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09:41 <vmassol> mflorea: good morning
09:41 <vmassol> are we ready for the 6.3RC1 release of Monday?
09:42 <vmassol> @everyone: any blocker you have for 6.3RC1?
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09:42 <vmassol> I see 5 issues planeed for RC1 and not closed:
09:42 <vmassol> mflorea: what's your status with the tree branch?
09:43 <mflorea> good morning vmassol, I'm not ready on XWIKI-11176
09:43 <cjd> syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting $end
09:43 <cjd> @everyone: any blocker you have for 6.3RC1?
09:43 <vmassol> oh :(
09:44 <mflorea> I still need a couple of days
09:44 <vmassol> so it means we're not going to have it in 6.3 at all I guess that's sad
09:44 <cjd> you used @everyone, I couldn't resist running it through ruby ;)
09:46 <mflorea> ci looks good atm so we need to decide on the jira issue with fix for 6.3RC1
09:47 <vmassol> FTR htmlcleaner 2.10 is out today (I checked with Scott yesterday) so I'll leave this one for RC1
09:47 <vmassol> (it's about )
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11:46 <mflorea> vmassol, tmortagne: now that we're going to package some of our js code in webjars we need to be able to specify that the resource (js, css, whatever) must be evaluated with Velocity. I need this for instance to be able to call #template('colorThemeInit.vm') in a css file.
11:47 <mflorea> I'm going to add a map parameter to the $services.webjars.url('/path/to/resource', {parameters here})
11:48 <vmassol> hmm
11:48 <vmassol> what does it add?
11:48 <vmassol> the webjar action won't do anything with it right?
11:48 <mflorea> that's the second part
11:49 <mflorea> adding support for evaluating velocity in the webjar action
11:49 <vmassol> or is it just to benefit from createURL?
11:49 <vmassol> hmmmm
11:49 <vmassol> why is that needed?
11:49 <vmassol> i mean
11:50 <mflorea> well, I should be able to do the same as with $xwiki.jsfx.use
11:50 <vmassol> oh I see
11:50 <mflorea> or $xwiki.ssfx.use
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11:52 <vmassol> ideally be careful to do something generic that will work with any future templating engineā€¦ was thinking about TemplateManager
11:52 <mflorea> yes, instead of putting the js/css in resources/uicomponets (and load them with jsfx) I put them in webjars, and load them with $services.webjars.url, but I need to be able to keep evaluating the Velocity code
11:54 <mflorea> I will do that jsfx and ssfx do for now. In case we change the  templating engine we'll have to update both places anyway
11:55 <vmassol> talk to thomas first
11:55 <vmassol> to verify if TemplateManager is not the way to do
12:00 <vmassol> can be changed later I agree
12:00 <vmassol> and Template in TemplateManager probably means xwiki template files and not templating engine
12:01 <vmassol> we might be missing an intermediary class for evaluating code using any templating engine
12:02 <mflorea> tmortagne: let me know wdyt
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12:21 <rihbyne> hello anyone there
12:26 <vmassol> hi
12:31 <rihbyne> vmassol: hi,I am looking forward to contribute.I have fair experience using java. but havenot faced real-world java intention here is to familiarize myself with build tools,CI and code review.I haven't been exposed to these tools any time before. what dou you think ?what will I get to learn here ?
12:34 <rihbyne> vmassol: you there
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12:45 <rihbyne> anyone there
12:45 <cjd> nope
12:46 <rihbyne> cjd: can you answer my above question
12:48 <cjd> well.. mostly just have to be self-directed, has a lot of documentation, the code is on github, if you have questions and want them answered, start making pull requests which improve documentation in the code, if you're documentation is wrong them someone will help you correct it
12:48 <cjd> the trick to getting a question answered is to document what you think the answer is and then ask for corrections, that way helping you helps everyone
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12:50 <vmassol> rihbyne: nice goal!
12:50 <vmassol> what you'll leanr is everything described at
12:50 <vmassol> this site contains all this project's practices on software development
12:50 <cjd> see how well that works, I just start giving bad advice and someone jumps in instantly ;)
12:50 <vmassol> so you'll learn a lot of nice best practices for developing software in a professional way, and in a collaboraive manner
12:51 <vmassol> (rihbyne sorry, was away taking my shower and I'm now going to blow leaves in my garden for a while and skip lunch ;))
12:52 <rihbyne> vmassol: thanks,what do I start with?
12:52 <vmassol> this page:
12:53 <vmassol>
12:53 <vmassol> bbiab
12:53 <rihbyne> vmassol:whats bbiab?
12:56 <ClemensR> "be back in a bit"
12:57 <rihbyne> ClemensR: noted
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13:48 <tmortagne> mflorea: the logic in TemplateManager is that it's the resource which indicate how is supposed to be executed and not the one asking for that resource
13:51 <mflorea> tmortagne: in my case the velocity code is in a js/css file inside a webjar. Can I use the TemplateManager in this case or can I simply use the XWikiVelocityRenderer component ?
13:55 <tmortagne> TemplateManager main job is to find the template to execute, I don't really see the point of going trough TemplateManager just to execute Velocity on a content you already have
13:55 <rihbyne> what does newcomer begin with in xwiki ? plugin development ?
13:55 <tmortagne> in any case you should not use XWikiVelocityRenderer either
13:57 <mflorea> better use VelocityManager directly?
13:57 <tmortagne> you don't need XWikiVelocityRenderer if you just need to evaluate Velocity
13:57 <tmortagne> yes what execute velocity is VelocityManager
13:57 <mflorea> good
13:57 <tmortagne> XWikiVelocityRenderer is more a component to use velocity in the old rendering engine
13:58 <tmortagne> it's registered as a renderer like the goovy one and the wiki syntax one that's all
13:58 <tmortagne> XWikiVelocityRenderer is really old stuff
13:58 <tmortagne> if you already have the content the only thing you would get from TemplateManager is reusing it's syntax used by resource to indicate how to execute them
13:59 <mflorea> ok
14:00 <tmortagne> but while in template there is always something to do which make ok to parse them everytime in the case of webjars resource parsing them all the time for the few that actually need to do something might be not so nice for perf, but then there is caching
14:00 <tmortagne> at least what is nice if that the resource knows how it should be executed and you won't have to deal with that when you ask for it
14:00 <tmortagne> you cannot do mistakes
14:01 <mflorea> I will start with just VelocityManager for now
14:02 <tmortagne> mflorea: about XWikiVelocityRenderer basically you should never use anything from com.xpn.xwiki.render package
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14:02 <mflorea> on a different topic, in order to get the version of an extension that is available (either core or installed) I need to 'resolve' it right?
14:02 <tmortagne> that's the old rendering engine
14:02 <tmortagne> well yes the only wait to know what you have is to ask for it
14:02 <mflorea> (I'm doing the thing we discussed about using the EM in the webjar script service to determine the available version)
14:03 <mflorea> (instead of specifying the version)
14:03 <mflorea> but resolve would search in remote repos also right?
14:03 <tmortagne> one note, don't use "resolve" method if that's the question
14:04 <tmortagne> it depends of the repository you are checking
14:04 <tmortagne> there is various API
14:04 <mflorea> I'm interested only in core or installed
14:04 <tmortagne> if the question is should you use ExtensionManager then the answer is no
14:04 <tmortagne> since ExtensionManager search in remote repositories
14:04 <tmortagne> and it's not what you want
14:04 <mflorea> ok, so I'll use the repo components
14:05 <tmortagne> you should directly use InstalledExtensionRepository and CoreExtensionRepository components
14:05 <mflorea> InstalledExtensionRepository and CoreExtensionRepository
14:05 <mflorea> good
14:05 <tmortagne> it's better to use specific getInstalledExtension API in InstalledExtensionRepository
14:06 <mflorea> got it
14:06 <tmortagne> resolve throw an exception when not finding something
14:06 <tmortagne> which is not great from perf point of view
14:06 <tmortagne> same for CoreExtensionRepository
14:07 <mflorea> oky
14:07 <tmortagne> you will also need to find the namespace where you want to search
14:08 <tmortagne> we don't really have a current namespace concept, there is the namespace for the current wiki, for the current user etc...
14:09 <tmortagne> depends what you want to take into account
14:09 <tmortagne> you can start with the wiki for now I guess
14:09 <mflorea> yes, current wiki
14:17 <cjd> o/t I'm messing around with ckeditor
14:17 <cjd> it's beaurtiful
14:17 <cjd> *beautiful
14:18 <cjd> write a plugin with 20 lines of code, CKEDITOR.addPlugin() *bam* it's registered, +1 more button in the editor
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14:51 <DarkKnightCZ> is bootstraps webjar somewhere available as project? there are currently few bugs in 3.2 i need to fix
14:53 <vmassol> DarkKnightCZ: on
14:54 <DarkKnightCZ> vmassol: thanks
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15:06 <DarkKnightCZ> when changing bootstrap version, only needed thing to change is require.config?
15:09 <tmortagne> DarkKnightCZ: AFAIK yes and nothing at all as soon as mflorea is done with what he is working on
15:10 <mflorea> yep
15:10 <DarkKnightCZ> ok, great... i'm going to test new bootstrap with 6.2.2
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15:12 <vmassol> DarkKnightCZ: and btw there's a new version of BS now
15:12 <vmassol>
15:12 <DarkKnightCZ> yup, 3.3.0 (3.3.1-SNAPSHOT)
15:13 <vmassol> I discussed it with guillaume delhumeau yesterday
15:13 <vmassol> we were not sure we should upgrade right now
15:13 <vmassol> for fear of breaking something while we're actually trying ot finish the 6.x cycle and stabilize everything
15:13 <vmassol> so if you try it and have some feedback for us that's great
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15:15 <DarkKnightCZ> yup, testing it right now
15:16 <DarkKnightCZ> for starters, it seems modal windows have been modified
15:21 <vmassol> ClemensR: hi, your change at line 580 is a bit strange I think:;rev2=127.1
15:21 <vmassol> I don't think you meant that :)
15:21 <ClemensR> oops
15:21 <ClemensR> I just used the section editor
15:21 <vmassol> intersting
15:21 <vmassol> some bug then
15:22 <ClemensR> better retry with the normal editor then
15:31 <ClemensR> vmassol: thanks for the heads up about that glitch. should be better now. I will create am issue for the issue if I can reproduce locally
15:38 <vmassol> thanks
15:43 <ClemensR> ah, it is just broken formatting, and has been broken before, but in a less obvious way. not a bug there, me fixing text formatting
15:52 <tmortagne> vmassol: htmlcleaner available on maven central
15:53 <DarkKnightCZ> vmassol: so, from this short review, bootstrap tabs are not working properly (tab.js, if you select another, the active one will disappear) and modal window has bad z-index, otherwise it seems ok
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16:24 <vmassol> tmortagne: yep thanks
16:24 <vmassol> DarkKnightCZ: would be awesome if you could create a jira issue and in the description write down all your findings! :)
16:24 <vmassol> (a jira issue about upgrading to it)
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16:25 <DarkKnightCZ> yup, but probably on Monday :)
16:37 <vmassol> sure
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