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10:01 <mflorea> vmassol: no BFD announcement. I can handle it if you're busy
10:01 <vmassol> ah indeed I forgot …… (blush)
10:02 <mflorea> :)
10:02 <vmassol> mflorea: if you can do it that would be great thanks! :)
10:02 <mflorea> sure, np
10:17 <mflorea> [all] Today is BFD#30. We need to close 16 bugs to have more bugs closed than opened for the past 1300 days. Let's do this!
10:18 <vmassol> 16 that's doable
10:19 <vmassol> although not easy, at least we can make a good dent in it
10:21 <vmassol> I had planned to fix XWIKI-9376 but I'll push that to Friday then
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10:33 <camil7> I have posted a comment to XWIKI-8638 which might (or might not) be helpful
10:33 <camil7> but if it is, if might even be implemented in today's BFD
10:34 <vmassol> thanks camil7. I'm working on ATM
10:35 <camil7> well, yes, that sounds propably more important
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10:37 <gdelhumeau> Hi
10:37 <gdelhumeau> I'm trying to create a new maven moduel called xwiki-enterpreise-workspace-ui
10:37 <gdelhumeau> I have successfully compiled it
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10:38 <gdelhumeau> Now I try to add it as a dependency of xwiki-entreprise-ui (as a test) but when I try to compile xwiki-entreprise, it fails
10:39 <gdelhumeau> because maven tries to get xwiki-enterprise-workspace-ui on Nexus instead of using my computer's one
10:39 <gdelhumeau> Any idea?
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10:41 <camil7> gdelhumeau: has the xwiki-entreprise-ui.pom arriven in you ~/.m2/repository ?  What happens if you use the '-o' (for offline) switch?
10:44 <gdelhumeau> camil7: yes it is: ~/.m2/repository/org/xwiki/enterprise/xwiki-enterprise-workspace-ui/5.2-SNAPSHOT/xwiki-enterprise-workspace-ui-5.2-SNAPSHOT.xar
10:45 <gdelhumeau> but: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project xwiki-enterprise-ui: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.xwiki.enterprise:xwiki-enterprise-ui:xar:5.2-SNAPSHOT: The repository system is offline but the artifact org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-enterprise-workspace-ui:xar:5.2-SNAPSHOT is not available in the local repository. -> [Help 1]
10:45 <gdelhumeau> with the -o option
10:45 <gdelhumeau> ooo!
10:46 <gdelhumeau> it should not be org.xwiki.platform
10:49 <gdelhumeau> ok: problem solved, it was a bad archetype name
10:49 <gdelhumeau> sorry for the noise
10:49 <camil7> glad to hear it is solved :)
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11:13 <gdelhumeau> I am building xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb now
11:13 <gdelhumeau> And it fails when it tries to import a XAR
11:13 <gdelhumeau> actually the XAR has no content, only a package.xml with no <file> in it
11:14 <gdelhumeau> could it be the cause of the fail?
11:14 <gdelhumeau> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin:5.2-SNAPSHOT:import (default) on project xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb: Failed to import XAR dependencies: Error number 0 in 3: Failed to import XAR with code [0] -> [Help 1]
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11:49 <jvipa5g> Some uses wiki xwiki as standalone?
12:09 <camil7> jvipa5g: what do you mean with "standalone" ?
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12:24 <vmassol> hmm I don't get it
12:24 <vmassol> my commit contains only half of my changes
12:24 <vmassol> but locally the other half is committed too
12:29 <vmassol> oh
12:29 <vmassol> tmortagne: where is xwiki-rendering-xwiki?
12:29 <vmassol> argh
12:29 <vmassol> sorry my bad
12:29 <vmassol> it's in platform
12:29 <vmassol> :)
12:33 <gdelhumeau> Pull request for the BFD:
12:43 <gdelhumeau> vmassol: I have added the comment in the code
12:43 <vmassol> I'm reading
12:43 <vmassol> not finding the paragrpah though
12:44 <gdelhumeau> I think it is:        fragment    = *( pchar / "/" / "?" )
12:44 <vmassol> i don't see this in section 3.5
12:45 <vmassol> ah sorry
12:45 <vmassol> seen it
12:45 <vmassol> reading
12:45 <gdelhumeau> msmeria: can you confirm?
12:45 <vmassol> pchar         = unreserved / pct-encoded / sub-delims / ":" / "@"
12:45 <vmassol> pct-encoded is encodig
12:45 <vmassol> so I don't understand
12:46 <vmassol> where you saw it shouldn't be encoded
12:46 <vmassol> for me it's the opposite
12:47 <vmassol> it should be encoded
12:47 <gdelhumeau> there is unreserved first
12:47 <vmassol> yes
12:47 <vmassol> but check whta it means
12:48 <vmassol> for example take the example of space
12:48 <vmassol> ie " "
12:49 <vmassol> I don't " " matching unreserved
12:49 <vmassol> *see
12:49 <vmassol> alpha is: A-Z0-9
12:56 <vmassol> maybe they use the word "fragment" not as #
12:58 <gdelhumeau> your link does not talk about anchors, but it says "The reserved characters are different for each part"
12:58 <vmassol> another ref:
12:58 <gdelhumeau> so we need to find a reference that talk about reserved charaters for the anchor part
13:00 <vmassol> ah here:
13:00 <vmassol> We’re finally at the end of the URL. If present, the fragment generally identifies anchors on the page in question, though in recent years it’s been used for all sorts of Web2.0 navigation trickery. This is a good reason to ensure that any hashes in the query string are properly escaped, lest they trick the browser into parsing the remainder of the URL as a fragment.
13:00 <vmassol> Fragments are subject to the same restrictions as a plain query string.
13:00 <vmassol> the last line
13:00 <vmassol> suggest that it should be encoded
13:01 <vmassol> and indeed
13:01 <vmassol> query       = *( pchar / "/" / "?" )
13:01 <vmassol> which is exactly the same
13:01 <vmassol> and we know the query has to be encoded
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13:01 <vmassol> so I'd say the fragment part must be encoded too
13:02 <gdelhumeau> msmeria: what do you think?
13:03 <msmeria> gdelhumeau: hi
13:03 <msmeria> let me read a little
13:03 <msmeria> I was at lunch
13:06 <vmassol> its mforea not msmeria....
13:06 <vmassol> (gdelhumeau)
13:06 <msmeria> :D
13:06 <gdelhumeau> oooooooh I'm so sorry
13:06 <msmeria> no problem :)
13:07 <gdelhumeau> vmassol: I guess you are right. But we still have a problem on XWIKI-9302: why the '#' character has been escaped and why the "?" is there?
13:08 <vmassol> the # shouldn't be escaped for sure
13:08 <vmassol> but it's not escaped by the code you modified
13:09 <vmassol> newpath.append("#");
13:09 <gdelhumeau> yess
13:09 <gdelhumeau> indeed
13:09 <vmassol> so you "fixed" the wrong thing ;)
13:13 <gdelhumeau> Ok, I have reverted my "fix", now I have /xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/DeletedDocuments#%7Ct%3DdocumentsTrash%26ddoc.fullName%3DAdmin
13:13 <gdelhumeau> it is not the same as the JIRA issue
13:14 <gdelhumeau> But I reproduce the fact that the livetable is not able to parse the encoded URL on Chromium
13:14 <gdelhumeau> but it does with Firefox, because firefox unencode the URL when I click on the link
13:17 <gdelhumeau> so the bug might be "unable to do a livetable link with parameters in the fragment using the wiki syntax (at least for chrome & IE)"
13:25 <gdelhumeau> eat
13:25 <vmassol> bon app
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14:39 <gdelhumeau> back
14:52 <gdelhumeau> I have the confirmation, xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb built with a XAR which is not empty
14:58 <gdelhumeau> So if I make a XAR which XAR dependencies but without its own content, xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb fails to build because the XAR is empty
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15:10 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: checking
15:11 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: what was the error trace ?
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15:13 <tmortagne> do you have a package.xml in your xar ?
15:14 <vmassol> guys, I'm proposing to close as won't fix since it's a jetty9 issue, ok for you?
15:14 <gdelhumeau> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin:5.2-SNAPSHOT:import (default) on project xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb: Failed to import XAR dependencies: Error number 0 in 3: Failed to import XAR with code [0] -> [Help 1]
15:14 <gdelhumeau> org.apache.maven.lifecycle.LifecycleExecutionException: Failed to execute goal org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin:5.2-SNAPSHOT:import (default) on project xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb: Failed to import XAR dependencies
15:14 <gdelhumeau> at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.MojoExecutor.execute(
15:14 <gdelhumeau> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin:5.2-SNAPSHOT:import (default) on project xwiki-enterprise-data-hsqldb: Failed to import XAR dependencies: Error number 0 in 3: Failed to import XAR with code [0] -> [Help 1]
15:14 <gdelhumeau> at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.MojoExecutor.execute(
15:15 <vmassol> ok closing
15:15 <vmassol> :)
15:15 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: yes I have a package.xml
15:16 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: I'll repost the stack trace on pastebin
15:16 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne:
15:17 <vmassol> we're at 6 bugs so far, need 10 more
15:18 <vmassol> 11 precisely
15:18 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: will try to reproduce and debug that, it's probably not much
15:18 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: and package.xml inside the XAR:
15:19 <vmassol> 10 now ;)
15:19 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau:  as far as I understand the packager XWiki plugin simple return an error if there is nothing to install
15:19 <tmortagne> will out a test before using it
15:19 <tmortagne> s/out/put/
15:20 <tmortagne> maybe a warning when the xar is empty
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15:28 <tmortagne> tmortagne: I think I fixed the issue, need to test it now
15:28 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau:
15:28 <tmortagne> starting to talk to myself...
15:29 <tmortagne> did you created a jira issue for it ?
15:29 <gdelhumeau> no
15:32 <tmortagne> committing
15:34 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: should be ok now
15:36 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: thx !
15:37 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: create a Jira issue so that will be counted in the BFD ^^
15:37 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: I did
15:40 <vmassol> it won't really help the BFD though (+1 ?1 = 0) ;)
15:41 <vmassol> I'd like to close as cannot reproduce, wdyt?
15:41 <vmassol> (see my comment)
15:41 <vmassol> I don't see anything wrong
15:44 <vmassol> ok closing
15:44 <vmassol> it can always be reopened if need be
15:44 <tmortagne> vmassol: I looked at the code when the guy created the issue and I could not see anything wrong either, the macro properly take into account the block syntax
15:45 <vmassol> yep
15:45 <vmassol> maybe we fixed this after 4.3
15:45 <gdelhumeau> thx tmortagne, it works now
15:45 <tmortagne> vmassol: I doubt we touched this macro in a while
15:45 <vmassol> not the macro but the content parser
15:45 <vmassol> checking quickly
15:46 <vmassol> yep I changed somrhing
15:46 <vmassol> in rev 9569e18
15:46 <vmassol> I'll comment
15:48 <vmassol> hmm 27/8/2012 that's 4.2M3
15:48 <vmassol> anyway....
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16:05 <vmassol> tmortagne: I'd like to go on with: "[Proposal] Add new API to ModelConfiguration to get the default syntax"
16:05 <vmassol> (in order to fix
16:05 <vmassol> I've just replied to sergiu
16:05 <vmassol> you voted ?0 on that
16:05 <vmassol> could you check my last answer and see if it helps?
16:10 <vmassol> sdumitriu: wdyt?
16:10 <sdumitriu> Where should I look?
16:10 <vmassol> it's a bit important since it's going to break an api
16:11 <vmassol> my last mail
16:11 <vmassol> about "[Proposal] Add new API to ModelConfiguration to get the default syntax"
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16:11 <vmassol> I'd like to fix XWIKI-9074 but I need this first
16:11 <sdumitriu> Right, Thunderbird needs a restart
16:11 <tmortagne> vmassol: my -0 was not about having the concept of syntax in the model but about asking the model to know what is the default syntax when creating a new document
16:12 <vmassol> I see
16:12 <vmassol> well when you create some new content
16:12 <vmassol> it has to be in a syntax
16:12 <vmassol> this is before rendering
16:13 <vmassol> it could be in a module before the model
16:13 <vmassol> (in the request flow)
16:14 <vmassol> maybe we're currently missing that module (we talked about it in the past)
16:14 <vmassol> ok let me check if I can do some tricks to not require this ATM
16:16 <tmortagne> maybe another idea would be to allow to put in the configuration the default value for any document field, and then later maybe add another layer to this specific to the default syntax in general (that could make sense for other use case that a new document)
16:17 <tmortagne> it allows you to set a default syntax for a new document in configuration but does not require any new method in ModelConfiguration
16:18 <tmortagne> except a generic map for the default document fields
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16:39 <gdelhumeau> pb while building :
16:46 <vmassol> antonio pushing for webjars in jboss too: ;)
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17:24 <vmassol> hmm it seems that jodconverter cannot start libreoffice 4.1 anymore at least on mac
17:24 <vmassol> the eecutable has changed location apparently
17:28 <vmassol> I should be able to patch this easily though… need to find where we've put our sources...
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17:33 <gdelhumeau> Instead of renaming XWIKI-7418, I have created XWIKI-9379
17:33 <gdelhumeau> I thought it was more clear
17:36 <vmassol> mflorea: I see we're using a patched version of jodconverter
17:36 <vmassol> do you know where are our sources?
17:40 <vmassol> if we haven't done it we should fork  in the xwiki organization IMO and apply our changes there, wdyt? But we need to find our patches first
17:40 <vmassol> ah I know
17:40 <vmassol> in our maven repo probably, hcecking
17:41 <vmassol> yep
17:41 <vmassol> so guys, are you ok to fork  in the xwiki organization and I'll apply our changes there?
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17:42 <vmassol> sending email
17:44 <vmassol> mail sent
17:44 <vmassol> if you could give me a quick idea if you agree that'll help me and I could start the work now
17:44 <vmassol> :)
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17:48 <vmassol> pulease… :)
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18:10 <vmassol> mflorea: ping
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18:18 <vmassol> sdumitriu: ping
18:29 <vmassol> sdumitriu: you there?
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19:03 <sdumitriu1> vmassol: Pong
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19:07 <vmassol> sdumitriu: you replied to most of my questions by email actually :)
19:08 <sdumitriu1> K
19:09 <vmassol> I'm a bit stuck on LO 4.1 ATM
19:09 <vmassol> I can commit my changes though
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19:11 <gdelhumeau_> I'm going on holidays guys
19:12 <gdelhumeau_> have fun with my pull requests ^^
19:12 <mflorea> vmassol: I'm ok with forking jodconverter, but we need to apply all patches from Sergiu's  fork
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19:13 <vmassol> mflorea: it's done
19:13 <mflorea> ok
19:13 <vmassol> committed my changes sdumitriu, settings github services hooks now
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