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06:53 <teekay> hey evalica, i found where I messed up yesterday about $blacklistedspaces. Thanks for your help though :)
07:16 <evalica> :) glad you've fixed it
07:16 <evalica> what was the problem?
07:17 <evalica> @teekay I'm glad it was you :)
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08:12 <kaisen> @evalica I got it work, thanks for the tip with the junco skin! The trick was to auto margin the xwikicontainer instead of the body...
08:16 <evalica> @kaisen glad it worked in the end :) good to know the think about the body element, not sure why the WYSIWYG is influenced by this. Maybe because WYSIWYG adds an iframe that also contains a body.
08:21 <kaisen> @evalica don't know but I glad to that I can go futher with design the wiki :)
08:22 <evalica> @kaisen I'm also interested in design :) so maybe in the end … you will show me how it looks :)
08:23 <kaisen> @evalica as it is only internal I only can provide you some screenshots as you will not have access... And I'm just make small changes comparing to the junco skin
08:24 <evalica> @kaisen so in the end you're using junco. that's good, there are also links to the code if you'll even need to change some settings on it.
08:26 <teekay> evalica - I forgot I placed a specific blacklist on one of my panels to not show certain spaces
08:26 <kaisen> @evalica actual I'm not using the Junco Skin I just crib how you center it :)
08:27 <evalica> @teekay - k - it's good that is not because of Applications panel, since that would mean a really big bug. with velocity variables is complicated because they are global. Glad you've fixed it
08:28 <teekay> yea i didn't know everything was global!
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08:55 <kaisen> where can I edit the shown panels in "editor-mode"
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08:58 <msmeria> kaisen: hello
08:59 <msmeria> the panels are all located in the Panels space on your wiki
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09:02 <kaisen> @msmeria Yes, but if you edit a page there are other loaded than set up in the wiki or space
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09:05 <vierfzweievieraz> good mornig xwiki!
09:05 <msmeria> kaisen: I'm not sure I understand
09:06 <msmeria> if you want to edit a panel just edit its page in Inline mode -> check the Content section
09:06 <teekay> I think he's talking about when you edit the panel for a particular space, then the wiki-wide panel will not get used
09:10 <msmeria> kaisen: teekay is right. if you set the order and displayed panels for a certain space, than the wiki panels won't be taken into account. the space panels settings override the wiki ones
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09:11 <Denis> msmeria: from what kaisen said, he is not talking about "view" action panels, but about panel shown during "edit" action
09:15 <Denis> kaisen: are you looking for the editpanelsvars.vm template which decide which panel are displayed along side with each editors ?
09:16 <msmeria> Denis: yes, you're right. I missunderstood what he said :)
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09:22 <Denis> kaisen: you may override the editpanelsvars.vm template in your skin, see , probably method 2
09:25 <kaisen> @Denis thanks I wil have a look at
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09:33 <kaisen> @Denis ok got it work thanks alot! But can I also change the panelside from right to left?
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09:34 <tmortagne> kaisen: that's more configuration actually, you can decide what panels to put on the right or the left in the administration, it's just that there is no panel on the left by default
09:35 <kaisen> @tmortagne yes thats for the normal panels but if you edit a page it use different panels.
09:35 <Denis> tmortagne: he is talking about edit panels, not view ones
09:36 <kaisen> Thanks to Denis I know to change them but now I want to move them to :)
09:37 <Denis> kaisen: you will need to also override the edit.vm template to change the layout, it will be a bit more complex
09:37 <kaisen> But if this is to much work I can live with it that they are right
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09:41 <Denis> kaisen: you will also need some CSS tweaks, you should compare how leftpanels.vm/rightpanels.vm are included in endpage.vm, with the way editpanels.vm is used in edit.vm, and related styles
09:48 <kaisen> @Denis Ok thats to much :)
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10:10 <msmeria> vmassol1: hello
10:13 <msmeria> vmassol1: regarding XWIKI-10378: I've tested with the same jar on PostgreSQL and it's still not fixed. as a matter of fact I've now got a bigger stacktrace:
10:14 <msmeria> that's why I was asking if I'm using the correct jar, since I'm not replacing an old jar, I'm just adding a new one
10:14 <msmeria> I thought the fix was done by replacing a jar
10:25 <vmassol1> msmeria: otp, but thanks I'll check that later afterwards
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10:26 <vmassol> msmeria: you must remove the legacy oldcore jar
10:26 <vmassol> right now you have 2 same jars
10:27 <vmassol> the stack trace is the same as before
10:27 <vmassol> 1. Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation "hibernate_sequence" already exists
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10:42 <msmeria> vmassol: ok I'll retest
10:42 <vmassol> if you use the same jar it'll be the same
10:43 <vmassol> the only possibility is that you have the wrong jar
10:43 <vmassol> but I'm otp right now, I can check later on
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11:04 <vierfzweievieraz> did somene already wrote an eventListener on documentUpdate with version 6? this seams to be outdated:
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12:48 <DarkKnightCZ> hi, how do i get usernames from "List of users" proprerty in App Within Minutes? $doc.get("userfield") returns only velocity code that displays those users
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14:06 <DarkKnightCZ> how can i use services in observation event listener with groovy?
14:10 <vierfzweievieraz> maybe this can help you:
14:12 <DarkKnightCZ> sadly, there isn't any example of using services (i need to call query manager from groovy), but i will probably rewrite that to java anyways
14:18 <Slashman> hello, I'm looking for a way to display the table of content of  a page on an other page, is this possible?
14:26 <vierfzweievieraz> do you have any example using java?
14:26 <vierfzweievieraz> can't find the class com.xpn.xwiki.doc.XWikiDocument in any jar
14:26 <vierfzweievieraz>
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14:38 <msmeria> tmortagne: hi
14:39 <msmeria> shouldn't Application Resource Packs from here: be exported as XARs ?
14:43 <msmeria> some ZIPs have XMLs inside and some have ApplicationResources_[languageCode].properties files
14:44 <msmeria> for those with XMLs there should be a XAR exported
14:46 <tmortagne> msmeria: no
14:46 <tmortagne> not eveything here is wiki pages
14:46 <tmortagne> some resources are located in jars
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14:46 <tmortagne> the exported zip is here to get all resources together to put them in sources
14:47 <tmortagne> Application in "Application Resource Packs" is not referring to XAR
14:48 <msmeria> tmortagne: so an user has no option to import the translations from l10n into his own wiki ?
14:48 <msmeria> other than getting the latest stable XWiki version I mean
14:49 <tmortagne> this wiki is dedicated to releases version, what you are talking about would be a new feature
14:49 <tmortagne> you can created a jira issue about that
14:49 <tmortagne> even the zip with XML inside are not XARs
14:49 <tmortagne> you don't have the package.xml so you can't import it
14:51 <msmeria> I see
14:51 <msmeria> thanks
15:06 <Slashman> no one interested for <Slashman> hello, I'm looking for a way to display the table of content of  a page on an other page, is this possible? ?
15:09 <tmortagne> Slashman: {{toc/}} macro itself does not support that and there is nothing doing it by default in xwiki/2.x syntax
15:09 <tmortagne> implementing one should not be too hard but you would need to know a it of Java
15:09 <tmortagne> s/it/bit/
15:10 <tmortagne> (it's doable in Velocity even it's a bit harder or Groovy too but it's about the same concept since it's all Java objects)
15:10 <Slashman> I have some java dev here
15:11 <Slashman> what do you think is the easier way? java/velocity/groovy?
15:12 <tmortagne> the easiest is Java I think since the easiest is to take the current toc macro code and modify it to parse the content of another document instead of the current content basically
15:12 <tmortagne> the toc macro is on
15:15 <Slashman> tmortagne: ok thank you, I think I will be able to get some dev time next Monday, should I tell him to modify the current toc macro with the option to parse an other page or to create a new one? this could be added to the next release of xwiki
15:16 <tmortagne> modifying the current toc macro will be a bit complexe since it's in commons which means it does not have access to wiki concept officially
15:16 <tmortagne> but on your side you can do whatever you want
15:16 <Slashman> hm ok
15:16 <tmortagne> but it does not prevent you from providing an extension on which would probably be useful to others
15:17 <tmortagne> you can of course lead a thread in the mailing list about moving standard toc macro on platform and adding target entity feature to it
15:18 <vierfzweievieraz> is there an archetype for developing an extension?
15:18 <tmortagne> or provide a generic API in toc macro to implement in platform to access target id XDOM
15:19 <tmortagne> Slashman: if you are willing to work on this abstraction and long debate on mailing list then it's great :)
15:19 <Slashman> I think an extension will be the quickest way, my devs have a ton of work already, it must be relatively quick else the priority will be for the year 2050 :p
15:19 <tmortagne> vierfzweievieraz: extension can mean many things, it depend what kind of extension you want
15:20 <tmortagne> there is an archetype for jar component based style extension I think, need to find the link
15:20 <vierfzweievieraz> i thought you you said that
15:20 <tmortagne> but usually something easiest is to duplicate some similar extension and modify it
15:20 <vierfzweievieraz> component archetype is maybe a good hint right?
15:20 <tmortagne> for jar extension yes
15:20 <vierfzweievieraz> alright
15:20 <tmortagne> vierfzweievieraz:
15:21 <vierfzweievieraz> thy, i am working with that already
15:21 <tmortagne> it's a page to read anyway for the whole XWiki component concept anyway which you will pretty much have to use in a java extension
15:22 <tmortagne> extension is basically anything than extension manager can install which can be anything, right now it support XAR which is a zip with wiki pages in it and any jar which are simply injected in the right classloader at runtime
15:22 <tmortagne> (plus some initialization for component in the jars etc of course)
15:23 <vierfzweievieraz> ii already deployd my first app
15:23 <vierfzweievieraz> it's nice and that page is awesome documented
15:23 <tmortagne> Slashman: will be a good inspiration if anyone want to include that in standard anyway
15:24 <vierfzweievieraz> what i am really strugling with is to load the right classes as in:
15:24 <tmortagne> vierfzweievieraz: the archetype is not always perfectly up to date, don't hesitate to report it on if you have an issue with it (it's using some deprecated API or something)
15:25 <tmortagne> vierfzweievieraz: what issue do you have with classes exactly ?
15:25 <vierfzweievieraz> thx, but untill now did not a single problem with it (5.4.4 or 6.0.1)
15:26 <vierfzweievieraz> where are those? in which maven package?
15:26 <vierfzweievieraz> as you can see here|ga|1|c%3A%22XWikiDocument%22%20v%3A%224.0%22 not above version 4
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15:27 <tmortagne> that's because this is not really the XWikiDocument class
15:27 <tmortagne> the XWikiDocument class is in platform which is not published in maven central
15:27 <junix659> hi everyone, i'm getting a HTTP 500 status error when tryingt to get xwiki is the error i'm getting
15:27 <vierfzweievieraz> suddenly from version 4 its org.xwiki.tool.xar.XWikiDocument and not the "xpn" one
15:27 <vierfzweievieraz> i know that
15:28 <vierfzweievieraz> but i could not find it in the xwiki nexus either
15:28 <tmortagne> how do you search in Nexus ?
15:28 <vierfzweievieraz> i am using in my pom
15:29 <tmortagne> maybe there is something we need to enable
15:29 <vierfzweievieraz> well i search for the path and all packages ^^
15:29 <tmortagne> I must confess since I know where most of the stuff are I did not bothered too much about it recently
15:29 <vierfzweievieraz> the whole day long already :)
15:29 <tmortagne> the easiest is probably to search in github
15:30 <vierfzweievieraz> the funny thing is, that this calss can be loaded through groovy
15:30 <tmortagne> like going to type "t" and put XWikiDocument
15:30 <vierfzweievieraz> not on github either
15:30 <vierfzweievieraz> at least i could not find it
15:30 <vierfzweievieraz> anyway we need it as a maven dependency
15:30 <tmortagne> the first result is the second one in this case
15:30 <tmortagne> anyway XWikiDocument is in xwiki-platform-oldcore
15:31 <tmortagne> xwiki-platform as groupid
15:31 <tmortagne> sorry wrong copy/paste org.xwiki.platform
15:31 <tmortagne> (for the groupid)
15:31 <vierfzweievieraz> and then <artifactId>xwiki-commons-tool-xar-plugin</artifactId>?
15:32 <vierfzweievieraz> with the version 6.1-milestone-1?
15:32 <tmortagne> no
15:32 <tmortagne> again xwiki-commons-tool-xar-plugin does not contains XWikiDocument
15:32 <tmortagne> the one you found it it is just some internal hack
15:32 <tmortagne> the real one is in xwiki-platform-oldcore
15:33 <vierfzweievieraz> oh
15:33 <vierfzweievieraz> so what would be the artefactid?
15:33 <tmortagne> you don't have the whole XWiki on maven central
15:33 <vierfzweievieraz> no problem, i am already using your nexus
15:34 <tmortagne> org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-oldcore
15:34 <tmortagne> that's the artifact
15:34 <tmortagne> groupid:artifactid
15:34 <vierfzweievieraz> and i did search there for everything, i knew the class i found was not correct, but expected to find it somewhere else
15:34 <vierfzweievieraz> and is this class maybe in the "new" core?
15:35 <tmortagne> this class is actually one of the oldest class of XWiki
15:37 <tmortagne> vierfzweievieraz:;classname~XWikiDocument
15:38 <tmortagne> you get lots of suff since it's an old class but when you sort by version you get oldcore it seems
15:39 <tmortagne> even better;classname~com.xpn.xwiki.doc.XWikiDocument
15:39 <vierfzweievieraz> (was not aware of the advance search)
15:39 <tmortagne> legacy-oldcore is a special build with some old deprecated API (like all pakcages with legacy in the name) you should not depend on that
15:40 <tmortagne> (me neither, just discovered it :))
15:40 <tmortagne> that's nice
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15:40 <tmortagne> putting that in the API page
15:40 <vierfzweievieraz> :)
15:41 <vierfzweievieraz> but wait, why is this class - since there is no new one in the "new" core - in the old core?
15:41 <tmortagne> no sure I understand the question
15:42 <vierfzweievieraz> the class in the package oldcore
15:42 <tmortagne> XWikiDocument always been there, the package containing this class changed name several times
15:42 <vierfzweievieraz> for my understanding it will get deprecated somewhen
15:42 <tmortagne> yes but now before a long time actually
15:43 <tmortagne> we don't get much time working on new model so it's not going to happen anytime soon
15:43 <tmortagne> so you can go and use that class
15:43 <vierfzweievieraz> yes, but for that it is a new one needed right? i thought i could work and learn the new "api" or class with version 6
15:43 <vierfzweievieraz> alright
15:43 <tmortagne> plus we never delete any class as much as possible, just deprecated them
15:43 <tmortagne> there is no new one
15:44 <tmortagne> the new model is far from reason and not even released
15:44 <tmortagne> s/reason/ready/
15:44 <vierfzweievieraz> ok
15:44 <tmortagne> so you don't really have a choice :)
15:45 <tmortagne> the module is called oldcore because it's stuff we want to deprecated one day but the last one is probably going to be this class :)
15:45 <vierfzweievieraz> ^^
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16:06 <junix659> hi everyone, i'm getting a HTTP 500 status error when tryingt to get xwiki is the error i'm getting
16:08 <tmortagne> junix659: it means you hibernate.cfg.xml files is wrong
16:09 <tmortagne> "The content of element type "session-factory" must match  "(property*,mapping*,(class-cache|collection-cache)*,event*,listener*)"" to be more precise
16:09 <tmortagne> I guess you have some element in there not in the right place or not in the right order
16:13 <junix659> oh
16:18 <junix659> I have my mysql server on different server/container
16:18 <junix659> i chagned the jdbc:mysql: string
16:18 <junix659> to reflect the IP of the server mysql is hosted on
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16:20 <junix659> anything else i can try?
16:25 <vierfzweievieraz> and still getting the same error?
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16:28 <junix659> yes
16:33 <vierfzweievieraz> copy paste the content into a pastebin?
16:34 <vierfzweievieraz> this error means that your xml can't be processed by sax
16:42 <junix659> vierfzweievieraz:
16:43 <vierfzweievieraz> i ment the xml
16:44 <junix659> from the actual file?
16:45 <vierfzweievieraz> yes, your cfg
16:46 <junix659> 1 sec
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16:47 <junix659>
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16:52 <vierfzweievieraz> did you google for this?
16:52 <vierfzweievieraz>
16:54 <tmortagne> junix659: looks like you have a --> in the middle of nowhere that you forgot to remove, line 107
16:54 <tmortagne> or you forgot to add the <!--
16:54 <tmortagne> probably that since you have twice the mysql configuration
16:54 <tmortagne> ha no the first one is hsqldb
16:55 <vierfzweievieraz> just checked the xml with notepad++ xml tools and the xml seams to be ok
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16:55 <vierfzweievieraz> anyway here you seam to maybe get the proper help: irc://
16:55 <vierfzweievieraz> #hibernate
16:55 <tmortagne> so you have both hsqldb and mysql plus a --> alone
16:56 <tmortagne> sounds like --> that is at line 107 should be line 96 instead
16:57 <junix659> should i comment out the jdbc connection?
16:58 <junix659> for hqsql?
16:58 <tmortagne> right no you have two configuration for two different database
16:58 <junix659> ok
16:58 <tmortagne> it's not the real cause of your issue but it's useless
16:59 <tmortagne> the real cause of your issue is actually that you end up with mapping element before some property element
16:59 <tmortagne> and the lonely "-->" is sad :)
17:01 <junix659> ok i removed the "-->" below the mysql config and restarted tomcat6
17:02 <junix659> btw,i'm running this on centos 6
17:02 <junix659> still same issue
17:04 <tmortagne> junix659: --> is not your issue here
17:04 <junix659> ok
17:04 <tmortagne> it just indicate that you did not put it in the right place
17:05 <tmortagne> (04:56:55 PM) tmortagne: sounds like --> that is at line 107 should be line 96 instead
17:06 <junix659>
17:08 <junix659> so do i need to coment out the mapping resource lines?
17:21 <tmortagne> junix659: line 96 in is after mapping
17:23 <tmortagne> junix659: you also need to remove the one at line 87
17:23 <tmortagne> as otherwise you won't comment anything
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