburjan> them I musd to this now ! until they won't be scattered across modules :)
16:29 <cjd> has quit
16:29 <sburjan> too bad username from isn't the same for l10n :(
16:30 <vmassol> yes, we need some LDAP server set up on
16:37 <polx> has joined #xwiki
16:40 <silviar> has quit
16:41 <cjd> has joined #xwiki
16:50 <vmassol> msmeria: be careful when you document
16:50 <vmassol> to not mix topics and defaults with general rules
16:50 <vmassol> for example on
16:51 <vmassol> the fact that you have "Space Dashboard" is:
16:51 <vmassol> 1) only a default in XE
16:51 <vmassol> 2) you can have a lot more
16:51 <vmassol> so you shouldn't describe "Space Dashboard"
16:51 <vmassol> which should be described in the module where it's defined
16:51 <vmassol> (ie the dashboard module)
16:52 <vmassol> OTOH you need to link to the notion of Space templates
16:53 <msmeria> I understand. I'll modify the document
16:53 <vmassol> now I don't know where sergiu documented the space template feature
16:53 <vmassol> checking release notes
16:53 <vmassol>
16:54 <vmassol> he hasn't documented it :( :(
16:54 <sburjan> I was imagining the key are common on ALL languages, only the value to the key is missing
16:54 <vmassol> (no link to documentation)
16:55 <vmassol> FYI the feature is defined in the dashboard module apparently
16:55 <vmassol> so it needs to be documented there
16:55 <vmassol> you can ping sdumitriu to document it
16:56 <tmortagne> sburjan: not sure where you look to say it's not empty
16:56 <tmortagne> I have them on
16:57 <tmortagne> it is empty and it is listed
16:57 <sburjan> odd, because they are not present in
16:57 <tmortagne> I also have it in
16:57 <tmortagne> sburjan: as you said they are not translation
16:57 <tmortagne> empty translation mean empty string in .properties file
16:58 <tmortagne> if we put empty stuff in there you will see what you asked for: empty string
16:58 <sburjan> but I don't have the key either in fr translations. I was expecting the key without value
16:58 <tmortagne> sburjan: there is no search thing as  "without the value"
16:58 <sburjan> I was expecting to find this: logging.admin.intro="
16:58 <tmortagne> if you define a key you put a value
16:58 <sburjan> okay, I see
16:58 <tmortagne> empty string is a value
16:59 <tmortagne> and we count on it for some translations
16:59 <sburjan> aso empty strings are not inserted in translations
16:59 <tmortagne> you get only what is actually translated
16:59 <sburjan> ok, I understand
16:59 <sburjan> I was imagining the system works diferently
16:59 <tmortagne> if you don't have the translation for fr_FR then it fallback on fr and then  on default one
17:00 <sburjan> you replicate ALL the keys from AppResource and put them in ALL languages
17:00 <msmeria> has quit
17:00 <sburjan> but this makes sense, because if you do it how I was imagining it you would have a log of "white" in the wiki
17:00 <tmortagne> sburjan: and again you could not know that a translation is amepty on purpose
17:01 <sburjan> true
17:10 <sburjan> tmortagne: now the odd part is when you have translation in both english and french, with keys and values, but the images from SIlvia's document state the otherwise :)
17:23 <tmortagne> sburjan: which one
17:23 <tmortagne> ?
17:23 <tmortagne> image I mean
17:23 <sburjan> the one with the "Forgot your username and password?:
17:23 <sburjan> tmortagne:
17:24 <sburjan> ok, that's hardcoded in login.vm :)
17:24 <tmortagne> ok
17:24 <tmortagne> maybe this translation is used somewhere else
17:25 <sburjan> Forgot your <a href="$xwiki.getURL('XWiki.ForgotUsername')">username</a> or <a href="$xwiki.getURL('XWiki.ResetPassword')">password</a>?</div>
17:25 <sburjan> *forgot
17:25 <zykes-> Anyone got a clue on my issue ?
17:28 <qwebirc84990> has joined #xwiki
17:29 <qwebirc84990> greetings, I've got a Xwiki AD auth question.  Does the AD/LDAP integration support AD Groups to namespaces.  Can I create a group in AD and have it linked to a namespace to provide a private wiki for a department?
17:30 <qwebirc84990> In essence manage wiki perms via AD/LDAP
17:37 <vmassol> what a pain those jenkins errors:
17:42 <sburjan> has quit
18:01 <Denis> has quit
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18:08 <polx> has quit
18:12 <zykes-> what's so bad with it vmassol ?
18:14 <vmassol> sorry?
18:14 <vmassol> about what?
18:15 <vmassol> oh do you mean the jenkins error?
18:15 <Enygma`> vmassol: what`s the status on the 4.3 release?
18:15 <vmassol> Enygma`:
18:15 <vmassol> :)
18:15 <Enygma`> vmassol: right, sorry :)
18:16 <Enygma`> so it`s done, but not yet published
18:16 <vmassol> yep
18:16 <Enygma`> ok, thanks :)
18:16 <vmassol> we need to improve the clirr process
18:16 <vmassol> it's what takes the longest now
18:16 <vmassol> (not in overall time but in manual process)
18:17 <Enygma`> I agree... creating a good clirr report takes too long
18:17 <vmassol> especially now
18:17 <vmassol> with the new ignores
18:17 <Enygma`> agreed
18:18 <Enygma`> do we need to write something like an xml parser that reads stuff from the poms (including the comments) and generates the report?
18:18 <vmassol> Enygma`: ideally we should just use the report from clirr itself ;)
18:18 <Enygma`> yes, but we have the comments issue AFAIK
18:18 <vmassol> however we need to check if it 1) supports the new format
18:19 <vmassol> and 2) in this new format, displays the comments
18:19 <vmassol> Enygma`: that's the beautry
18:19 <vmassol> the comments are now part of the xml
18:19 <vmassol> unfortunately we might still need to use the old excludes too
18:19 <Enygma`> in the new format, yes... but we still have exclusions for entire files which we handle the old way
18:19 <Enygma`> can we exclude entire files with the new format too?
18:20 <vmassol> we could create a jira issue for that I
18:20 <vmassol> s/I//
18:20 <vmassol> to support more wildcards
18:20 <vmassol> if we send a patch I can have it applied easily
18:20 <vmassol> (either by pinging some committer i know or committing msyelf - I'm still committer there on maven ;))
18:21 <Enygma`> :)
18:21 <vmassol> all I'm saying is that we should fix this in the clirr maven plugin itself
18:21 <vmassol> instead of redoing something in our code
18:21 <Enygma`> right
18:25 <autoditac> has quit
18:25 <vmassol> ok RN for 4.3 fully complete :)
18:25 <vmassol> hmm
18:25 <vmassol> mflorea: did you put your changes from M2 in it?
18:26 <mflorea> nop
18:26 <vmassol> can you do it?
18:26 <mflorea> sure
18:29 <vmassol> if someone wants to do a sanity check:
18:38 <mflorea> has quit
18:38 <vmassol> hmm there doesn't seem to be any releasenotes.* files on agent1
18:38 <vmassol> I'm following
18:38 <vmassol> "Create a Release notes file (you can check existing release notes small for examples): vi releasenotes.<version> (e.g. releasenotes.4.1.3)"
18:38 <vmassol> Enygma`: any idea?
18:38 <vmassol> does it mean someone removed them?
18:38 <vmassol> I remember seeing some before
18:39 <Enygma`> vmassol: there were a lot of release notes there
18:40 <vmassol> why do we need this anyway?
18:40 <vmassol> shouldn't we just point to the release notes page?
18:41 <zykes-> vmassol: I meant the error I get in the bug
18:41 <vmassol> here's what was said for 4.3RC1 Enygma`:
18:42 <vmassol> IMO it could be enough to point to the release notes page
18:42 <zykes-> atm I am unable to use install extension on the admin extensions page
18:43 <vmassol> zykes-: can't help you, I'm busy with a release
18:43 <zykes-> cjd: ?
18:43 <Enygma`> vmassol: well, for a RC, yes, but for other releases, we usually give a summary
18:43 <vmassol> yes but what's the point really for ow2?
18:43 <vmassol> (and even for elsewhere FWIW)
18:44 <Enygma`> it's about motivating the reader to click the link or to do the extra step
18:44 <vmassol> or we shoudl automate and use the same content for all
18:44 <Denis> has joined #xwiki
18:44 <Enygma`> if you spot something you`re interested in, you`re going to look it up. If you just see *another* release, you`re not going to be as interested
18:44 <vmassol> mail, blog post, ow2
18:45 <vmassol> if there's only 1 link
18:45 <vmassol> you're going to click
18:45 <Enygma`> :)
18:45 <vmassol> if there 's some summary
18:45 <vmassol> you might not
18:45 <vmassol> and summary always miss some important stuff
18:45 <vmassol> since we spend a lot of time to make some nice RN
18:46 <vmassol> I'd say we should just point people to them
18:46 <Enygma`> wel, I guess there are many sides to this... though I agree that it`s a bit cumbersome having to write the summary or managing the content that will be pushed to all these different sites
18:48 <vmassol> anyway I'll do it this time and raise the topic by email with a list of stuff todo to reduce the release process
18:48 <Enygma`> thinking how the release mail would look like with just 2 words and a link
18:48 <Enygma`> don`t know what reactions it could trigger, if any
18:48 <vmassol> in my mail I'll make a proposal
18:48 <vmassol> it's easy to have something generic
18:48 <Enygma`> ok, cool
18:50 <vmassol> Denis: I still don't get it why I have some hibernate updates even though I downloaded XE 4.3
18:50 <vmassol> 2012-11-26 18:49:57,189 [http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/] INFO  .HibernateDataMigrationManager - [schema] - Running hibernate updates
18:50 <vmassol> there shouldn't be any
18:50 <vmassol> I have the latest stuff
18:51 <vmassol> ok sanity check passed, pushing to ow2
18:52 <Denis> vmassol: hibernate updates are done by the store, no idea if it does anything really, but when migration is enabled, schema update is always launched
18:53 <vmassol> "Checking for Hibernate updates and running them if needed…" or something like that maybe then
18:54 <vmassol> or
18:54 <vmassol> "Running Hibernate updates (if needed)"
18:55 <vmassol> it's just slightly strange that anything is printed when you have the latest
18:55 <vmassol> version
18:55 <vmassol> why do we need to run those if your DB version is the latest?
18:55 <vmassol> s/your/the/
18:59 <vmassol> Enygma`: my bad, I was on agent1 and not on hence why there was no releasenotes.txt files
19:01 <Enygma`> ok
19:03 <Denis> vmassol: we have always done so, even multiple times, to be really sure it happen. I have reduced to do it only once, in a single place for now. We may decide not to do it if the database is up to date, but this will be a design change requiring also to put a mechanism to change the database version when we want to trigger an update while only the .hbm are changed.
19:06 <vmassol> indeed, we were doing it, there was no messages though so for the user there was no problem trying to understand the message :)
19:07 <vmassol> why do we need the message btw?
19:07 <vmassol> it doesn't say much anyway
19:07 <vmassol> it could be left as debug
19:08 <vmassol> Enygma`: hmmm is there a reason why in push_ow2 the majority of files are commented out :)
19:08 <vmassol> ?
19:08 <vmassol> looks like a leftover
19:09 <Denis> Since now I may do 3 different schema updates, I had the feeling that having them clearly shown would helps, in particular when someone ask on the mailing list what happen, know where it happen helps. Only showing the liquibase ones was misleading IMO
19:09 <vmassol> ah those files are not under git
19:09 <vmassol> (on
19:09 <vmassol> they should be
19:09 <Enygma`> vmassol: ?
19:10 <vmassol> Enygma`: it's ok in git
19:10 <vmassol> it's the local copy that's not correct
19:10 <tdelafosse> has quit
19:10 <vmassol> someone has commented out most of the lines
19:10 <Enygma`> maybe the previous RM commented out files as they were successfully uploaded
19:10 <vmassol> we should have it under git and do some git reset
19:10 <Enygma`> because the SSH timeout is very small and you can lose the connection quicly
19:11 <vmassol> sure but I had to discover it
19:11 <vmassol> after my uploads were done
19:11 <vmassol> (the ones that went through)
19:11 <Enygma`> you mean you`ve uploaded just some of the artefacts?
19:12 <vmassol> yes that's ok, it's just I was lucky to notice it :)
19:16 <Denis> vmassol: I propose to remove "Updating database schema:" and to keep "[schema] - Checking Hibernate mapping and updating schema if needed". Is that ok for you ?
19:17 <Enygma`> yep, we should also give a gray ball to the previous RM for not cleaning up :)
19:19 <Denis> Enygma`: not sure we should rely on the previous to clean up, it would be better that the current EM checks its scripts are up to date and unpatched
19:20 <Enygma`> yes, we have that as a step actually
19:20 <vmassol> Denis: even better if it's the script that does that
19:20 <vmassol> but we need it under git first
19:20 <Enygma`> don`t know why vmassol has problems. Maybe the changes were committed locally?
19:20 <vmassol> Enygma`: it's not under git
19:20 <Denis> vmassol: it should obviously
19:21 <vmassol> obviousy
19:21 <Enygma`> vmassol: ah, some of them are not, you`re right (specific to OW2)
19:21 <vmassol> seems it wasn't obvious for whoever put it there :)
19:21 <vmassol> none are
19:21 <vmassol> in xwiki-release-scripts on
19:21 <vmassol> there's no .git directory
19:22 <Slashman> has quit
19:22 <vmassol> I'll fix that after (provided there's a git exec there)
19:22 <Enygma`> vmassol: what do we actually still use from that?
19:22 <vmassol> from what?
19:23 <Enygma`> maven@maven:~/xwiki-release-scripts
19:23 <vmassol> Enygma`: Im' doing this:
19:23 <Enygma`> I see only one file there that is useful:
19:23 <Enygma`> and it's the same (probably) as
19:23 <Enygma`> so we probably have to update the docs on that step
19:24 <vmassol> guys, got to go swimming for 1 hour, will continue after
19:24 <Enygma`> have fun
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19:29 <abusenius> has joined #xwiki
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19:42 <zykes-> would anyone care to look at my issue ?
19:56 <polx> has joined #xwiki
19:59 <rrodriguez> has joined #xwiki
20:40 <Denis> vmassol: I propose to remove "Updating database schema:" and to keep "[schema] - Checking Hibernate mapping and updating schema if needed". Is that ok for you ?
20:41 <jvdrean> has joined #xwiki
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21:31 <vmassol> AndreasJ1nsson: hi
21:32 <vmassol> I've removed the CLIRR excludes for 4.3 on master since I've released 4.3
21:32 <vmassol> but there are backward compat errors now
21:33 <vmassol> see
21:33 <vmassol> I think they're related to commits you did
21:33 <vmassol> could you check?
21:37 <sdumitriu> has joined #xwiki
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21:51 <zykes-> vmassol: here ?
22:31 <sdumitriu> vmassol: Should we add updating the trunks repository to the release process? So far I've been the only one creating tags on trunks
22:31 <vmassol> sdumitriu: we discussed avbout it yesterday
22:31 <sdumitriu> Yes, saw it
22:31 <vmassol> and our conclusion was more in the direction of removing xwiki-trunks which doesn't bring much
22:31 <sdumitriu> But didn't read through
22:36 <rrodriguez> has quit
22:54 <vmassol> AndreasJ1nsson: ping
22:58 <Denis> has quit
23:19 <AndreasJ1nsson> is now known as <AndreasJonsson>
23:20 <AndreasJonsson> vmassol: I'll take care of the clirr problems.
23:20 <vmassol> thanks AndreasJonsson
23:20 <vmassol> I was surprised to see already breakages so soon :)
23:20 <vmassol> (I hope that we're sure we want them)
23:21 <AndreasJonsson> The hibernate workaround was really ugly and I was happy to be able to commit a cleaner fix for the ListProperty.
23:21 <vmassol> we've had quite a few in 4.3 already… (took me a while to create the RN)
23:21 <AndreasJonsson> But I didn't backport it to 4.3, since there was so little time.
23:23 <vmassol> jvelo: cool that you're working on this :) that will allow us to move solr to 4.0.0 too
23:35 <abusenius> has quit
23:41 <sburjan`> vmassol: i see someone replied on the dev announcement
23:41 <vmassol> sburjan`: yep, did you test XEM?
23:41 <vmassol> can you reproduce?
23:41 <sburjan`> and I am unable to find the XEM jetty + hsqldb package
23:41 <vmassol> (haven't tested myself)
23:41 <vmassol> there isn't any AFAIK
23:41 <sburjan`> did you' created a package with this ?
23:41 <vmassol> no
23:42 <sburjan`> XEM on hsqldb ?
23:42 <vmassol> no
23:42 <sburjan`> hmm, why did I had the impression you did
23:42 <vmassol> XEM on HSQLDB works and can easily be created
23:42 <vmassol> but there's no package
23:42 <vmassol> (ATM)
23:42 <vmassol> I personally don't think we need a package for XEM but that's another story :)
23:45 <sburjan`> so you only worked on making hsqldb work with XEM ?
23:45 <vmassol> yes
23:45 <sburjan`> i see
23:45 <sburjan`> let's hope it's a false alarm
23:46 <vmassol> he needs to explain how he installed it
23:46 <vmassol> sburjan`: do you get this when you use XEM on mysqm package?
23:46 <vmassol> *mysql
23:47 <sburjan`> I tested XE on mysql, not XEM
23:47 <vmassol> oh
23:47 <vmassol> you mean XEM wasn't tested?
23:47 <sburjan`> not with migrations
23:47 <vmassol> not talking about migrations
23:47 <sburjan`> last time I checked XEM was ok
23:48 <vmassol> you didn't check our distributions?
23:48 <vmassol> actually there's only 1 distribuyion
23:48 <vmassol> it's XEM on mysql
23:48 <vmassol> "last time I checked XEM was ok": WDYM? how did you install it?
23:49 <sburjan`> couple of weeks ago
23:49 <vmassol> using EM?
23:49 <sburjan`> yes
23:49 <vmassol> (on hsqldb)?
23:49 <sburjan`> on mysql
23:50 <vmassol> ok
23:50 <sburjan`> there are so many testing combination that I can't test all
23:50 <vmassol> well
23:50 <vmassol> we provide a dsitribution
23:50 <sburjan`> this is why devs should also test their code from time to time
23:50 <vmassol> so that would be the only one to test if we have to test something :)
23:50 <vmassol> but from my POV we should drop this distribution
23:50 <vmassol> and only keep an XE distribution
23:51 <sburjan`> testing XE clean on all databases, testing XE migration on all databases, testing XEM clean on all databases, testing XEM migration on all databases
23:51 <vmassol> yep, that's why we need that work you started
23:51 <vmassol> with the VM generation
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23:55 <jvelo> has quit

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