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03:22 <ansuz> hola cjd
03:22 <cjd> hey ansuz
03:22 <cjd> sdumitriu1: around?
03:23 <cjd> just thought I'd introduce you guys since ansuz is attending uTorr (and setting up a cjdns network there) and you're working there (if my memory is correct)
03:23 <ansuz> ohhhh
03:24 <ansuz> I read uTorr as uTorrent
03:24 <ansuz> not utoronto
03:24 <ansuz> lol
03:24 <cjd> right sory
03:25 <ansuz> thanks for the intro, hi sdumitriul
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08:25 <ClemensR> tmortagne: ah, 5.4rc1 is out:) but release notes link has a '5' missing ;)
08:26 <tmortagne> crap, in the mail ?
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08:27 <tmortagne> ClemensR: fixed thanks
08:32 <vmassol> tmortagne: good morning
08:33 <vmassol> I think the updated translations is missing from
08:33 <vmassol> and we need to ping manuel and sorin for filling the test section
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08:35 <vmassol> tmortagne: you didn't mention the reason for the breakage as we do usually
08:35 <tmortagne> vmassol: right, I forgot to update translation list, fixed
08:35 <vmassol> (the clirr section)
08:35 <vmassol> thanks
08:35 <vmassol> young api?
08:36 <tmortagne> there is no specific reason, just work in progress
08:36 <vmassol> btw we need to start reviewing all our @Unstable, sending mail
08:36 <vmassol> there's always a reason
08:37 <vmassol> since we don't break API by default
08:37 <vmassol> what was written in the pom.xml?
08:37 <tmortagne> nothing
08:37 <vmassol> that's bad then :)
08:38 <vmassol> that's why we have CLIRR for….
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08:38 <tmortagne> wikistream was still experimental
08:38 <tmortagne> there is only wikistream APIs in the list
08:38 <vmassol> then make sure you have @unstable and write "young API stabilizatnio". That's a reason
08:38 <vmassol> there's the filter too
08:38 <vmassol> no?
08:39 <tmortagne> filter ?
08:39 <vmassol> I see :
08:39 <vmassol> org.xwiki.filter.FilterEventParameters
08:39 <vmassol> ah no
08:39 <vmassol> it's just bad formatting
08:39 <vmassol> fixing
08:40 <tmortagne> I don't see have any bad formatting
08:40 <vmassol> check now, it should be easier to read
08:40 <tmortagne> again I don't have the issue you had
08:40 <tmortagne> it was one single line for me
08:41 <vmassol> ah
08:41 <vmassol> strange
08:41 <tmortagne> like it's supposed to with code macro
08:41 <tmortagne> s/to/with/
08:41 <vmassol> it was on 2 for me
08:41 <vmassol> and my screen is wide
08:41 <tmortagne> sounds like skin bug
08:41 <vmassol> yes we should ping caty
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08:42 <ClemensR> maybe the formatting issue is browser dependent?
08:42 <tmortagne> here is what is supposed to happen when the line is too long:
08:43 <tmortagne> I don't think it's browser dependent
08:43 <tmortagne> I get proper result with FF and chrome on and vmassol is using chrome
08:45 <vmassol> yes I'm pretty sure it has to do with the skin overwrite done by caty
08:46 <vmassol> btw guys, I'm off this morning (holidays) :)
08:46 <vmassol> and this afternoon I'm leaving early to travel to FOSDEM
08:47 <vmassol> verdict?
08:47 <ClemensR> oh, yes, this stuff is unlikely to be a browser issue
08:47 <tmortagne>
08:47 <vmassol> ok thx
09:17 <tmortagne> vmassol: looks like you forgot to finish with 5.2.3 on ;)
09:21 <tmortagne> vmassol: should I finish it ?
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09:30 <vmassol> tmortagne: ah yes I forgot
09:30 <vmassol> yes please!
09:30 <vmassol> :)
09:30 <vmassol> thanks
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09:37 <tmortagne> vmassol: looks like I don't have the right to do it, it failed
09:38 <tmortagne> the close failed
09:38 <vmassol> trying
09:38 <tmortagne> hmm there is also a real error it seems "Missing MD5: '/org/xwiki/rendering/xwiki-rendering-syntax-docbook/5.2.3/xwiki-rendering-syntax-docbook-5.2.3.jar.md5'"
09:51 <vmassol> tmortagne: I'll drop 5.2.3 on sonatype and restart
09:51 <tmortagne> ok
09:52 <vmassol> ahah "You must release with Java 6!"
09:52 <vmassol> nice catch
09:52 <vmassol> ;)
09:52 <vmassol> for commons....
09:52 <vmassol> grrr
09:53 <vmassol> would you mind doing a:
09:53 <vmassol> mvn clean deploy -Prelease,legacy,standalone,integration-tests -DaltDeploymentRepository=sonatype-nexus-staging::default:: -DskipTests
09:53 <vmassol> on xwiki-commons-5.2.3
09:53 <vmassol> ?
09:53 <vmassol> :)
09:57 <tmortagne> ok lets do it
09:58 <vmassol> thanks
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10:08 <DarkKnightCZ> tmortagne: hi, i was looking into the "flush cache" feature yesterday and i thought of two possibilities... first is simply reusing what XWikiDocument.getRenderedContent does (if renderedContent is null), but this can't be used inside scripting (context gets nulled), so the second one is modifying also the rendering cache ( ), this works, but i'm not entirely s
10:10 <tmortagne> DarkKnightCZ: I taught you wanted to remove just one document and not clean the whole cache
10:12 <tmortagne> ideally I guess what we really need is a way for a document to indicate that it depends on another and when removing a document from the cache also remove its backward dependencies but that's a big thing
10:16 <DarkKnightCZ> oh, right, missed that :) yep, but i guess that would be counterproductive if cache is disabled (way to many references between documents)...  well, there is another possibility, having the indicator in XWikiDocument and on every getRenderedContent check if that document has this indicator ( context.getWiki().getDocument(documentReference, context) )
10:17 <DarkKnightCZ> *RenderingCache.getRenderedContent
10:22 <tmortagne> even without cache it's useful informations when you edit a page
10:23 <tmortagne> you know that part of it might actually come from other pages etc
10:24 <tmortagne> right now you can be a bit lost, for example in the new sheet system we don't have an include to the sheet anymore so no include link listed on the right
10:28 <DarkKnightCZ> yep... but for it to be 100% accurate, it would require connection to every possible "document retrieval" method, wouldn't it? (macros, getdocument methods, etc.)
10:29 <tmortagne> as accurate as possible is still better than nothing :)
10:30 <tmortagne> and what I have in main is allow to do it explicitly in case it's too complex for automated ways
10:31 <tmortagne> for example putting an object in AllDocs indicating that it depends on well all docs :) That way if any document is modified AllDocs rendering cache would be invalidated
10:32 <DarkKnightCZ> i agree :) but i can think of two possibilities here - 1) document checks if someone is using him (would require to parse every document) - unaccurate (if its triggered on change) / too slow (on every view), 2) document check what uses (parse content and discover documents, checks their status, etc.), this could be done on update, but what about dynamic loading? (queries and such) -> so this also has to be done on every view
10:33 <DarkKnightCZ> and if wiki doesn't have caching, its another slowing down (and still no way to flush cache programmatically)
10:35 <tmortagne> as long as anyone can indicate explicit link we can do the automated once that are not an issue for performances when we find ways to do it
10:35 <tmortagne> the automated links would be bonuses
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10:44 <DarkKnightCZ> binding for macros and static content should be doable, xwikidocument could have timestamp property indicating cache time and list of document to monitor and on every rendering it would check if any of those documents has newer timestamp (in that case it wouldn't require scanning for documents on every view, only on edit)
10:55 <DarkKnightCZ> tmortagne: well, this should do the on-demand flushing - (tested on 5.4), i'm just not sure if this is the best way to obtain XWikiDocument
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11:08 <msmeria> vmassol: hello
11:08 <msmeria> can you tell me the exact steps you did for XWIKI-9955 ?
11:10 <msmeria> when I tried to migrate from 4.5.4 to 5.4rc1 I first clicked Continue and then Later and I was able to reproduce the bug
11:10 <msmeria> If I click Later at the beginning I get Main.WebHome with the old UI
11:12 <tmortagne> msmeria: I don't see how you could have the exact same thing you should have a new text saying "No document were modified during this Distribution Wizard."
11:13 <tmortagne> hmm wait
11:13 <msmeria> tmortagne: I know. I looked at your commit. but yet I could reproduce it
11:13 <tmortagne> maybe in all cases actually
11:13 <tmortagne> *not in
11:21 <msmeria> tmortagne: so just in the case of an actual upgrade with no actual changes ? I don't even know if that's possible
11:21 <tmortagne> msmeria: yes this is in case DW does nothing so an upgrade with no change (never knows...)
11:22 <tmortagne> this time it's in the right place
11:24 <msmeria> tmortagne: ok. I'll test it on the next snapshot
11:25 <tmortagne> msmeria: thanks
11:29 <DarkKnightCZ> how to get space name of xwikidocument? (since getSpace() is deprecated)
11:30 <tmortagne> DarkKnightCZ: you get it from the document reference
11:30 <tmortagne> basically everything provided by the reference has been deprecated
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11:31 <DarkKnightCZ> so doc.getDocumentReference().getParent().toString()?
11:33 <tmortagne> either getParent() or getLastSpaceReference() but getName() instead of toString()
11:34 <DarkKnightCZ> yep, thanks
11:34 <tmortagne> toString() gives you the complete serialized reference
11:34 <tmortagne> not the element name
11:35 <tmortagne> (unless you don't have any parent but in general it's better to not use toString() which is not really part of the API and more a debug helper)
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13:11 <msmeria> tmortagne: it seems XWIKI-9932 isn't fixed on 5.4rc1: I get "Error while preparing importing" when trying to import a XAR
13:23 <tmortagne> msmeria: you get that error where ?
13:24 <tmortagne> what was the issue in XWIKI-9932 is definitely fixed
13:24 <tmortagne> there was no error
13:24 <tmortagne> i was just not doing anything
13:28 <tmortagne> evalica: Hi
13:28 <tmortagne> could you look at XINFRA-140 ?
13:28 <tmortagne> seems to be an issue in skin with "code" class
13:29 <msmeria> tmortagne: I get that error on the Import page in the Administration
13:29 <msmeria> after I click Import
13:29 <tmortagne> what XAR did you use ?
13:29 <msmeria> it goes for a few seconds and then there's the error
13:29 <msmeria> I used org.xwiki.contrib-application-meeting-1.2.1.xar and xwiki-enterprise-ui-mainwiki-all-5.4-rc-1.xar
13:30 <evalica> tmortagne: k
13:30 <msmeria> I got the error for both
13:31 <evalica> tmortagne: can you give me an example of page that uses the code macro?
13:32 <tmortagne> evalica: at the end
13:34 <tmortagne> evalica: for how its supposed to behave
13:35 <tmortagne> msmeria: right ?
13:36 <tmortagne> this is weird that's the one I used after fixing XWIKI-9932
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13:39 <msmeria> tmortagne: yes, the same one
13:39 <tmortagne> it was working well for me, looks like something else broken it after that
13:40 <msmeria> I don't think the XAR is at fault though, since it also doesn't work with the UI XAR
13:40 <tmortagne> trying to reproduce
13:40 <tmortagne> (when Eclipse will want to work)
13:41 <tmortagne> msmeria: I doubt the issue come from the XAR since it used to work
13:41 <tmortagne> evalica: thanks
13:42 <tmortagne> evalica: hmm code is not the same thing
13:43 <tmortagne> s/code/box/
13:43 <evalica> what do you mean?
13:43 <evalica> the macro generates both classes,right? box > code
13:44 <tmortagne> the macro yes because the macro want both but code class should always have this behavior I think no matter if it's used with box or not
13:49 <tmortagne> msmeria: I don't understand, I don't get any error
13:49 <tmortagne> testing on master but there is no real difference with 5.4 yet
13:50 <tmortagne> you don't have anything else than this error ? some stack trace or anything that would give a bit more infirmations
13:50 <tmortagne> I will try to reproduce with 5.4RC1 specifically
13:52 <msmeria> tmortagne: I don't remember anything in the console. I'll retest again
13:53 <tmortagne> maybe in the log ?
13:56 <tmortagne> msmeria: I get no error on jetty/hsqldb 5.4RC1
13:56 <tmortagne> (on 6.0-SNAPSHOT I was testing on tomcat/mysql)
13:57 <tmortagne> ha no wait
13:57 <tmortagne> ok I see what you mean
13:57 <msmeria> tmortagne: I just retested this on 54rc1: I got nothing in the console and "Importing xwiki-enterprise-ui-mainwiki-all-5.4-rc-1.xar: Error while preparing importing0 Document(s) installed0 Document(s) skipped0 Document(s) with error" on the page
13:57 <tmortagne> this is not really an error
13:57 <tmortagne> the document are actually imported
13:57 <tmortagne> you can check
13:58 <msmeria> so the message is wrong ?
13:58 <msmeria> for ex. "0 Document(s) installed"
13:58 <tmortagne> you get that message because the UI is looking at old packager for imported document and can't find any
13:58 <tmortagne> the refactoring is not complete yet
13:58 <tmortagne> that's what it's not by default
13:58 <msmeria> I see
13:59 <tmortagne> see for the list of known limitations
13:59 <tmortagne> in this case it's "the report is directly gathered from PackageAPI"
14:00 <msmeria> yep. got it. thanks for the clarification
14:00 <tmortagne> since it was in blue I did not even seen its was written as an error
14:01 <tmortagne> evalica: the concept of bundled extension does not really exist in XWiki Repository, it's a customization
14:02 <tmortagne> it does not really make sense at generic repository application level
14:02 <evalica> the repository Application equals 'Repository' component?
14:02 <tmortagne> isn't what you were targeting ?
14:03 <tmortagne> Repository application is one part of 'Repository' component, it's the UI
14:03 <evalica> yes it was … that's why I don't understand … actually I will install it locally and see if it has the Bundled field
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14:03 <evalica> to see it it's generic of related
14:04 <evalica> *if
14:04 <tmortagne> evalica: it does not
14:04 <tmortagne> this field is defined in
14:04 <tmortagne> Repository application allow to plug other fields
14:05 <evalica> k - so this means the issue needs to be moved from Platform to Infra on component
14:05 <tmortagne> contains a few customizations
14:05 <evalica> k - didn't knew that - thanks
14:05 <tmortagne> could be rewritten as allowing to configure the field to show in the livetable at platform level
14:06 <tmortagne> and then add bundled field when in e.x.o.
14:07 <tmortagne> anyway without changing the title the right place is component on INFRA
14:08 <evalica> thanks Thomas
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14:46 <DarkKnightCZ> what does  "groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: Frequency" represent?
14:47 <DarkKnightCZ> oh, found it
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15:54 <DarkKnightCZ> "on failure the error message is stored in XWiki context" means what exactly? (
16:01 <woshilapin> DarkKnightCZ: Did you tried to get an error message using '$xcontext.getMessage()'?
16:03 <woshilapin>!/com/xpn/xwiki/api/Context.html#getMessage%28%29
16:06 <DarkKnightCZ> woshilapin: nope, thanks
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16:16 <sdumitriu1> ansuz: Hi
16:17 <sdumitriu1> Sorry, was away last night
16:29 <ansuz> hi sdumitriul
16:29 <ansuz> cjd tells me you work at uoft?
16:31 <ansuz> I'm a member of CASA, (the Cognitive science & Artificial intelligence Student's Association)
16:34 <sdumitriu1> ansuz: Not officially anymore, I'm working with Mike Brudno (prof) at SickKids
16:35 <ansuz> oh, neat
16:36 <ansuz> computational medicine? like protein folding?
16:36 <sdumitriu1> Higher level
16:36 <sdumitriu1>
16:37 <ansuz> very interesting
16:37 <ansuz> I'm in my first year of my undergrad, but I'm a mature student, and they've waived a lot of my prereqs because of previous experience
16:38 <sdumitriu1> Looking for an internship/job?
16:38 <ansuz> I was planning on taking BCB420 this term, except it conflicted with CSC324 (principles of programming languages)
16:38 <ansuz> umm, maybe? haha
16:39 <ansuz> cjd said I should meet you cause I'm setting up a cjdns node on campus (UC)
16:40 <sdumitriu1> I wonder if that's allowed...
16:41 <ansuz> it's in the CASA office (UCF301), and they have their own network
16:41 <sdumitriu1> Most institutions are afraid of having a "proxy" on their network
16:42 <sdumitriu1> Oh, so it's not an official UofT network
16:42 <ansuz> right
16:43 <ansuz> at this point I'm just introducing other people to the idea
16:44 <ansuz> it's rare that anyone has ever had to work with ipv6 at this point
16:44 <sdumitriu1> Tell them it's been featured in the news
16:44 <sdumitriu1> Yeah, IPv6 adoption is so slow
16:44 <ansuz> mhm, and banned in Russia now
16:45 <ansuz> (, not ipv6)
16:45 <ansuz> do you operate a node, then?
16:46 <sdumitriu1> Nope
16:46 <ansuz> I guess there's not a lot of reasons to, just yet
16:48 <sdumitriu1> I didn't even try it out yet, but I've been monitoring the progress
16:49 <ansuz> I'm hoping to find an excuse to work on it as a school project, algo-analysis or something
16:50 <ansuz> much more interesting than merge sort
16:50 <sdumitriu1> Oh yeah, first year algorithms...
16:50 <ansuz> yea, 324 is actually my first CSC course
16:50 <sdumitriu1> Let's learn all the stuff that nobody has to implement since all programming languages provide one method for that
16:50 <ansuz> it's depressing how little the 3rd years know
16:51 <ansuz> 'whats a command line?'
16:52 <sdumitriu1> That's fine, most "experienced" developers don't even know that
16:53 <ansuz> I spent the summer on hyperboria, so I guess I'm a little spoiled in terms of hacker culture
16:53 <ansuz> I'm guessing you work with a lot of stats, do you know a Dr Paul Corey? Bio-statistics at Dalla Lana..
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17:15 <ansuz> I'd better get going, I told the CASA folks I'd have their server working properly by the end of the day.
17:15 <ansuz> you might catch me lurking around here now and then
17:15 <ansuz> nice meeting you
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