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<herlo> seems like xwiki wants my database name to be lowercase. Is there any truth to this?
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14:56 <cjd> ok so I'm trying to release a maven project
14:56 <cjd> (extension)
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15:23 <gdelhumeau> Hi guys
15:23 <gdelhumeau> question: if a user is Admin of the main wiki, is he automatically admin on subwikis as well?
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15:41 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: I think it depends on how rights are defined on the subwiki
15:41 <sburjan> guys, do we send e-mails for pull requests made on contrib ?
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15:43 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: AFAIK yes
15:43 <vmassol> yes you're right
15:43 <vmassol> just tested
15:44 <tmortagne> admin right is inherited on subwikis
15:44 <tmortagne> always been like this but I think since 5.0 and the new right system everything is inherited, right Denis ?
15:56 <cjd> tmortagne: is there a way to <exclude> a transient dependency in an extension?
15:57 <tmortagne> cjd: <exclude> is not supported by Extension Manager no
15:57 <tmortagne> (i.e. it's not taken into account)
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15:58 <cjd> hmm I have a websocket app which pulls in nettosphere which pulls in netty and collides with the version of netty in xwiki
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15:59 <tmortagne> it's not the same id than the one in XWiki or do you require a version more recent than what is currently in the core extensions ?
16:00 <cjd> it's a more recent version
16:00 <tmortagne> and it would not work with a older version ?
16:00 <cjd> I'd be ok with trying to see if the older version works, I just need to figure out how to exclude the newer version
16:00 <tmortagne> I mean with the version in XWiki
16:00 <cjd> just a matter of figuring out how to make an exclude work in the EM
16:00 <tmortagne> you don't need to exclude
16:01 <tmortagne> just need to change the version you require
16:01 <tmortagne> you can do that using a dependencyManagement
16:01 <cjd> I require nettosphere and nettosphere requires netty
16:01 <tmortagne> like we have in commons root pom
16:01 <cjd> ok, so if I require netty directly using dependencyManagement, it will cause nettosphere to use the correct version?
16:02 <tmortagne> when you declare something in dependencyManagement it applies to all your dependencies and their dependencies etc
16:02 <cjd> and EM is able to work with this?
16:02 <tmortagne> yes
16:02 <cjd> hmm
16:02 <tmortagne> hmm need to check something
16:03 <tmortagne> it supports it but maybe not in all cases
16:03 <cjd> can I create an object with dependencyManagement on or do I have to release it to a mvn repo and then create a faux extension which pulls it in as a dependency?
16:04 <tmortagne> EM supports it but does not
16:04 <tmortagne> it's only suported by maven repository handler
16:05 <cjd> ok so basically I'm going to have to publish it somewhere in some maven repo ( and then create a fake extension on which depends on it
16:05 <cjd> in order to get the functionality
16:05 <tmortagne> (there is no such concept in generic extension manager model, it's a "hack" in maven handler)
16:05 <tmortagne> don't you have several jars already ?
16:06 <tmortagne> the dependency on netty is on the root one ?
16:06 <cjd> erm
16:07 <tmortagne> the alternative is to upgrade netty on XWiki and say that you require 5.4, unless netty upgrade is dangerous
16:07 <cjd> I depend on nettosphere and every somewhat recent version of nettosphere depends on a newer version of netty than xwiki has
16:07 <cjd> or shade, move-dependencies, build a fat jar then go hit the shower
16:08 <tmortagne> sure the last resort is to deploy your own nettosphere pom.xml with a different version or id
16:08 <cjd> which seems to be the most likely way of reaching my goal by the end of the week
16:08 <tmortagne> it's the quickest
16:08 <cjd> IMO we should review how the extension development process is for a new developer
16:08 <tmortagne> now it all depend if nettosphere works with XWiki's netty version
16:09 <cjd> /nod
16:09 <tmortagne> if nettosphere declared this dependency there is maybe a reason
16:10 <cjd> I'm going to try the fat jar method just because it seems like the fastest way to somethign that works and every solution has significant risk of roadblock so I'm interested in fast
16:10 <tmortagne> you mean shade right ?
16:10 <tmortagne> since with a simple fatjar you might have conflicts
16:11 <cjd> yes, shading
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16:25 <tmortagne> Denis: are you around ?
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17:31 <vmassol> mflorea: hi, seems there are some build test errors with the search page:
17:33 <mflorea> vmassol: work in progress, going to be fixed until the release
17:33 <vmassol> ok thanks
17:34 <vmassol> until = before? :)
17:34 <vmassol> wondering why we have issues on XWiki.Admin too....
17:39 <vmassol> ok found why, gdelhumeau is on it
17:41 <cjd> <-- this is kind of neat
17:41 <cjd> ``The OSUSL systems ( are a shared resource, but still pretty impressive considering you can get a free account
17:42 <cjd> For example, the machine is a 32core POWER7 at 3.5GHz.''
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