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08:42 <vmassol> good morning
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09:07 <vmassol> tmortagne: btw found one way to cheat CLIRR….
09:07 <vmassol> to split an existing module into 2...
09:08 <vmassol> this way you introduce some new artifactId and since CLIRR doesn't have a previous version you cheat it...
09:08 <tmortagne> you can indicate a previous artifact to look at AFAIK
09:08 <vmassol> ah I could set a config property for the clirr plugin to point to the ther name
09:08 <vmassol> yep
09:08 <vmassol> I was wondering why I didn' get clirr breakages on Friday when I made my refactoring
09:09 <vmassol> (and that was why)
09:09 <vmassol> using a differnet artifacti is not going to work
09:10 <vmassol> since I split the code into 2 modules (for resources)
09:10 <vmassol> so clirr won't find the classes moved to the other module
09:10 <vmassol> I'll just add manually the information in the RN
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10:30 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne, vmassol, mflorea: anything you want to fix in 5.4.x before I release 5.4.5?
10:30 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: nothing from me side
10:30 <vmassol> *my
10:31 <mflorea> gdelhumeau: nothing on my side either
10:31 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: I don't have anything in mind
10:33 <gdelhumeau> ok so let's go :)
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10:53 <cjd> vmassol: just discovered the googlers have quietly slipped debug symbols into javascript...
10:53 <cjd> this is pretty interesting given we're shipping 2 sets of js right now
10:54 <cjd> apparently chrome and ff will just map the error locations in minified source back to plain source
10:56 <vmassol> cjd: thanks, will need to read this
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11:01 <xwikiorg_guest_9> Hi, i need some help to find out how to change/edit/transform content from a wiki page if a certain word is found, if the parser finds somewehere in the content "#123"  it will be converted into "http://redmine/issue/123" and that without a macro...
11:02 <vmassol> xwikiorg_guest_9: this is the purpose of Transformations
11:02 <vmassol> see:
11:02 <xwikiorg_guest_9> already reading and trying WikiWordTransformation
11:02 <vmassol>
11:03 <vmassol> and to add a new one:
11:04 <xwikiorg_guest_9> i saw that, it's great, but how do i get it inside xwiki if not using a macro?
11:04 <vmassol> it's a confguration, wait
11:07 <vmassol> xwikiorg_guest_9: check the top of
11:07 <xwikiorg_guest_9> thx for confirming it for me:
11:07 <xwikiorg_guest_9> great
11:07 <xwikiorg_guest_9> that's it? that simple?
11:07 <vmassol> yup
11:08 <vmassol> btw the wikiword doc is here:
11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_9> this is a great api
11:08 <vmassol> and it shows how to install it at the bottom
11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_9> and great guys behind it
11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_9> thy
11:08 <vmassol> cool thanks :)
11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_9> amazingly simple
11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_9> have a nice days guys!
11:08 <vmassol> u2
11:11 <xwikiorg_guest_9>
11:13 <vmassol> ahah very nice :)
11:14 <vmassol> thanks
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12:32 <gdelhumeau> release done on git, you can resume your commits on stable-5.4.x
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13:58 <vmassol> debugging failing func tests now
14:28 <gdelhumeau> guys, I do not change since 5.4.5 is not the "last" stable release (which is 6.0.1)
14:28 <gdelhumeau> what link do I put in the announcement mail?
14:28 <gdelhumeau> -do+should
14:29 <vmassol> @gdelhumeau good question :)
14:29 <vmassol> link to ow2 same as for old archives
14:30 <vmassol> let me check the download page
14:30 <vmassol> we point to "looking for older versions"
14:31 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: there is the concept of old stable in
14:31 <tmortagne> (always been)
14:31 <vmassol> we could add a 3rd download on the download page but I don't like it too much
14:31 <tmortagne> same as in API pages
14:31 <vmassol> since it doesn't push users to upgrade
14:32 <tmortagne> vmassol: again it would not be the first time we would have 3 downloads
14:32 <vmassol> except that our strategy so far is only 2 versions: stable and milestones/rc
14:32 <vmassol> we're not 100% clear on this
14:33 <vmassol> we need to decide if we want to officialize the concept of
14:33 <vmassol> "latest version from the previous cycle"
14:33 <tmortagne> I think we always apply it so we would make it official
14:33 <vmassol> and then always have 3 verisons to download
14:33 <tmortagne> (and it's even more important when the cycle change the version of Java)
14:34 <vmassol> sending email and then we can update our docs on
14:34 <tmortagne> s/would/could/
14:40 <vmassol> I wonder if we really need to support the latest stable from the current cycle...
14:41 <vmassol> anyway let's assume we do for now
14:41 <vmassol> sending email now
14:41 <tmortagne> I think we do, if we release a 8.0 that is unusable I don't think we can let it like this until we release 9.0
14:42 <vmassol> you mean 8.1 not 9.0
14:42 <tmortagne> yes
14:42 <vmassol> actually not even 8.1
14:42 <vmassol> but 8.1M1
14:42 <tmortagne> no
14:42 <tmortagne> we can't advertise 8.1M1 as the stable to replace 8.0
14:42 <tmortagne> so you have to wait for 8.1
14:43 <vmassol> advertising a X.0 release a stable is also kind of an issue…  but yes ok…
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14:58 <gdelhumeau> so, what should I do?
14:59 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: have 3 versions on the download page
15:01 <gdelhumeau> which one should be displayed first ?
15:02 <vmassol> 5.4.5
15:03 <vmassol> then 6.0.1
15:03 <vmassol> then 6.1M1
15:03 <vmassol> but it's a good question actually
15:03 <vmassol> if we want to promote using the latest maybe we should put 6.1M1 first
15:03 <vmassol> then 6.0.1 and then 5.4.5
15:04 <vmassol> yes
15:04 <vmassol> so IMO:
15:04 <vmassol> 6.1M1 first, then 6.0.1 then 5.4.5
15:04 <tmortagne> we used to display old stable last
15:04 <vmassol> "latest" first
15:05 <vmassol> (latest in version first, not latest in date)
15:08 <gdelhumeau> ok vmassol, you can announce it on twitter
15:08 <vmassol> ok
15:11 <vmassol> done
15:11 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: I assumed that no api were broken, is that correct?
15:11 <gdelhumeau> correct
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17:36 <gdelhumeau> vmassol:
17:36 <gdelhumeau> there is a problem with webjars in master
17:37 <gdelhumeau> example:
17:37 <gdelhumeau> gotten with the URL http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/webjars/resources/path?value=bootstrap/3.1.1/js/bootstrap.js
17:37 <vmassol> ah I probably botched it
17:37 <gdelhumeau> it seems the content of the wiki is added to the page
17:37 <vmassol> I tested it though but maybe my test wasn't good enough
17:37 <vmassol> let me finish my bug fix (almost done) and I'll check this with you
17:52 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: so, how can I reproduce?
17:53 <vmassol> if you could paste some require call for me to test that would be great
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18:03 <xwikiorg_guest_7> hi, i  just installed and tested my own transformation component successfully on xwiki, but how do i actually change the content from a page?
18:03 <xwikiorg_guest_7> i would like to persist the result of the transformation...
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18:04 <vmassol> xwikiorg_guest_7: cool, the goal of a transformation is not to make persistent changes
18:04 <vmassol> if that's what you want, then all you need to do is:
18:04 <vmassol> 1) get the XDOM of a page
18:04 <vmassol> 2) modify it
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18:05 <vmassol> 3) set the new content to the modified XDOM
18:05 <xwikiorg_guest_7> what i want is to go through the content of the current page when someone press save and then manipulate the content...
18:05 <vmassol> 4) save the page
18:05 <vmassol> xwikiorg_guest_7: ok that's different
18:05 <vmassol> you'd achieve this using an event listener
18:06 <vmassol> listening to the DocumentUpdatingEvent
18:07 <xwikiorg_guest_7> alright i will try that
18:07 <xwikiorg_guest_7> thank you
18:07 <vmassol> some exzmple:
18:07 <vmassol> (xwikiorg_guest_7)
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18:24 <gdelhumeau> vmassol: I think  you just need to go to the URL I posted above: http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/webjars/resources/path?value=bootstrap/3.1.1/js/bootstrap.js
18:24 <gdelhumeau> on a snapshot instance
18:24 <gdelhumeau> and you get it
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18:25 <vmassol> ok I had missed the URL
18:25 <vmassol> checking
18:32 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: works fine here
18:32 <vmassol> are you sure you have latest binaries?
18:36 <gdelhumeau> I build it
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18:39 <vmassol> you need to make sure you have up to date sources and rebuild resources and url modules
18:40 <vmassol> + webajrs
18:48 <gdelhumeau> I'll retry tomorow with a fresh instance then
18:49 <vmassol> you don't need a fresh instance
18:49 <vmassol> just to build those modules should be enough
18:50 <vmassol> they build fast
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19:24 <gdelhumeau> ok vmassol, I'll tell you
19:24 <gdelhumeau> good evening!
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19:25 <vmassol> bye
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23:36 <junix659> hi everyone, i'm getting a HTTP 500 status error when tryingt to get xwiki working...
23:36 <junix659>
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