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09:46 <vmassol> mflorea: good morning
09:46 <vmassol> would you have any quick idea as to why this would fail in the wysiwyg editor: (see my comments and especially the last one)?
09:51 <mflorea> vmassol: good morning, checking
09:52 <vmassol> checking when it stopped working by testing on earlier versions now
09:53 <vmassol> works in 6.2.4
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09:55 <vmassol> probably something thomas worked on I'd say
09:56 <vmassol> he worked on velocity isolation AFAIK so it could be related
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10:04 <mflorea> it works in inline edit mode (which uses the edit action also)
10:07 <vmassol> mflorea: I think it could be caused by
10:07 <vmassol> and in edit mode somewhere we're missing a call to VelocityEngine#startedUsingMacroNamespace
10:07 <vmassol> thus each velocity execution is isolated
10:07 <mflorea> no, as I said, it works in edit mode when inline
10:07 <vmassol> yes but there can be some different paths used
10:07 <vmassol> for inline and for edit
10:08 <mflorea> but the distinction here is that the content of the wysowyg editor is taken by rendering a velocity template
10:08 <mflorea> /edit/Space/Page?xpage=wysiwyginput
10:08 <mflorea> let's see if we can reproduce with another template
10:09 <vmassol> thomas has changed the behavior and has fixed several places but my guess is that he forgot some
10:09 <mflorea> it may be the wysiwyg script service
10:09 <mflorea> which does the rendering
10:09 <vmassol> hmm actually no it's the opposite
10:09 <mflorea>
10:09 <vmassol> he made it automatic AFAICS in teh code
10:11 <mflorea> actually this is called
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10:13 <vmassol> tmortagne: good morning, I need your input :)
10:13 <vmassol> (you can check the last 3 comments on )
10:13 <tmortagne> vmassol: sure, give me a few minutes to wakeup
10:13 <vmassol> I'm trying to understand your change
10:13 <vmassol> in DVE
10:14 <vmassol> DefaultVelocityEngine
10:14 <vmassol> about startedUsingMacroNamespaceInternal/stop*
10:14 <mflorea> vmassol: I can reproduce in a wiki page by calling
10:14 <mflorea> {{{$services.wysiwyg.toAnnotatedXHTML($myDoc.content, $myDoc.syntax.toIdString())}}}
10:14 <vmassol> ok
10:14 <mflorea> where $myDoc is the doc that has the content you posted in your comment
10:15 <vmassol> to me it looks lile some namespace stuff
10:15 <vmassol> but tmortagne will know better
10:15 <mflorea> yes
10:15 <tmortagne> vmassol: did you checked ?
10:16 <tmortagne> it explain the change with an example
10:17 <mflorea> toAnnotatedXHTML calls this
10:17 <tmortagne> did not looked at the detail but from what I understand it looks like the issue is that the wysiwyg does not declare a transformation id for the content it execute
10:17 <mflorea> this is probably the job of DefaultHTMLConverter, in toHTML
10:17 <tmortagne> TransformationManager#performTransformations is automatically taking care of that so I guess it means the wysig execute its own txs
10:18 <mflorea> yes, because it executes only macro transformaitons
10:18 <mflorea> see
10:18 <tmortagne> ok will look at the code
10:19 <vmassol> so we need to wrap the toHTML() with a start/stop?
10:19 <mflorea> #parseAndRender should be fixed too (also in DefaultHTMLConverter)
10:19 <tmortagne> by the way it mean the wysiwyg used to leak velocity macros
10:20 <tmortagne> vmassol: basically when you think it's possible that you execute several script you need to use start/stop
10:21 <tmortagne> most of the time you use transformation manager and other APIs that take care of that for you so you don't really care but sometime you are doing cutom stuff
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10:25 <tmortagne> I think I can find some criteria to fix the issue directly in MacroTransformation
10:25 <tmortagne> should reduce issues with custom codes that use only this tx
10:27 <tmortagne> vmassol: can I assign XWIKI-11695 to me ?
10:28 <tmortagne> or do you want do to it with some pointers maybe ?
10:28 <vmassol> tmortagne: sniff my BFD issue goes away… :) go ahead I'll find another one
10:28 <tmortagne> I can give you some advice on how it could be fixed if you want
10:28 <vmassol> yes maybe it's better
10:28 <vmassol> so that I understand the changes you made
10:30 <tmortagne> vmassol: in MacroTransformation#transform you get a TransformationContext which among other things contains a transformation id, you can compare it to th current transformation id (RenderingContext#getTransformationId) and if it's not the same put the whole transformation around a start/stop with the transformation id from the TransformationContext
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10:32 <vmassol> ok
10:32 <tmortagne> that way the whole transformation will share the same namespace
10:33 <tmortagne> actually you don't even need to check if it's the same since start/stop hard a stack internally so if the current id is already the right one it's ok too, it's just useless, as you want
10:34 <vmassol> ok so the code checks the stack and it's the same it doesn't create a new element on the stack?
10:34 <vmassol> *same id
10:34 <vmassol> will check the code
10:35 <tmortagne> vmassol: also don't forget to update the rendering context since that's probably another bug of the WYSIWYG, if it does not start/stop I guess it also does not make sure to update the rendering context
10:35 <tmortagne> you can look at transformationmanager code for all this
10:35 <vmassol> yep I'm reaing it now
10:35 <vmassol> *reading
10:35 <tmortagne> we are starting to ave code that count on rendering context to be right so we need to make sure it's always right
10:36 <vmassol> this starts to be quite complex overall though...
10:39 <vmassol> tmortagne: why did you introduce MutableRenderingContext instead of refactoring RenderingContext?
10:39 <vmassol> this forces ugly casts
10:39 <tmortagne> vmassol: I did not
10:40 <tmortagne> Denis did
10:40 <tmortagne> MutableRenderingContext is internal
10:40 <tmortagne> and RenderingContext was supposed to be read only
10:40 <vmassol> still there's a problem
10:40 <tmortagne> he did not wanted to have it modifiable
10:40 <vmassol> ((MutableRenderingContext) this.renderingContext).transformInContext(transformation, context, block);
10:40 <vmassol> is not nice
10:40 <tmortagne> it's not supposed to be used much
10:41 <vmassol> why do this:
10:41 <vmassol> @Inject
10:41 <vmassol> private RenderingContext renderingContext;
10:41 <vmassol> instead of being inject a mutable RC?
10:41 <vmassol> *injected
10:41 <tmortagne> the role is RenderingContext
10:41 <vmassol> yes with a different role then
10:41 <tmortagne> would be a different context
10:41 <vmassol> AFAICS all the RenderingContext stuff is 6.0 so still unstable
10:41 <tmortagne> different role means different instance
10:41 <Denis1> the mutable aspect of it is not public API
10:42 <vmassol> I know Denis1 but the impl is ugly
10:42 <tmortagne> vmassol: you can propose something else
10:42 <vmassol> yes sure like I have the time to redo eveything Denis did :)
10:43 <vmassol> I don't think the answer is to ask someone finding a problem to redo everything others did :)
10:43 <vmassol> I'm just questioning the need for the cast which IMO is a design smell
10:43 <Denis1> this is the best I could do at the time it has been done, and if you consider that we should get rid of the mutable aspect, I do not see where you have a problem
10:44 <vmassol> what I know is that if I have to design something from scratch I 'll never force c ast
10:44 <vmassol> *cast
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10:44 <Denis> I do not want to keep a MutableContext in the end
10:44 <vmassol> now I don't know enough about what was done to suggest something ATM
10:44 <Denis> so if you have the time to refactor what need be to get rid of it, go on :)
10:45 <tmortagne> vmassol: the answer is not to just say "that's crap" without any counter proposal, Denis tough a lot about it and did what he could
10:45 <Denis> as you said, I am inheriting of someone else work, and we can always redo what as been done
10:45 <vmassol> what I meant
10:46 <Denis> s/can/can't
10:46 <vmassol> is that this new concept of Rendering Context is new
10:46 <vmassol> still new
10:46 <vmassol> but not for a long time more
10:46 <Denis> the RenderingContext as non-mutable is clean
10:46 <vmassol> (it's going to be out of unstable)
10:46 <Denis> the mutable stuff is internal
10:46 <vmassol> and if we wait too long
10:46 <vmassol> we'll have no options
10:46 <tmortagne> MutableRenderingContext is internal, we can change it anytime we want
10:46 <Denis> we should not be afraid
10:46 <vmassol> you don't understand tmortagne
10:46 <Denis> the dirty aspect has been kept internal
10:46 <vmassol> I'm talking design
10:47 <vmassol> and you're talking impl
10:47 <tmortagne> again what is public is only the read only part and there is no issue there
10:47 <tmortagne> nobody need to cast anything to get the current rendering context properties
10:48 <tmortagne> anything else IS impl so you are talking about impl
10:48 <Denis> the designed aspect is clean Vincent, there is no issue there. This is why I done it that way
10:49 <Denis> I really do not get why you are worried
10:49 <vmassol> ok so you consider casting clean we're not going to agree on that :)
10:49 <vmassol> let's stop here
10:49 <Denis> this is implementation details in internal stuffs
10:49 <vmassol> internal impl doesn't mean it has to be hackish
10:49 <Denis> this has nothing to do with the our public API
10:49 <vmassol> of course I could use relfection everywehre
10:49 <vmassol> instead of calling setters
10:50 <Denis> ok, if you have plenty of time, change it !
10:50 <vmassol> it'll still work
10:50 <vmassol> and still be internal
10:50 <vmassol> but it wouldn't be right
10:50 <vmassol> let's stop here because I don't hae the time to change and you think it's right
10:51 <Denis> to get rid of that casting, there is a lot to do, I have evaluate it, and taking timing aspect into consideration, I have made the current implementation. If you do not like it, and you have more time, you can improve. I have not cut your options
10:51 <vmassol> ok I prefer this answer :)
10:51 <Denis> do we have ever say something else ?
10:51 <vmassol> that you know it's not right but you did it for time considerations
10:51 <vmassol> I can accept taht
10:52 <vmassol> yes thomas was saying it was right
10:52 <Denis> since the beginning, I said that the mutable aspect of the RC should be get rid of
10:52 <tmortagne> vmassol: I said the public API was right...
10:53 <Denis> exactly
10:53 <Denis> and to get the public API right, I have introduce that cast
10:53 <tmortagne> re XWIKI-11695 the best would probably be to allow passing transformations to TransformationManager
10:53 <Denis> until we have time to really not need it
10:53 <tmortagne> that way TransformationManager will take care of rendering context and stuff
10:54 <vmassol> all I know is that this is one more complex thing to understand
10:54 <Denis> that should, and currently we have tons of place where you can really use it
10:54 <Denis> this is where the design was flawed
10:54 <vmassol> and I defy anyone to write code that is correct
10:54 <Denis> and this not my work
10:54 <vmassol> the proof is the bug I'm trying to fix
10:54 <vmassol> if you check the wysiwyg code it has to understand the cast apparently
10:54 <tmortagne> setting the rendering context is not supposed to be common stuff, that's why it's internal
10:55 <vmassol> yes we probabmy need a way
10:55 <vmassol> to execute only some transformations
10:55 <vmassol> and not let that to users of the api
10:55 <vmassol> to figure out
10:55 <tmortagne> and I just suggested who to do it in a cleaner way
10:55 <tmortagne> "he best would probably be to allow passing transformations to TransformationManager"
10:55 <tmortagne> s/who/how/
10:56 <vmassol> yes  I agree and I believe we even discussed that at the beginning of the rendering module but we didn't do it
10:56 <vmassol> I think I didn't do it initially becasue it was suppose to be easy just to look up one Tx and execute t
10:57 <vmassol> *it
10:57 <vmassol> but it's now complex
10:57 <vmassol> since there are several stuff to prepare
10:58 <tmortagne> the bug you are working on is not about rendering context
10:58 <vmassol> I'm talking about transformations here
10:58 <tmortagne> I'm just talling you that there is probably others bugs because of that
10:58 <tmortagne> s/talling/telling/
10:58 <vmassol> well you shell that to yourself because you introduced the change :)
10:58 <vmassol> *should tell
10:58 <vmassol> so better check it out
10:59 <vmassol> all places that calls Tx diretly
10:59 <tmortagne> again Denis introduced it
10:59 <tmortagne> if you don't want to do it don't do it
10:59 <vmassol> I'm talking about the isoaltion stuff
10:59 <vmassol> velocity isoaltion
10:59 <tmortagne> since you were working on it I tough it was a good thing to check other things to
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11:02 <Denis> When I introduce the RC, I had check out to my best all places that are running transformation, and I was disappointed to see so much duplicated code, but a complete refactoring was out of my reach at that time
11:02 <Denis> hence the cast stuff which was the cleanest way to solve it out for the moment
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11:10 <vmassol> Denis: ok
11:10 <vmassol> thanks for the explanations
11:15 <vmassol> tmortagne: so if I understand correctly when you create a new TransformationContext you should always pass an id as otherwise there's no open/close done
11:15 <vmassol> so why not make the id part of the constructor and deprecate the current constructors not taking an id, to make it mandaotry?
11:15 <tmortagne> you mean when you call transformationmanager ?
11:15 <vmassol> no I mean when calling new TransformationContet()
11:16 <tmortagne> TransformationContet does not call any start/stop
11:16 <vmassol> AFAICS in XWikiRenderingContext
11:16 <vmassol> if the id is not set then no open/vlose
11:16 <vmassol> yes but with the code in XWikiRenderingContext we kind of require an id or it won't work properly
11:16 <tmortagne> so you are talking about RenderingContext
11:17 <vmassol> I'm talking about user code
11:17 <vmassol> if someone writes new TransformationContext() the nit's likely to not work
11:18 <tmortagne> if you don't give an id it means you want to stay with the current id AFAIK
11:18 <vmassol> ok then all this needs to be documented
11:18 <vmassol> right now when I read the javadoc for Tx I don't understand that
11:18 <vmassol> fixing it
11:19 <vmassol> so our problem is that we're not inside any current Tx
11:19 <vmassol> (and thus no id is set)
11:20 <vmassol> maybe there's a way to check that in our code automatically
11:20 <tmortagne> yes that's RederingContext job
11:21 <tmortagne> it contain the current rendering related properties
11:21 <tmortagne> this is why I suggested you to check it before calling start/stop in my first message
11:22 <vmassol> yes but I don't care here I think
11:23 <vmassol> unless toHTML and parseAndRender are called recusrively
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11:24 <vmassol> ok I'll do the "clean" way just to prove I understand :)
11:26 <tmortagne> vmassol: I don't know much about toHTML but if it's just a helper to convert a XDOM to HTML with macro execution it might be reused by a macro or something
11:27 <tmortagne> the question is more do we want toHTML to be isolated or not
11:27 <vmassol> tmortagne: any best practice for naming a tx id?
11:28 <vmassol> planning to use "wysiwygtxid"
11:30 <tmortagne> we don't really have naming rules right now, the template path is used for template and the document reference for document rendering
11:30 <tmortagne> you don't need to worry about two thread using the same namespace the velocityengine is taking care of that
11:31 <vmassol> yep seen that code
11:43 <vmassol> tmortagne: we're already in a tx actually
11:44 <vmassol> id = "/skins/flamingo/wysiwyginput.vm"
11:44 <vmassol> so it means this tx has not set an id
11:44 <vmassol> or has not called start/stop
11:45 <vmassol> so when we parse a template we create a tx now?
11:45 <tmortagne> "the template path is used for template"
11:46 <tmortagne> there id when executing a template yes
11:46 <vmassol> why is there a Tx when executing a template?
11:46 <vmassol> and how do I differentitate a template tx from other tx?
11:46 <tmortagne> transplates are content executed
11:47 <tmortagne> some are only velocity and some are wiki syntax
11:47 <vmassol> this one is velocity
11:47 <tmortagne> but you still need to indicate what is the current id used
11:47 <vmassol> that's what I don't understand
11:47 <tmortagne> it's the same
11:47 <tmortagne> the transformation id is the id used to execute script
11:47 <vmassol> so the velocity execution goes throgh the Rendering as a Velocity Macro being executed?
11:47 <tmortagne> the source being wiki syntaxe or directly velocity it's the same you still execute something
11:47 <tmortagne> like if you had only a velocity macro in your wiki content
11:48 <tmortagne> it does not create a XDOM no to not spend time on useless stuff but it still properly set the rendering context for anyone to reuse a transformation id, velocity namespace etc
11:49 <vmassol> why is the template exectuion not calling start/stop? imagine there's two velcocity macros in a template?
11:49 <tmortagne> it does
11:50 <vmassol> hmm  then I don't understand why the wysiwyg doesn't work
11:50 <tmortagne> no idea, you could put a breakpoint in the velocity engine to see what namespaces are used
11:51 <vmassol> ok I'll debug further
11:51 <tmortagne> but I don't think we want to reuse the template id anyway
11:51 <tmortagne> the WYSIWYF should execute what he want to execute in an isolated way IMO
11:51 <tmortagne> to not pollute the WYSIWYG template
11:51 <vmassol> but we don't have a way to differentiate template tx from non template tx do we?
11:52 <tmortagne> like document rendering use it's own namespace
11:52 <vmassol> ok then we shouldn't do the "if" you suggested right?
11:52 <tmortagne> vmassol: it depends what is executed exactly here
11:52 <vmassol> or we could
11:53 <vmassol> but just to not recreate a new id when the current id is the wysiwyg one
11:53 <vmassol> just in case it's called recursively there after
11:53 <vmassol> i'l do that
11:53 <tmortagne> I suggested a if mostly for the macro transformation to not break anything but maybe the WYSIWYG should force an isolation
11:53 <tmortagne> I don't know exactly the use case
11:53 <vmassol> still going to see what namespace is used. I'm curious
11:55 <tmortagne> vmassol: the id used in practice is the one in the transformation context when executing a velocity macro so the issue is probably with null in the velocity macro
11:55 <tmortagne> what is in the renderingcontext is an information that we try to keep up to date
11:56 <tmortagne> maybe its generating a namespace instead of using the current one
11:57 <vmassol> namespace used is "unknown namespace"
11:57 <tmortagne> probably because of the null in the transformation context indeed then
11:57 <vmassol> yes apprently
11:59 <vmassol> so
11:59 <vmassol> if you don't set an id, even if you're inside a Tx, velocity scripts will be ioslated
12:00 <vmassol> we treat "unknown namespace" in a psecial way?
12:00 <vmassol> (need to check that part)
12:00 <vmassol> apparently not
12:00 <vmassol> hmm then I don't get it
12:01 <vmassol> the 2 velocity macros shoiuld both use "unknown namespace" as their namespace
12:02 <vmassol> tmortagne: I don't understand this code in DefaultVelocityEngine:
12:02 <vmassol>     startedUsingMacroNamespaceInternal(namespace);
12:03 <vmassol> ah I understand
12:04 <vmassol> it works because it's a put in a Map so it's not going to create a new "namespace"
12:04 <tmortagne> lunch time, back in 1 or 2h
12:04 <vmassol> so if it's empty then no isolation...
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12:54 <Guest16855> hello can i hava a help with a problem with xwiki 6.4 after upgrade from 6.3 ?
13:05 <vmassol> Guest16855: hi, you need to state your problem or we won't be able to help you :)
13:31 <Guest16855> ok thanks
13:32 <Guest16855> after upgrade xwiki from 6.3 to 6.4, i have a problem with solr
13:32 <vmassol> yep
13:32 <Guest16855> org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error loading class ''
13:32 <vmassol>
13:32 <vmassol> it's in red letters to make it easy to notice :)
13:39 <Guest16855> ok thanks it's allright
13:40 <Guest16855> remove solr directory
13:40 <Guest16855> yesterday, i have clean the directory and not delete
13:40 <Guest16855> and in this case, problem
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14:12 <vmassol> Guest16855: ok
14:19 <tmortagne> vmassol: something weird on mail test, maybe you forgot to commit something:
14:19 <tmortagne> [ERROR] /home/hudsonagent/jenkins_root/workspace/xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-mail/xwiki-platform-mail-test/xwiki-platform-mail-test-tests/src/test/it/org/xwiki/mail/test/ui/[100,21] cannot find symbol   symbol:   method setDiscardSuccessStatuses(boolean)   location: variable sendMailPage of type org.xwiki.mail.test.po.SendMailAdministrationSectionPage
14:19 <vmassol> hmm thanks tmortagne, checking
14:20 <vmassol> it's building fine here
14:21 <vmassol> this means the pageobjets module wasn't built which is strange
14:22 <vmassol> seems to be there though:
14:22 <vmassol> looks like a problem on jenkins somewehre
14:23 <vmassol> but I don't see how it could not build the pageobjects
14:24 <vmassol> apparently it didn't build the pageobjects in this bild
14:24 <vmassol> *build
14:24 <vmassol> at
14:25 <vmassol> there's a test depednency on it though
14:25 <tmortagne> vmassol: jenkins is configured for partial build so sometimes it fail and then  not build what was not built in the previous run
14:25 <vmassol> so I don't know what happened but a full build shuld solve it
14:26 <tmortagne> should be ok if you start platform build by hand, will rebuild the whole thing
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14:40 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: errro html export doesn't work at all for me on 7.0, it's just hanging...
14:41 <gdelhumeau> it is very long now
14:41 <vmassol> so that's a bug regression
14:41 <vmassol> it's not usable a tall for me
14:41 <vmassol> I've waited over 1 minute and still nothing
14:41 <vmassol> it used to be immediate, after 1 second
14:42 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: I can understand the time spend on less build but less build is not 1 minute
14:42 <gdelhumeau> it is compiled multiple times
14:42 <vmassol> and it shouldn't recompile here either
14:43 <vmassol> in any case that's a blocker regression gdelhumeau
14:43 <gdelhumeau> it's better on 6.2.x, maybe some page using LESS in SSX
14:43 <tmortagne> what is the creteria to rebuild it in the same html export ?
14:43 <tmortagne> criteria
14:43 <gdelhumeau> I was hopping that less4j would solve this
14:43 <vmassol> no
14:43 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: the URL
14:43 <vmassol> no tool will ever solve this
14:43 <gdelhumeau> the url for a CSS is not the same for then main page
14:43 <vmassol> there's an intrinsic problem
14:44 <vmassol> exporting HTML is already a complex process, adding overhead is just not going to to doit
14:44 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: you mean an URL in the page which is exported ?
14:44 <gdelhumeau> yes
14:44 <tmortagne> why ?
14:45 <Chuguniy> has quit
14:45 <vmassol> my cpu is going crazy too during the export
14:46 <tmortagne> you mean each css included in the page produce a new less build ?
14:46 <gdelhumeau> those which uses LESS
14:46 <tmortagne> in standard it's what ? just style.css ?
14:46 <tmortagne> if I export an empty page in XE for example it generate how many builds ?
14:47 <vmassol> 1 minute 22 seconds
14:47 <vmassol> to export the sandbox.webhome page
14:47 <tmortagne> is it only the first time or nothing is cached ?
14:47 <vmassol> used to be areound 1 second
14:47 <gdelhumeau> everything is explained there:
14:47 <vmassol> I don't understan dhow you can consdier this acceptable/normal gdelhumeau
14:48 <vmassol> ...
14:48 <vmassol> and why it wasn't raised
14:48 <vmassol> is there are jira issue?
14:48 <gdelhumeau> it was good for 6.2.x for which I've made it
14:48 <vmassol> (for the html export)
14:48 <gdelhumeau> but I don't know why 6.4 is so long
14:48 <vmassol> it doesn't that you don't know why
14:48 <vmassol> the  minimum to do if you knew bout it
14:48 <vmassol> was to raise a bocker
14:48 <vmassol> *blocker
14:49 <vmassol> do we have a jira issue?
14:49 <gdelhumeau> no
14:49 <vmassol> ok creating one
14:49 <vmassol> sigh… one more blocker :(
14:49 <tmortagne> I'm surprise we don't get a timeout in the HTMLExportTest test if it's that long
14:51 <tmortagne> we should probably put a shorter timeout there
14:52 <vmassol> tmortagne: we should include export performance tests in the test report too maybe?
14:53 <tmortagne> vmassol: a timeout in the automated test would catch it way quicker
14:53 <tmortagne> since we already have such a test
14:53 <vmassol> yes but it'll never work good enough
14:53 <vmassol> if you put a timeout at 3 seconds
14:53 <vmassol> the tests will fail too often
14:54 <vmassol> and if you put it at 30 seconds it's too long, even 3 seconds is too long for exporting 1 pzage
14:54 <vmassol> *âge
14:54 <vmassol> grr
14:54 <vmassol> *page
14:54 <tmortagne> sure but you are talking about something that takes more than 1 minutes here, putting 10 or 20 s should not produce too many false positive
14:54 <tmortagne> it's not going to be less than 3s
14:55 <tmortagne> building less takes 8s itself already
14:55 <vmassol> then we should drop less
14:55 <cjd> you're not making the azerty keyboard seem easy to use
14:55 <vmassol> we cannot penalize all our features becaude of less
14:55 <vmassol> I'm getting seriously pissed by less
14:55 <vmassol> it's  a nightmare
14:55 <vmassol> did I say I hate generators :)
14:56 <tmortagne> it's better with less4j according to gdelhumeau but probably still slow
14:56 <vmassol> it's never going to be fast enough
14:56 <tmortagne> but there is probably things we can prebuild, right now we rebuild everything all the time
14:56 <vmassol> one option is to forget dynamcity and precompile stuff
14:57 <gdelhumeau> then it's a regression
14:57 <vmassol> less itself is a regression on the performance aspect in several places
14:57 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: is thare caching or html export rebuild everything each time ?
14:57 <vmassol> it brings some new feature but at too high a cost ATM
14:57 <tmortagne> we have cache in view and it's dine
14:57 <tmortagne> fine
14:57 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: no cache
14:57 <gdelhumeau> it used to have one
14:58 <gdelhumeau> but it was breaking icons
14:58 <vmassol> even view is not fine tmortagne, it's taking too long on the first run
14:58 <tmortagne> there is a specific blocker or just do not had time to look at it ?
14:59 <tmortagne> vmassol: it's taking 8s on the very fist run among many other stuff, less is not the only thing happening on first run
14:59 <vmassol> thaty's not tre tmortagne
14:59 <vmassol> your confusing stuff
14:59 <vmassol> the first page accessed
14:59 <vmassol> and when you make changes later on in xobjets
14:59 <vmassol> for example
14:59 <vmassol> or in skin
14:59 <vmassol> so you do get the timeout several times
14:59 <vmassol> it's a pain
15:00 <vmassol> and make xwiki slugglish
15:00 <tmortagne> sure but the skin is not something you modify all the time
15:00 <vmassol> as a feeling
15:01 <tmortagne> not many people experience the first slow run unless your wiki restart all the time
15:01 <vmassol> personally I feel we've regressed because of LESS (in term of overall perf)
15:01 <vmassol> re memory I hope the cache is not taking too much either
15:02 <msmeria> has quit
15:02 <tmortagne> I would not say overall perfs, once it's built it's just css so it's not slowing down the whole thing
15:02 <tmortagne> only the first access is impacted, which is not very nice for devs I agree but not that visible for users
15:03 <tmortagne> but if html export does not cache anything that's another mater
15:03 <tmortagne> I agree that i html export is that slow all the time it's quite bad
15:05 <tmortagne> anyway if gdelhumeau said it was ok in 6.2.x it should be debugged first
15:05 <tmortagne> vmassol: on the memory side I think is a filesystem cache, right gdelhumeau ?
15:06 <gdelhumeau> right
15:06 <gdelhumeau> but we store a mutex for each less ressource
15:06 <tmortagne> sure but a mutex is nothing
15:07 <vmassol> ok that's good if it's not taking memory
16:04 <tmortagne> 6.4.1 will be welcome indeed
16:05 <vmassol> :(
16:05 <vmassol> I have the feeling we're generating lots of bugs/regressions
16:06 <vmassol> we're surely missing tests
16:06 <vmassol> we need to improve and get better, it's taking too long to stabilize ATM
16:09 <tmortagne> or we rush too much during BFD (the issue vrachieru fixed was a typo introduce in a BFD issue)
16:10 <vmassol> yes we definitely rush too much by not taking the time to always have a test to prove that what is fixed will continue to work thereafter
16:10 <vmassol> (I know I've done this mistake myself several time in order to do more issues....)
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18:41 <vmassol> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-remote-resources-plugin:1.4:process (xwiki-license-resources) on project xwiki-enterprise: Resources archive cannot be found. Could not find artifact org.xwiki.commons:xwiki-commons-tool-license-resources:jar:7.0-SNAPSHOT
18:41 <vmassol> [ERROR]
18:41 <vmassol> oops
18:41 <vmassol>  sorry
18:41 <vmassol> bazd paste
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21:30 <kyndel> Hello. I have a new wiki on the wikifarm and I'm wondering how to make it viewable without being logged in
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22:52 <vmassol> kyndel: what wikifarm?
22:52 <vmassol> (Hi)
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23:11 <kyndel>
23:12 <kyndel> also, how do i make a page horizontally scrollable, so if i have a really big table it doens't squish all the rows
23:19 <kyndel> or rather, how do i increase the minimum row width
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23:37 <kyndel> also, how do i edit the wiki description i see in the "Wiki Information" Gadget??
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