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00:49 <altker1281> sdumitriu: Sorry to bother you...may I ask for your help on disabling the 'Activity Stream'?  I think I've done everything to do it, yet it's still there.
00:49 <altker1281> If anyone else has ideas too...
00:56 <altker1281> I've gone to 'Administer Xwiki' and disabled Message Stream and also deleted it from the layout...
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09:01 <tmortagne> guys I plan to release 5.0.3 today because of, anyone has something to add ?
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09:02 <vmassol> nothing from my side
09:02 <vmassol> except that the lots of jobs are failing on the ci
09:04 <vmassol> 5 jobs failing for 5.x
09:04 <vmassol> tmortagne: you just made commons build fail on master I think
09:04 <vmassol> [INFO] --- jacoco-maven-plugin: (jacoco-check) @ xwiki-commons-extension-api ---
09:04 <vmassol> [WARNING] Insufficient code coverage for INSTRUCTION: 71.42% < 71.45%
09:05 <tmortagne> network issue for platform it seems
09:05 <vmassol>
09:05 <vmassol> for platform it's not network failure
09:05 <vmassol> I don't think so at least
09:05 <vmassol> I think I may have fixed it on master but not sure I ported my fix on 5.x
09:06 <vmassol> I think I remember there's a missing dep
09:06 <tmortagne> I see a jenkins error on
09:06 <tmortagne> and no maven issue
09:07 <vmassol> Caused by: org.sonatype.aether.transfer.ArtifactNotFoundException: Could not find artifact org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tool-jetty:pom:5.0.3-SNAPSHOT in local.central (file:///hom
09:07 <vmassol> e/hudsonagent/.m2/repository)
09:07 <vmassol> for platform 5.x build
09:07 <tmortagne> others test builds seems to get false positive too
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09:09 <tmortagne>
09:10 <vmassol> there's an easy way to test
09:10 <vmassol> checkout platform 5.x
09:10 <vmassol> remove your local repo
09:10 <vmassol> build tools packager with IT
09:10 <tmortagne> to test what ? as you can see the artifact is in
09:10 <vmassol> that's not the problem
09:11 <tmortagne> so the error message is wrong for sure
09:11 <vmassol> otherwise it would work ;)
09:11 <vmassol> as I said I already fixed one issue like this on platfor
09:11 <vmassol> platform
09:11 <vmassol> in master
09:12 <vmassol> now I don't know if it's the same issue or not
09:12 <vmassol> but in what I fixed the dep was there
09:12 <vmassol> (in the remote repo)
09:12 <vmassol> and it still wasn't working
09:12 <vmassol> because of a missing dep
09:14 <vmassol> trying
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09:31 <vmassol> tmortagne: ok build finished, success, so it's not the same problem I fixed on master
09:32 <vmassol> FTR 227MB of artifacts downloaded just to build tool-packager :)
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10:33 <tmortagne> mflorea: any idea if$xwiki-enterprise-test-wysiwyg/40/testReport/junit/org.xwiki.test.wysiwyg/ImageTest/testEditImageWithLink/ is a flickering test ?
10:38 <mflorea> tmortagne: looks like a flicker
10:38 <mflorea> let's see the result of the current build
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10:46 <vmassol> going to upgrade jenkins. Anyone against? (I'll let existing jobs finish)
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11:05 <tmortagne> sburjan: I will soon start the release of 5.0.3 if you want to complete the "Tested Browsers & Databases" section in the release note
11:05 <sburjan> tmortagne, I can complete, but I haven't tested anything. I didn't even know it was supposed to be released today. Did we find some blocker ?
11:06 <tmortagne> sburjan:
11:07 <vmassol> actually sburjan an important bug is
11:08 <sburjan> vmassol,: indeed, XWIKI-9183 sounds bad. I'm re-testing to make sure it's fixed
11:08 <tmortagne> vmassol: XWIKI-9190 means that most right checking on subwikis were wrong so that's really the important one by far
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11:21 <sburjan> tmortagne,: I am unable to reproduce .I  didn't upgrade, it's just a clean install
11:21 <tmortagne> sburjan: I don't know much about XWIKI-9183, you should ask mflorea
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11:42 <altker1281> tmortagne: Sorry to bother you, can you tell me how to permanently disable Activity Stream?  I have tried to disable it everywhere I can find, deleting it from the style yet it still appears
11:43 <vmassol> altker1281: I don't think it's meant to be disabled
11:44 <vmassol> now what you do easily is edit the activity macro
11:44 <vmassol> what's your use case?
11:44 <altker1281> vmassol: Internal use.  I find the activity stream very distracting.
11:44 <vmassol> (why do you wish to "disable" it?)
11:44 <vmassol> just don't use it
11:44 <altker1281> I'm not trying to
11:44 <vmassol> edit the home page
11:44 <altker1281> It still shows up on all pages
11:44 <vmassol> all pages?
11:44 <vmassol> I think you're talking about something else
11:44 <vmassol> the AS is only displayed in 2 places
11:45 <vmassol> default home page + user profile
11:45 <altker1281> If I create a space and go into it I see
11:45 <altker1281> "Documents in space <name>" " Activity Stream for space <name>"
11:45 <tmortagne> yes it's possible it's put in default space too
11:45 <tmortagne> but it's far from "all the pages"
11:45 <vmassol> space home page is not all pages....
11:45 <vmassol> but yes that's controllable too
11:46 <vmassol> you decide what you want to have
11:46 <altker1281> In the layout, right?
11:46 <altker1281> "Look and Feel"
11:47 <altker1281> So I've tried what I know to disable it from Layout / Look and Feel and I'm at a loss.
11:47 <vmassol> yes it 's not very well documented I think
11:47 <vmassol> see
11:48 <vmassol> specifically edit Dashboard/SpaceDashboardTemplate
11:50 <altker1281> This will sound dumb but I can't figure out where to actually edit Dashboard/SpaceDashboardTemplate
11:51 <altker1281> Space, Dashboard, Administer Space (at the top)?
11:52 <vmassol> altker1281: on any page press ctrl+g
11:52 <vmassol> then type SpaceDashboardTemplate and select it
11:53 <vmassol> then edit it and make the template look the way you want it
11:54 <altker1281> When should the changes take effect?
11:55 <altker1281> So I just created a new space and it works, that's great!
11:56 <altker1281> How do I change it for the Wiki Home and other spaces that might have already been created?
11:59 <altker1281> Guys, sorry to keep asking these types of questions, I really like what XWiki offers but some of these "defaults" are a bit overwhelming.
12:01 <tmortagne> altker1281: you can edit the existing pages
12:01 <tmortagne> just go to them and edit, you should be able to choose what you want
12:02 <altker1281> tmortagne: I would like to, but as dumb as it sounds, I don't know "where" to go.
12:02 <tmortagne> I don't understand, go to a page where you see the activity stream
12:02 <tmortagne> and edit it
12:03 <altker1281> Ah!
12:03 <altker1281> Ok
12:04 <altker1281> tmortagne: Thank you.
12:04 <altker1281> I thought I had to edit the look/feel somewhere
12:04 <tmortagne> AFAIK SpaceDashboardTemplate is simply copied when you create a new space
12:05 <altker1281> This is really great.
12:05 <tmortagne> you are removing AS for visual reason or performances ?
12:05 <altker1281> tmortagne: Visual
12:05 <tmortagne> ok
12:05 <altker1281> tmortagne: My brain does not deal well with visual overload.
12:07 <altker1281> One more "dumb" question , is there a better widget or extention that provides a Navigation / Location Bar?  For example if I am Adminstering 'Main' and I want to get back to the main page, I didn't find an easy way to do that.  The "WIki: xwiki" and "Space: Main" sometimes behave as drop-down rather than "click to go here"
12:07 <tmortagne> vmassol: Packager Plugin build is a real pain, it constantly failing...
12:08 <vmassol> tmortagne: I can look into it after lunch. Does it fail locally for you?
12:08 <tmortagne> vmassol: I doubt it will but there is always a new thing it does not like on jenkins agents
12:09 <tmortagne> altker1281: actually you can click on it but it's on the name of the element that the link is
12:10 <altker1281> tmortagne: OK, so if I add a space (I have one called 'Android') and I want to go back to my main list of spaces, right now the navigator says "Space: Android" so how do I go back?
12:10 <altker1281> Hrm.  Right above the name of the space I see "Wiki Home -> Dashboard -> Android"
12:11 <tmortagne> altker1281: where is your list of spaces ? if it's the main page of the wiki then you go to the wiki button
12:12 <tmortagne> you can use the breadcrumb in this case too
12:12 <altker1281> Is that an extention or the name of the thing I was just referencing?
12:12 <tmortagne> the name of the thing you were referencing
12:13 <tmortagne> but this is related to what is configured in each page as it's parent
12:13 <tmortagne> so it's depends a lot on what the page configuration
12:13 <tmortagne> the top menu alway lead you to the main page of each element
12:13 <tmortagne> (at least in the default skin)
12:14 <altker1281> I am using the default skin.
12:15 <tmortagne> vmassol: still the "Could not find artifact org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tool-jetty:pom:5.0.3-SNAPSHOT" according to the log
12:16 <altker1281> I think Foswiki does a bit better job with their 'Breadcrumb' concept.  Their left bar is equivalent to the XWiki "Dashboard".
12:19 <tmortagne> vmassol: sounds like packager plugin only look at local repository and it does not trigger a dependency on xwiki-platform-tool-jetty
12:19 <tmortagne> at least this artifact is not in the maven local repository
12:22 <altker1281> xwiki does a much better job with user administration and contorl
12:22 <altker1281> control
12:26 <vmassol> tmortagne: yes this is why I was thinking we were missing a dep in the pom
12:26 <altker1281> tmortagne, vmassol : Thank you again both for your help.
12:26 <vmassol> but I can't reproduce it locally
12:26 <vmassol> (with a cleaned local repo)
12:26 <vmassol> altker1281: if you have a link to foswiki's breadcrumb concept that would help
12:26 <tmortagne> vmassol: I guess the build is not always done in the exact same order
12:27 <altker1281> vmassol:
12:28 <altker1281> vmassol:
12:28 <tmortagne> vmassol: actually I think it's different
12:28 <vmassol> tmortagne: putting a9 offline to debug it on the agent
12:28 <tmortagne> not that simple I mean
12:28 <altker1281> vmassol: You can see the "You are here: Foswiki > Sandbox Web > WebHome (date)"
12:28 <vmassol> altker1281: that's the same concept as xwiki, no?
12:28 <altker1281> vmassol: Personally, I think it should appear slightly bigger than "Welcome to sandbox web" and each word should be colored to show depth visually
12:28 <tmortagne> the dependency is here but downloaded by aether and not by regular maven I think
12:29 <vmassol> altker1281: for example
12:29 <vmassol> tmortagne: yes that's what I mean
12:29 <altker1281> vmassol: I think it's a bit more confusing with XWiki because there are the buttons are the top "WIKI:" and "SPACE:"
12:29 <vmassol> altker1281: no
12:29 <vmassol> that's not breadcrumb
12:30 <vmassol> or do you mean
12:30 <vmassol> that you're mixing breadcrumb with those menu items?
12:30 <altker1281> vmassol: Which?  Breadcrumb is the " Wiki Home » Sandbox » Sandbox Test Page 1 "
12:30 <altker1281> right?
12:30 <vmassol> yes
12:31 <altker1281> Yeah.  Now I get the concept, but before I kept on trying to go the drop downs at the top (WIKI, SPACE)
12:31 <altker1281> I think the breadcrumb should appear above the outside that has "Export" and "More Actions"
12:32 <vmassol> would be interesting that at some point you send us an email on the user lists to provide some ideas for improvements
12:32 <vmassol> that helps us a lot
12:32 <vmassol> (altker1281)
12:32 <altker1281> Will do!
12:32 <vmassol> great!
12:32 <altker1281> I have been trying Foswiki, MediaWiki and a few others.
12:32 <vmassol> so it's all the more interesting to get your feedback!
12:32 <vmassol> see what we could improve :)
12:32 <altker1281> I have some feedback of course, and obviously you saw some of my confusion with the templates :)
12:33 <altker1281> Thank you again so kindly for answering my questions.
12:33 <vmassol> tmortagne: grr I lost the spot, now a9 is building….
12:34 <vmassol> shouldn't be too long
12:34 <altker1281> OK.  Must sleep, will be destroyed for work tomorrow :(
12:34 <vmassol> hehe
12:34 <vmassol> good night!
12:35 <tmortagne> vmassol: on a13 platform has a different issue, seems like it can't find some X11 related class but I checked and it does not seems to be a headless jdk
12:36 <tmortagne> I have to go, bb in 1 or 2h
12:53 <vmassol> tmortagne: strange, just built on a9 and success
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14:10 <tmortagne> started the release BTW :)
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14:51 <sburjan> @Devs: I think I might have found a bug. I have a XAR which contains pages names: "QA.MySQL 5\.2" and when importing the XAR, these pages do not show up. After I press the import button, I get these pages in a section called "List of skipped documents". This looks like a bug to me
14:52 <sburjan> it doesn't look ok for me to be able to correctly export pages, but don;t be able to re-import them back
14:54 <vmassol> yep
14:55 <sburjan> vmassol: should I report it ?
14:56 <sburjan> maybe I am hitting an exotic use-case, like page with "." in their name and escaped with backslash
14:56 <vmassol> sburjan: yes you should report it
14:57 <vmassol> with an easy way to reproduce
14:57 <vmassol> attach your failing xar for example
14:57 <sburjan> yes sir
14:59 <tmortagne> sburjan: it is not common use case but it is still a supported use case so yes it's an important bug (and whatever the use case you should always be able to import something you exported)
15:13 <vmassol> that's not very recent tmortagne, does it mean we missed a lof of translations in the past? :)
15:13 <vmassol> ah no
15:13 <tmortagne> what do you mean ?
15:13 <vmassol> just moved below
15:14 <vmassol> :)
15:14 <vmassol> I had just read the title and not the full diff
15:14 <tmortagne> it's not the important change actually
15:14 <tmortagne> I really moved them from XEM to platform on l10n
15:15 <vmassol> ok got it
15:20 <sburjan> vmassol, tmortagne : I found out the issue. It seems that mvn xar:format or mvn xar:package do something to the page which make it impossible to import
15:20 <tmortagne> sburjan: so it's working if you import the XAR you just exported ?
15:20 <sburjan> tmortagne, yes
15:21 <tmortagne> ok so it's less important but still not very nice
15:21 <sburjan> but if I unpack the xar, put the pages in a maven module and run mvn xar:format and mvn xar:package, I am not able to re-import it. It's like the xar is empty. I am trying to see the diff before and after executing the xar plugin
15:23 <sburjan> ok, they have some differences ... I'll report it
15:24 <sburjan> for example: "<language></language>" vs. "<language/>"
15:24 <tmortagne> this is not an issue
15:25 <tmortagne> it doe snot change anything from XML point of view
15:25 <tmortagne> look at pages name and space
15:26 <sburjan> tmortagne: same name, same space, same parent.
15:26 <sburjan> odd
15:27 <tmortagne> sburjan: it's probably an issue with the package.xml then
15:27 <tmortagne> I guess the pages in there are not properly escaped
15:27 <tmortagne> so when you import it none of the listed pages are found in the XAR so it does not import anything
15:28 <sburjan> tmortagne, indeed you are right. "<file language="" defaultAction="0">Main.XWiki 5.0.2</file>" vs. "<file defaultAction="0" language="">Main.XWiki 5\.0\.2</file>"
15:30 <sburjan> I am going to report this
15:31 <sburjan> tmortagne, : xar packager issues should be reported in COmmons, right ?
15:31 <tmortagne> it's not packager plugin, it's xar plugin and yes it's in commons
15:32 <sburjan> ok, odd, I can't find it in components in JIRA
15:32 <sburjan> (xar plugin)
15:32 <tmortagne> we usually don't create component for tools
15:32 <tmortagne> put all that in build test etc
15:32 <tmortagne> it's a build tool
15:33 <tmortagne> "Build, Infrastructure and Tests"
15:33 <sburjan> thanks
15:43 <sburjan> tmortagne, reported:
15:43 <tmortagne> sburjan: ok thanks
15:43 <tmortagne> I found where the issue is
15:43 <tmortagne> == null ? : + "." +;
15:43 <tmortagne> a bit old ;)
15:47 <sburjan> tmortagne: pre document reference era :)
15:47 <tmortagne> yes
15:47 <tmortagne> and I'm sure we still have other places like this
15:48 <tmortagne> but in this case it's work than pre document reference, it's also without document reference since it's in commons
15:48 <tmortagne> so I have to add a hack
15:49 <sburjan> well it's not blocking me from anything, it just popped out and I reported it. Increasing Quality by accidental discoveries :)
15:49 <tmortagne> you don't need this for your project ?
15:50 <sburjan> nope. I discovered it by accident :) was too lazy to let msmeria create some pages and I let them in the XAR which I sent it to him :)
15:50 <sburjan> but on production the pages will be created by hand
15:51 <tmortagne> ok
15:51 <tmortagne> anyway, fixing it since it's easy
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16:19 <sburjan> vmassol, : I have tried to reproduce without success :) We'll talk tomorrow about this
16:20 <sburjan> I have set a XEM with 2 local aliases and on 5.0.1 I get the main wiki served ....
16:44 <sburjan> vmassol, tmortagne: short question. Is the page WikiDoesNotExist supposed to already exist or the admin has to create it in order to server a custom message ?
16:45 <tmortagne> sburjan: you don't end up on that page by default anymore
16:46 <tmortagne> and AFAIK it does not exist
16:46 <tmortagne> by default what you get come from a template
16:47 <sburjan> tmortagne, indeed, I am looking into the code, and the template checks if the page exists, if not ... display an error
16:47 <tmortagne> it's a bit like document does not exist
16:48 <sburjan> yes. but I have created it and it works
16:48 <sburjan> it overrides the message from template
16:48 <sburjan> so it's all good here
16:52 <tmortagne> ok cool
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17:25 <sburjan> vmassol,: could you close please ? It seems I don't have the rights.
17:27 <vmassol> sburjan: I can, can you give me the url?
17:27 <sburjan> vmassol, they are there in the issue description
17:27 <vmassol> actually let me fix the permissions
17:28 <vmassol> you can close XINFRA sorin
17:28 <vmassol> user: sorinello
17:29 <sburjan> vincent: I still don't have the close button
17:29 <vmassol> you're logged with sorinello?
17:29 <sburjan> yes
17:29 <vmassol> then I don't understand
17:29 <vmassol> it clearly says you have the right
17:30 <sburjan> I can send you a screenshot to prove it ;)
17:31 <vmassol> can you try again?
17:32 <sburjan> I have it now ! thanks
17:32 <vmassol> ok strange
17:32 <vmassol> I gave you the resolved permission
17:32 <vmassol> you already had the close one
17:33 <sburjan> odd
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