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08:31 <sbaloul2> Hi everyone
08:31 <sbaloul2> On jira, I can't assign any issues to me
08:31 <sbaloul2> it's seems that I don't have "assign permission"
08:32 <sbaloul2> my jira id is : sbaloul
08:35 <vmassol> hi sbaloul2
08:35 <vmassol> indeed that's normal, let me fix this
08:36 <sbaloul2> ok :)
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08:37 <vmassol> sbaloul2: could you try again?
08:37 <vmassol> (refresh)
08:40 <sbaloul2> I'm still not able to assign any issues to me
08:40 <vmassol> it should work
08:40 <vmassol> please logout and log in again or refresh
08:41 <sbaloul2> ok, I do
08:41 <vmassol> wait
08:41 <vmassol> which project?
08:41 <sbaloul2>
08:43 <vmassol> sbaloul2: I'll need to dig more since there's something I don't understand. Anyway it'll work now for XAFORUM
08:44 <sbaloul2> Yes, it appears the button assign :)
08:44 <sbaloul2> Thank you vmassol
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09:46 <spawn57> hi, for hql queries, what aother property types are there.  StringProperty, IntegerProperty...
09:47 <spawn57> is there a list somewhere.  I got a textArea is one of my Application within minutes apps..and i'm trying to query it using hsql, but I can't figure out if it's a StringProperty or IntegerProperty or another property
09:48 <sbaloul2> hi
09:48 <sbaloul2>
09:49 <sbaloul2> you can find out on the picture all availalbe properties there
09:50 <sbaloul2> look at the second column of the each table to find the class name used in the mapping
09:51 <sbaloul2> I hope this help
09:51 <sbaloul2> for textarea is LargeStringProperty
09:52 <spawn57> thanks, let me try that
09:52 <sbaloul2> you're welcome
09:54 <spawn57> sbaloul2, that works!
09:54 <spawn57> w00t
09:54 <sbaloul2> :)
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11:49 <Emenems> hello
11:49 <Emenems> on your website, link to "Playground" is broken
11:49 <Emenems> (no server name)
11:51 <Emenems> ( http://playground/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome )
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11:52 <sbaloul2> It's not this one :
11:52 <sbaloul2> ?
11:54 <Emenems> oh great
11:54 <Emenems> thanx sbaloul2 .
11:54 <vmassol> Emenems: where please?
11:54 <vmassol> where is the broken link?
11:55 <vmassol> found it
11:55 <vmassol> it's a generic problem of URLs apparently not just for playgorund
11:55 <vmassol> fixing
11:56 <vmassol> actually no it's only for playground, you're right
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11:59 <Emenems> vmassol, ok :)
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11:59 <Yam`> Hey !
11:59 <vmassol> Emenems: fixed, thanks!
11:59 <Yam`> I've got a question
12:00 <Emenems> de nada.
12:00 <Emenems> question : from the page "Basic concepts", i read "Pages located in the same space are displayed together in the navigation treeview". Where or what is the "navigation treeview" ?
12:02 <Emenems> and / or ... is it easy to integrate a "treeview" of pages, and a link like "add sub page". My users will need that.
12:02 <Yam`> I created an application with structuredinputs to reference projects (client, description, who worked on it, what technologies used...) and I want to sort these with arrays such as an array project/dev, an array project/techno etc. Is there something to do that in xwiki ?
12:03 <vmassol> Emenems: link please?
12:04 <vmassol> (must be outdated we used to have a Navigation panel)
12:05 <Emenems> vmassol,
12:05 <Emenems> vmassol, ok , if it's outdated, so i will dig into integration of a treeview :)
12:06 <vmassol> there are some options already
12:06 <vmassol> you should search on
12:06 <vmassol> also
12:06 <vmassol> have a look at:
12:06 <vmassol> !search Menu Application
12:06 <vmassol> (come on bot, don't fail on me!)
12:06 <vmassol> check the first link
12:06 <vmassol> (Menu Application)
12:10 <sbaloul2> but you have to be logged
12:11 <Emenems> oh
12:11 <Emenems> 1. nice bot :-)
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12:12 <Emenems> 2. vmassol ok, i see. interesting, but i was thinking about a tree of user created pages. More like the idea from sbaloul2 , but in a side panel.
12:12 <Emenems> 3. i found some "Document Tree Plugin"
12:12 <Emenems> I just need to understand that :)
12:13 <ClemensR> Yam`: most applications get a livetable of all entries of the application "autmatically created"  with them, does you have one, too ?
12:14 <vmassol> Emenems: the initial implementation we had was called Navigation Panel
12:14 <vmassol> actually it's still bundled in XE
12:14 <vmassol> but not active by default
12:14 <Yam`> ClemensR, I don't know, what are the applications "automatically created"?
12:14 <vmassol> we stopped putting it on by default because it doesn't scale with the # of pages
12:15 <vmassol> to scale you need something that loads page names dynamically when you expand a node
12:15 <vmassol> like our treeview on AllDocs page
12:15 <vmassol> in any case this is something we need to work on to provide a nice default navigation panel by default
12:15 <ClemensR> Yam`:  via AppWithMinutes, I mean, thats pretty automatically for me :)
12:15 <vmassol> we're missing this and everyone seem to want on
12:15 <vmassol> *one
12:17 <Yam`> ClemensR, I can add columns to a table but it's linear, there isn't the possibility to mix the column from all rows
12:17 <ClemensR> I just meant as the starting point
12:18 <Yam`> Another question before that, how can I setup a database list ?
12:18 <ClemensR> I understood you wanted to have one table for every department, or so
12:20 <Yam`> brb in ~10 minutes
12:22 <Emenems> vmassol, i have around 20 wikis up and running for 20 projects with students/people working in companies/people working in administration/etc. All communities NEED a Navigation Panel, otherwise they are literally LOST in a wiki. That's why i'm digging, because i would like to migrate all 20 (or more) to a new platform :-)
12:23 <ClemensR> I had some navigation panel lying around for a similar purpose, but it ended as a mess with 400 lines of code, and it still does not scale well
12:24 <Emenems> vmassol, ClemensR as a quick start, you said that "navigation panel" is still bundled, so i can at least try it in a new install ? what would be the "limit" of pages in your opinion ?
12:25 <ClemensR> yes it is there, you can find it in the panel wizard
12:25 <ClemensR> limit: about 500 maybe, for me
12:25 <Emenems> (i'm sorry, i'm like facing an emergency, i should set up a wiki for a demonstration before tomorrow :p )
12:26 <Emenems> ClemensR, great. It's enough for me. I can dig that later.
12:26 <ClemensR> it is in the Wiki Admin, look for "Look &Feel" > Panel Wizard
12:27 <vmassol> Emenems: I'm not sure a generic nav panel is good
12:27 <ClemensR> in the panel wizard open the "Navigation" section and drag and drop the "Navigation" panel to the left (or right) panel row
12:27 <ClemensR> for a demo it is hopefully sufficient
12:27 <vmassol> but a panel wheere you put the most important links is a good thing
12:27 <vmassol> and that's the Menu Application
12:28 <vmassol> (used as a panel)
12:28 <Emenems> vmassol, but the menu app is static, right ?
12:28 <vmassol> yes that's why it's good
12:28 <vmassol> generic never leads to good nav
12:28 <vmassol> it would require AI for that :)
12:28 <vmassol> for nav we already have the Index page
12:29 <vmassol> s/nav/generic nav
12:29 <vmassol> and the goto page feature
12:29 <vmassol> (ctrlg)
12:29 <vmassol> ctrl+g
12:29 <vmassol> (and search suggest)
12:30 <vmassol> and space index
12:31 <sbaloul2> There is a panel to display all documents of current space, maybe that helps too
12:31 <vmassol> can be used in a panel easily too but it won't scale to a large # of docs in a space
12:31 <vmassol> (it has a defalut count of 100)
12:32 <Emenems> hum.. do you suggest to use "space" to "classify" ? like i could end with 20 ormore spaces...
12:32 <vmassol> oh yes spaces are a good way to categorize
12:33 <Yam`> back
12:33 <ClemensR> if the projects are completely different with different people, subwikis are the altrernative
12:33 <vmassol> Emenems: what you'd like is http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/AllDocs?view=tree in a panel right?
12:33 <Emenems> Well .. yes, there WILL be a lot of instances of wikis
12:34 <vmassol> Emenems:
12:34 <vmassol> Emenems: it obeys the parent relationship between pages
12:34 <Emenems> vmassol, ah yes, the view=tree but in a panel (if i understand, this is the name of the right column)
12:34 <ClemensR> Enemens: imo 20 is not much, but of course your mileage might vary
12:35 <vmassol> Emenems: panels can be on left, right or both :)
12:35 <vmassol> (but yes it's what you display in the side columns)
12:35 <ClemensR> out Denis here had this tree view in a panel, but it permanently run out of space and into the content
12:36 <ClemensR> s/out/our/
12:36 <Emenems> yeah ok
12:36 <ClemensR> some "small css problem" that we have not figured out how to fix after a few hours of debugging
12:38 <Emenems> Ok guys, I think i need a sandwich and some thinking about that. Working with spaces would be new for my users, but they could manage that. And i will dig into this tree=view
12:38 <Emenems> But thank you :) you're great :)
12:41 <ClemensR> strange, I can find no example of a database field in the preinstalled xwiki classes ... still looking
12:43 <vmassol> it's possible indeed that we don't use it by default
12:46 <ClemensR> ah AnnotationCode.AnnotationConfig
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12:54 <vmassol> ok :)
12:55 <ClemensR> Yam`:  if you are in the class editor of your applications class, you can see a drop down "Edit another class". Chose either AnnotationCode.AnnotationConfig or Blog.BlogPostClass for an example how to configure a database field
12:55 <ClemensR> the second one actually has a "Database tree"  but it is just the same to configure (I think ....)
12:55 <Yam`> How do I go to the class editor?
12:55 <Yam`> Thanks I'll take a look
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13:30 <ClemensR> Emenems:  document tree view as panel here:  but I guess for a demo it is more like  "yes, you can see it is possible, it just needs a little bit of work" ...
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13:36 <Yam`> ClemensR, I looked but I don't understand how to add data in database list
13:37 <ClemensR> you do not, you go to the database ans ask it which values to show
13:37 <ClemensR> "database list" = "list of values fetched from the database"
13:38 <Yam`> Ok so where do I add my values in the database ?
13:39 <ClemensR> i.e. for AnnotationConfig you want to have a configuration option saying which in spaces the annotations should be active - so the field looks up the spaces
13:39 <ClemensR> ah, well, you want to save values in an external database ?
13:39 <Yam`> from xwiki if I can, yes
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13:40 <ClemensR> hm, if you want to write to a different data base this means some more programing & configuration
13:41 <ClemensR> I would have to check the extensions to see when the last time someone did that
13:42 <Yam`> not especially in a different databse but I want to add my own values
13:43 <vmassol> ClemensR: don't forget to add a version xobject for :)
13:44 <ClemensR> why is a static list not good enough then ?
13:44 <ClemensR> ah, duh, me
13:44 <ClemensR> yes, adding
13:44 <vmassol> k
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13:46 <ClemensR> hm, actually I did not want to make it installable via extension manager, not really ...
13:47 <Yam`> I want to be able to add data and display it as tables
13:54 <vmassol> ClemensR: why not?
13:55 <ClemensR> vmassol: well, I do not want to maintain it, and if lots of folks install it due to lack of a "default navigation tree" ... well, it looks a bit like "officially supported" if available via the extension manager
13:55 <vmassol> not really
13:56 <vmassol> maybe we should issue a general warning when an extension is not from "xwiki dev team"
13:56 <vmassol> so that the user understands that the xwiki project doesn't support it officially
13:57 <ClemensR> ok, well, I hope the version number is scary enough for people to get the message ;)
13:57 <vmassol> well you could have used a different name too
13:58 <vmassol> what about calling it: Experimental Document Tree Panel
13:58 <vmassol> or Simple Document Tree Panel
13:58 <vmassol> or Sample Document Tree Panem
13:58 <vmassol> *Panel
13:58 <vmassol> or...
13:58 <vmassol> ?
13:58 <ClemensR> Yam`: if you have not done yet, I guess you want to look at the way XWiki stores structured data, like explained in
13:59 <Yam`> I'll check that
13:59 <ClemensR> ah, good idea, hmm, Experimental is maybe up to the point :)  ... it is not a proof of concept
14:00 <ClemensR> s/not/now/
14:00 <ClemensR> stupid typo
14:00 <vmassol> ok done
14:00 <vmassol> feel free to change the title to something you prefer
14:00 <vmassol> :)
14:01 <ClemensR> ok, I see all is already done, thanks :)
14:04 <vmassol> np
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14:08 <vmassol> sbaloul2: any progress on displaying the avatar for the forum livetable? I thought you had some questions yesterday?
14:09 <vmassol> (there are several examples of doing this in other apps)
14:09 <vmassol> (it should be pretty simple)
14:09 <vmassol> you just need a "list of users" field type AFAIK
14:09 <sbaloul2> No, I choose other issues to treat
14:10 <vmassol> did you assign yourself?
14:10 <vmassol> (I don't recall seeing it)
14:12 <Yam`> I think a static list should work but then I search how to use it to do what I want
14:18 <Yam`> I cannot edit the entries, how can I do?
14:22 <sbaloul2> Not yet, but I tried to see almost all issues before, trying some code before too. I don't want to do anything without thinking, especially it's my first contribution on contrib projects
14:24 <vmassol> sbaloul2: ok sure, juste make sure to assign yourself when you start working on an issue!
14:24 <sbaloul2> Yes of course, you're right :)
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15:28 <Yam`> Ok so
15:28 <Yam`> I've got an application with entries like that:
15:28 <Yam`> And I would like to do tables like that:
15:28 <Yam`> Is there a way to do that in xwiki or with an extension?
15:30 <vmassol> sure
15:30 <vmassol> everything is possible in xwiki
15:30 <vmassol> :)
15:31 <vmassol> from what I see what you wish is to add data to user profiles
15:31 <vmassol> you could even do that without changing anything in xwiki
15:32 <sbaloul2> As vmassol said, you can do everthing in xwiki
15:32 <vmassol> I don't know what you wish to do exactly but one solution is to use the User Directory and customize it in the admin
15:33 <sbaloul2> But I think you need code it
15:33 <vmassol> sbaloul2: depends
15:33 <vmassol> not if he uses the user directory
15:33 <sbaloul2> Ok it's just my opinion :)
15:34 <Yam`> I don't especially want to link that to users
15:34 <sbaloul2> Because I did something like that in the past
15:34 <Yam`> I just want to sum up tables from the application
15:34 <sbaloul2> I think Yam is looking for a macro like LiveTable
15:34 <sbaloul2> that can do that
15:34 <Yam`> which shows what technology is used for what project
15:34 <Yam`> etc.
15:36 <ClemensR> looks like this needs a clever XWQL query and quite a bit of velocity code to show the results
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