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09:44 <vmassol> good morning
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11:56 <Lamium> I have a question about XWiki, if anyone has time?
11:56 <vmassol> shoot
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11:58 <Lamium> I'm fairly new to the xwiki scene having only discovered it a couple of weeks ago.  I'm looking for a way where I can create a predefined template where I want to create a product page. Essentially, the user would fill out a form with name, description of item, price, item picture and then the page would be created from that. I've looked up tutorials but I haven't found one that incorporates image uploading.
11:59 <vmassol> Lamium: regarding forms you should follow the FAQ tutorial on
11:59 <vmassol> it explains how to create some structure/forms
12:00 <tmortagne> you can also use appwithinminutes
12:00 <vmassol> tmortagne: the FAQ tutorial explains that
12:00 <vmassol> there are 2 tutorials
12:00 <tmortagne> ok
12:00 <Lamium> I tried app within minutes but there was no option for image uploading
12:00 <vmassol>
12:01 <vmassol> regarding image uploading I'm not an expert, a simple version can be to ask users to attach an image to the page but you can also create some HTML button to upload the image, would need to research it to let you know how to do it though
12:01 <vmassol> here's maybe something that could help:
12:01 <vmassol>
12:02 <Lamium> okay, that is the part I was hoping that xwiki would have an option for. I mean once I've got the image uploaded I was assuming I could maybe store the link as a variable and then pass all the variables out and build a page with the variables on the fly
12:02 <vmassol> I also found this:
12:02 <vmassol> App within minute may have an image picker , let me check
12:03 <Lamium> I didn't notice one if there was
12:03 <vmassol> if marius was here he'd know...
12:04 <Lamium> but thanks for the links! I can see about throwing something together with this
12:04 <vmassol> see
12:04 <vmassol> It mentions an example to add a new picker
12:04 <vmassol>  "External Image"
12:04 <vmassol> but I don't see a nice picker
12:05 <vmassol> ah there's this too:
12:05 <vmassol>
12:05 <vmassol> (Lamium)
12:05 <vmassol> that's probably the simplest
12:05 <Lamium> Yeah was just reading through it now
12:06 <Lamium> I didn't see that external image picker when I was running through it but maybe I haven't configured something right
12:07 <vmassol> btw you can watch this issue for the image picker:
12:07 <vmassol> (for AWM)
12:07 <Lamium> Also I must say, kudos to all the folk who built this. I'm using it in a personal project for knowledge reference and it's simply amazing!
12:07 <Lamium> Ah yes, I'm also experienced in JIRA, I work on EU Projects as my full-time job :)
12:08 <vmassol> thanks Lamium, would be great fi you could tweet something about it and then we/you could that reference to our testimonial page at
12:08 <vmassol> that helps us a lot to have these testimonials :)
12:08 <vmassol> gives us a boost!
12:08 <vmassol> nice re EU projects
12:08 <vmassol> I think there are several using XWiki
12:09 <Lamium> Yeah, I'm working on one called webinos at the moment
12:12 <vmassol> thanks for the tweet, just saw it ;)
12:12 <Lamium> Yeah was about to say that I just tweeted :)
12:12 <vmassol> I'll update the testimonial page, thanks
12:14 <vmassol> done, thanks again
12:14 <Lamium> My only critique about the thing at the moment is there is very little documentation on very specific things. For instance when I was looking up a way to create pages using xwiki none of them had an image uploader option (which is very common throughout CMS engines). But the one thing I do see is that the repositories and JIRA are very active and that is really good news for support and so on
12:14 <vmassol> yes we have good support, we're lacking a bit on the developer documentation
12:14 <vmassol> the user one should be pretty good but the dev one can be improved
12:15 <Lamium> Also your JIRA base is very structured compared to some EU projects I have seen ;)
12:15 <vmassol> hehe :)
12:16 <vmassol> I think the reason you didn't see any specific picker is that we come from the wiki domain and images are added as attachments nomrally
12:16 <vmassol> *normally
12:16 <vmassol> we're getting there though
12:17 <Lamium> I agree, there are many things in the XWiki that I would class as being CMS stuff and I must say you are doing a good job of blending the 2 so far :)
12:18 <vmassol> yup the differences between CMS and wikis are slowly disappearing but we want to keep the idea of creating content collaboratively in the wiki which is not the strong point of traditional CMSes
12:19 <Lamium> Yeah I did notice when creating content collaboratively with my team that notices kept on popping up saying that 'X' user currently has lock on this document for editing or something along those lines
12:20 <vmassol> ah regarding locking we have improvements planned
12:20 <Lamium> excellent!
12:20 <vmassol> we've released a first experimental real time editor
12:20 <vmassol>
12:20 <Lamium> do you have a github bramch for it?
12:20 <vmassol> (wiki editor only ATM)
12:21 <Lamium> ah I see, that was going to be my first question, is there WYSIWYG :P
12:21 <vmassol> and we want to work on this too:
12:21 <vmassol> we have some wysiwyg one but it's really a hard topic and it's not ready for prime time yet
12:22 <Lamium> I can understand that
12:22 <Lamium> If you can manage to implement the google doc system on xwiki that would be amazing
12:23 <vmassol> yep
12:23 <Lamium> but I understand that stuff like that is very difficult
12:25 <vmassol> Lamium: here's our try for that:
12:25 <vmassol> (in case you're interested to look at the sources)
12:26 <vmassol> that project (wiki 3.0) produced 2 real time editors: one wysiwyg and one wiki, we released the wiki one on
12:26 <vmassol> the wysiwyg one didn't get released yet, we have some blocking issues to make it as a good, feature-wise as the current wysiwyg editor
12:27 <Lamium> I'm assuming it's all coded in Java yes?
12:27 <vmassol> yes
12:27 <vmassol> some video of that project (wiki editor though):
12:30 <Lamium> Taking a look at the video now, looks good so far
12:36 <Lamium> I like it! It's handy if you know the wiki syntax
12:36 <vmassol> cool
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15:34 <dirk_schmitt> Hi - just a small notification:
15:34 <dirk_schmitt> On front page is an error message - "Unknown macro: contributors"
15:39 <vmassol1> dirk_schmitt: yeah it keeps being broken at each restart, we need to find the issue
15:39 <vmassol1> thanks
15:50 <dirk_schmitt> Another thing - I just give the reader application a try.
15:50 <dirk_schmitt> xwiki/bin/admin/Reader/WebPreferences?editor=spaceadmin&space=Reader&section=Reader
15:50 <dirk_schmitt> --> Failed to execute the [velocity] macro
15:50 <dirk_schmitt> --> Caused by: org.apache.velocity.exception.ParseErrorException: Lexical error: org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 1, column 97.  Encountered: <EOF> after : ""
15:52 <dirk_schmitt> (BTW: The install with the extension manager leave the rights for /Reader and /ReaderCode open to unregistered users)
16:06 <vmassol1> dirk_schmitt: you should report to the Reader project
16:06 <vmassol1> it's maintained by jerome on his own github
16:07 <vmassol1> I'll ping him to move it to xwiki contrib actually
16:08 <vmassol1> and create a jira project for it in xwiki contrib
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16:10 <jvelo1> hi
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16:11 <vmassol> hi jerome
16:12 <dirk_schmitt> Hi Jerome -  I just give the reader application a try.
16:12 <dirk_schmitt> xwiki/bin/admin/Reader/WebPreferences?editor=spaceadmin&space=Reader&section=Reader
16:12 <dirk_schmitt> --> Failed to execute the [velocity] macro
16:12 <dirk_schmitt> --> Caused by: org.apache.velocity.exception.ParseErrorException: Lexical error: org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 1, column 97.  Encountered: <EOF> after : "" 15:50:43
16:12 <dirk_schmitt> (BTW: The install with the extension manager leave the rights for /Reader and /ReaderCode open to unregistered users)
16:12 <jvelo1> Hi
16:13 <jvelo1> FYI I've just transferred the repository to xwiki-contrib as I have no plan to maintain it right now
16:13 <vmassol> ok I'll create a jira component for it in xwiki contrib
16:14 <jvelo1> (I can take bounties on it though :) )
16:14 <vmassol> ahah :)
16:14 <vmassol> bounties would be nice to set up officially, we talked about it but didn't actually set it up
16:14 <jvelo1> regarding your problem dirk_schmitt it doesn't ring a bell
16:15 <jvelo1> it may be due to an incompatibility with a more recent version of XWiki ?
16:15 <dirk_schmitt> If somebody wan't to have a "live view" please register at and give me a note.
16:15 <dirk_schmitt> XWIKI ENTERPRISE 4.5.3
16:16 <vmassol> dirk_schmitt: you can report jira issues here if you want:
16:16 <jvelo1> dirk_schmitt: I've registered with "jvelo"
16:17 <tmortagne> vmassol: yep would be nice to setup what you suggested on  the mailing list on jira
16:23 <vmassol> (about the bounty idea)
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16:35 <vmassol1> back
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16:39 <dirk_schmitt> @jvelo1 - I've put you in the admin group.
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16:52 <dirk_schmitt> @jvelo1 -will be out of office for 1-2 hours
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16:56 <sburjan__> Hello. Which is the best practice when creating an EventListener which listens on 3 Events (Document Created, Updated, Deleted). Handle all the 3 Events in the same onEvent method or write 3 separate Listeners for each of the Event ?
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17:00 <tmortagne> sburjan__:  it mostly depends on how similar the reaction on these events are going to be
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17:00 <tmortagne> (there is no official best practice)
17:01 <sburjan__> tmortagne, my biggest problem is that I don't know how to see inside onEvent method which Event actually triggered this.
17:02 <tmortagne> if these events are going to manipulate different concept then I guess the cleanest is to have difference listener, but if they do pretty much the same thing like update a cache then it should be in the same listener
17:02 <tmortagne> you get the event as parameter
17:02 <tmortagne> you can use instanceof
17:02 <sburjan__> the first param of the onEvent method is an object of type Event, but I don't know what to call on it to get my
17:02 <sburjan__> *get what I need
17:02 <sburjan__> I don't have instanceOf :(
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17:03 <vmassol> instanceof
17:03 <vmassol> it's part of java
17:03 <tmortagne> sburjan__:  where are you exactly ?
17:03 <sburjan__> I know, but Eclipse autocomplete does not have this option
17:03 <tmortagne> you are not in java ?
17:03 <tmortagne> I can assure you Eclipse knows instanceof
17:04 <sburjan__> public void onEvent(Event event, Object source, Object data)
17:04 <sburjan__>     {
17:04 <sburjan__>         event.
17:04 <tmortagne> it's not a method
17:04 <tmortagne> it's a keyword
17:04 <sburjan__> ah ok
17:05 <sburjan__> so something like:
17:05 <sburjan__>     public void onEvent(Event event, Object source, Object data)
17:05 <sburjan__>             //my Code
17:05 <sburjan__>         }
17:05 <tmortagne> yes
17:06 <sburjan__> ok, thanks :)
17:08 <sburjan__> playing with this I found out that when XWIki starts (each start) several documents are modified, or at least they trigger the DocumentUpdatedEvent.
17:08 <sburjan__> documents like Watchlist, etc
17:08 <sburjan__> I didn't know this :)
17:08 <tmortagne> yes I think there is jira issues about this
17:10 <tmortagne> having a document modified that often is wrong
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18:13 <vmassol> cool marius :)
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19:40 <dirk_schmitt> @jvelo1 ping
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