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10:24 <tarantul> Hi! I have troubles with last xwiki update. After update I have HTTP Status 404 - /xwiki/
10:24 <tarantul> description The requested resource is not available.
10:24 <tarantul> Apache Tomcat/7.0.56 (Debian)
10:27 <vmassol> tarantul: we'd need more details to help you, starting with a pastebin of what you get in the catalina.log file
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10:41 <tarantul> vmassol:
10:42 <vmassol> tarantul: simple
10:42 <vmassol> address already in use
10:43 <vmassol> so you already have something in port 8080
10:43 <vmassol> ah no you pasted the whole file…
10:44 <vmassol> you have only 1 webapp to deploy in your tomcat
10:44 <vmassol> INFO: Deploying web application directory /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ROOT
10:44 <vmassol> the ROOT one
10:44 <vmassol> are you deploying xwiki as root?
10:45 <tarantul> vmassol: I install xwiki from debian packages
10:45 <vmassol> what I see here is that you're missing the xwiki webapp
10:45 <vmassol> no clue about the debian package though
10:45 <vmassol> but you probably got errors
10:46 <vmassol> (never used it)
10:50 <tarantul> vmassol: very strange, I have tonns of jar files in /usr/lib/xwiki/WEB-INF
10:50 <vmassol> check your tomcat's webapps/ directory
10:50 <vmassol> it should container ROOT/ and xwiki/
10:51 <vmassol> s/container/contain
10:51 <vmassol> wait
10:51 <vmassol> I don't know how the debian packaging is done actually
10:51 <vmassol> tmortagne should know more if he's avail
10:52 <vmassol> indeed you're right:
10:52 <tmortagne> tarantul: what package did you installed in which version ?
10:53 <vmassol> so I guess you need to check your context.xml to see if it points to /usr/lib/xwiki
10:54 <vmassol> or maybe there's a symink in tomcat's webapp dir I don' t know...
10:54 <vmassol> leaving you in the hands of tmortagne now :)
10:54 <tmortagne> depending on your version of tomcat you should have a symlink in /etc/tomcat7/Catalina/localhost/ to something like /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat.xml
10:54 <tarantul> tmortagne: xwiki-enterprise-tomcat7-pgsql       7.0.1+1
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10:55 <tmortagne> in this version the target should be something like /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat7.xml I think
10:55 <tarantul> tmortagne: symlink is missing.
10:56 <tmortagne> is it an upgrade ?
10:58 <tmortagne> any any case to fix your issue just create the link I just told you about, will try to reproduce your issue
10:58 <tarantul> tmortagne: what exactly you meaning?
10:58 <tmortagne> did you have xwiki installed before already or is it a new install
10:58 <tarantul> tmortagne: ok, I restore vm and try to reproduce. It's upgrade.
10:59 <tarantul> restore vm from backup
11:00 <tmortagne> tarantul: I think I may I found the cause, don't bother I will look at it
11:00 <tmortagne> just create the link and that should fix it for you
11:09 <tarantul> tmortagne: I create symlink, but nothing changes
11:10 <tmortagne> the link itself should be named "xwiki"
11:11 <tarantul> I have :
11:11 <tarantul> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 28 июн  3 11:59 xwiki-tomcat7.xml -> /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat7.xml
11:11 <tmortagne> nop you did not :)
11:12 <tmortagne> should be xwiki -> /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat7.xml
11:12 <tmortagne> /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat7.xml exist, right ?
11:14 <tarantul> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 28 июн  3 12:12 xwiki -> /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat7.xml
11:14 <tarantul> yes, /etc/xwiki/xwiki-tomcat7.xml exist
11:14 <tarantul> but doesn't help
11:15 <tmortagne> what does tomcat say ?
11:15 <tmortagne> (note: currently deploying a 7.0.1+2 with a fix for the link)
11:21 <tmortagne> tarantul: ha sorry it's xwiki.xml, not xwiki
11:22 <tmortagne> new debian repository index currently updating with the new package
11:22 <tarantul> tmortagne: It's works!
11:22 <tarantul> tmortagne: very very thanks!
11:23 <tmortagne> tarantul: thank you for the quick report of my mistake :)
11:23 <tarantul> oops...
11:23 <tarantul> I have another throube
11:23 <tarantul> HTTP Status 500 - com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiException: Error number 11007 in 0: Failed to extract Entity Resource Reference from URL
11:23 <vmassol> need full stack trace tarantul, on pastebin
11:24 <tmortagne> note: new 7.0.1+2 with link fix package available
11:24 <tarantul> vmassol:
11:25 <vmassol> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.postgresql.Driver
11:25 <vmassol> so your install is missing the jdbc driver for pgsql
11:28 <tarantul> /usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc4.jar
11:28 <tarantul> /usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc3.jar
11:28 <tmortagne> tarantul: could you go to /usr/lib/xwiki/WEB-INF/lib/
11:28 <tmortagne> you should have a postgresql.jar link there
11:28 <tmortagne> pointing to /usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc4.jar
11:30 <tmortagne> I can see it in the deb package so it should be there
11:31 <tarantul> symlink doesn't exist, I create it
11:31 <tmortagne> that's very odd, it's definitely in the .deb package
11:32 <tmortagne> xwiki-enterprise-pgsql-common has been installed as dependency, right ?
11:33 <tarantul> tmortagne: yes. And I reinstall it thentring fix this problem.
11:33 <tarantul> It works!
11:34 <tmortagne> ok sorry for those issues
11:34 <tarantul> My wiki works now! thanks!
11:35 <tarantul> tmortagne: no problems! you have very nice support here
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15:06 <vmassol> tmortagne: what's the status of the release? We really need to release RC1 since we have final for Monday which we should not push
15:06 <tmortagne> vmassol: waiting to get news from mflorea
15:06 <mflorea> I'm just finishing some unit tests and I'm done
15:07 <mflorea> (to not break the quality build)
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15:07 <vmassol> nothing else blocking the release?
15:07 <tmortagne> nothing I know
15:07 <vmassol> ok cool
15:08 <tmortagne> there is a new failing test in xwiki-enterprise-test-ui
15:08 <tmortagne> restarted to see if it's a flickering
15:08 <tmortagne> yesterday there was only flickering tests
15:09 <vmassol> platform is failing too
15:09 <vmassol> has someone checked the content of /home/hudsonagent/jenkins_root/workspace/xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-tools/xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin/target/it/package-skin/build.log
15:15 <tmortagne> I did not refreshed jenkins home indeed
15:15 <tmortagne> looks like the usual packager test flickering
15:16 <tmortagne> restarting
15:18 <tmortagne> the new ApplicationNameTest.testSpecialCharactersInAppName failing test seems "stable"
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16:52 <cjd> gdelhumeau: re your mail proposal, have you considered re-using the file/page and directory/folder concepts from microsoft ?
16:52 <gdelhumeau> you mean instead of nodes?
16:52 <cjd> for a lot of people who are used to word, page/folder might be an easier learning curve than "pages within pages"
16:53 <gdelhumeau> I like this idea too. So you forbid a to call a space "A", if a document "A" already exists?
16:53 <cjd> Maybe we're talking about the same thing with just a slightly different UI
16:53 <cjd> yup
16:53 <gdelhumeau> +a user
16:53 <cjd> docs and spaces in the same collision domain
16:54 <gdelhumeau> but we already know some people who want to create child pages at any moment
16:54 <cjd> yeah... there's always a counter-usecase
16:54 <gdelhumeau> and I think that rename C to C.WebHome in order to let C having childs is a bit annoying
16:55 <cjd> but then in windows, nobody asks to convert a file into a folder, it's just accepted that they're different things
16:55 <cjd> like it's created a reality in people's minds
16:56 <gdelhumeau> I agree it could be easier to see our hierarchy like the filesystem, but it's also importing some limitations that we should not have in a wiki
16:56 <cjd> What are they? Other than convert a page to a space..
16:57 <cjd> I ask because the POSIX guys might have had the same problem and addressed it before (for example using fattr which nobody knows about)
16:57 <gdelhumeau> you still have the "WebHome" issue
16:57 <gdelhumeau> WebHome means nothing
16:57 <cjd> hmm
16:58 <cjd> You mean when you create a new "folder" you end up with something that has no "index" ?
16:58 <gdelhumeau> At least it should be called "Home" and be translatable
17:00 <gdelhumeau> the idea was also to replace the current parent/child relationship
17:00 <cjd> yup
17:00 <gdelhumeau> where any document could have children
17:00 <gdelhumeau> which can be anywhere right now
17:00 <cjd> perhaps then "Folder" should just be a UI term for a document ?
17:00 <cjd> the parent document
17:00 <gdelhumeau> that is confusing when you have complex hierarchy on the other hand
17:01 <cjd> but styalized as a folder so that people are comfortable coming from their file manager
17:01 <cjd> feel free to ignore me in the end, I'm just spouting nonsense :)
17:02 <gdelhumeau> your remark is pertinent cjd
17:02 <cjd> the one about nonsense? XD
17:03 <gdelhumeau> I also like the fact that there is no new concept to learn regarding the wiki organisation, "just like my harddrive"
17:03 <cjd> one sec
17:04 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: that's what you have in the XAR right now, a folder per space and each document is a file ;)
17:05 <tmortagne> which remain me that we did not talked about changes to make to the XAR format to support nested spaces...
17:05 <gdelhumeau> and in webdav too
17:05 <tmortagne> well not exactly
17:05 <gdelhumeau> tmortagne: and the REST API should be updated too
17:05 <tmortagne> each document is a folder actually with a file for each kind of data
17:05 <vmassol1> regarding FS, you should also consider the MS idea that all files are all flat and directories are just views/tags, so a file can be in several directories at the same time…
17:06 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: it's less an issue for REST at worst you put the complete space reference in the URL
17:06 <tmortagne> but in XAR format you need to support space and page that might have the same name
17:06 <vmassol1> indeed tmortagne, adding the XZR format change to the list of tasks
17:08 <vmassol1> done: T21 and T22
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17:35 <cjd> +1 re vmassol, directories as views is an interesting idea, I'm a little bit worried that it will prove to have usability issues but it's something we can watch MS on and see what they do....
17:36 <vmassol> they've done this years ago AFAIR
17:36 <vmassol> can't recall the name, need to google for it
17:36 <cjd> was it successful ?
17:36 <cjd> also there's always the legacy users to consider and they're going to want their legacy UI to remain very much a wiki/namespace universe
17:37 <cjd> btw congradulations on starting The New Model step 1 :)
17:37 <vmassol> :)
17:37 <cjd> If they investigated it and it's not default behavior in every windows10 computer, I'd flag that as risky
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17:48 <vmassol> agreed, would need to find the reference to it again
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