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13:25 <DarkKnightCZ> Hi, is there any API for obtaining all objects of specified class from page? $doc.getObject fetches only first object
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13:55 <Enygma`> DarkKnightCZ: $doc.getObjects('Some.Class') ?
13:57 <DarkKnightCZ> Enygma`: oh yeah... somehow missed that in SRD :) thanks
13:57 <Enygma`> ;)
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14:40 <alex00000123> hi  :)
14:43 <cjd> hello
14:47 <alex00000123> I've a question : is it possible to create subspaces in a space ? I found an old thread that says it's not possible. Does it still true ?
14:48 <cjd> yes, it is still true. Depending on what you're doing, the parent/child relationship of pages might solve your problem.
14:49 <vmassol1> there's no real notion of spaces, there's only a parent/child relationship notion alex00000123
14:49 <vmassol1> but that relationship can go as deep as you wish ;)
14:50 <vmassol1> we would like to introduce the concept of space at some point (and also nested spaces)
14:51 <vmassol1> right now we just have pages and if "spaces" are inferred from page names… (the XXX in XXX.YYY)
14:51 <vmassol1> s/if//
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15:20 <alex00000123> Thank tou vmassol1 for your answer
15:21 <alex00000123> youµ
15:21 <Enygma`> alex00000123: don`t forget about the subwiki alternative. Depending on your content structuring/workflow needs, sometimes using a subwiki is also useful.
15:23 <Enygma`> Folks, don`t be shy, remember it`s BugFixingDay#74 today.
15:24 <Enygma`> we need to get through the remaining ~50 bugs so that we can take care of other stuff as well.
15:24 <Enygma`> ...since we all have other stuff to do :)
15:25 <alex00000123> Did you know that the "edit" button is still displayed on the editing form ? If we click on it, tha page is flushed !
15:27 <Enygma`> alex00000123: you mean that the edit(wiki/wysiwyg/inine) button is displayed on the top right of a document content when the document is being edited?
15:27 <Enygma`> if so, than that is considered normal behavior
15:28 <Enygma`> we could see it as an improvement to hide that edit button, only for 'simple' users, since it opens up possible problems by users clicking it
15:29 <Enygma`> for 'advanced' users, however, that button will stay there because it has multiple editing options (wiki/wysiwyg/inine), so an advanced user might want to change editor.
15:30 <Enygma`> alex00000123: if that is what you are mentioning, please create a new Improvement jira issue on detailing it and we`ll look into it at some point ;)
15:35 <alex00000123> Yes, I mean the button on the top right when a document is being edited  ;)
15:41 <Enygma`> alex00000123: actually I`ve reopened this older issue and updated it to focus on this particular problem of the edit button.
15:42 <Enygma`> please feel free to comment on it / monitor it / offer to fix it / etc :)
15:45 <alex00000123> Thank you !
15:49 <alex00000123> I disturb U a little more, because I've trouble to move a page by renaming it. I would like a page to be the child of another page
15:50 <alex00000123> According to the documentation, we can move pages by renaming them
16:10 <evalica> there are 2 relationships: one is wiki>space>page and the other is parent>children
16:11 <evalica> one appears in the top menu - the other in the breadcrumb
16:11 <evalica> to change the first relationship - you need to move the page
16:11 <evalica> to change the parent > child - you just need to change the parent
16:26 <Enygma`> alex00000123: so just go in edit mode on a page and see the little button in the top right, on the far right side of the breadcrums section, just above the Edit button's location. Press it and an input will appear above the document title to specify a parent document.
16:27 <Enygma`> that's for the parent-child relationship
16:28 <Enygma`> this is for Renaming:
16:28 <Enygma`> Google is your friend.
16:29 <Enygma`> Parent editing:
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16:42 <alex00000123> Thank you, actually I've seen those pages through Google, but I didn't see the "change location" button  :D
16:42 <alex00000123> Now everything is ok
16:50 <alex00000123> bye  :)
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