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10:15 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: it seems that commons/rendering 7.2 is not on maven central yet
10:16 <gdelhumeau> indeed I had troubles with that last week
10:16 <vmassol> good morning btw :)
10:16 <gdelhumeau> good morning :)
10:17 <Denis1> good morning
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10:17 <gdelhumeau> gdelhumeau
10:17 <gdelhumeau> on sonatype: Last operation failed with 3 notifications
10:17 <gdelhumeau> Missing MD5: '/org/xwiki/commons/xwiki-commons-observation-local/7.2/xwiki-commons-observation-local-7.2-javadoc.jar.md5'
10:18 <Denis> I am having a first look at 7.2 release, and I am very puzzled by the fact that I cannot see the children of a inexistent WebHome, while at the same time I can administrer that inexistent page… seems we have blow up some concept too fast !
10:20 <vmassol> IMO that's a mistake, we shouldn't be able to administer a non existing page
10:20 <vmassol> I don't see any issue of concept though
10:20 <vmassol> I'd create a jira issue for that
10:20 <Denis> you can administer it but not see children
10:20 <Denis> current creating the jira`
10:21 <gdelhumeau> I don't know
10:21 <Denis> that said, administration of and children of something that does not exists looks very odd for a final user
10:21 <gdelhumeau> the WebHome could not exist, but there could be some terminal pages
10:21 <vmassol> I agree that they should go together
10:21 <gdelhumeau> and since we don't have administer space, it make sense to administer... the non existent page
10:22 <vmassol> either they are allowed or they fordbidden for both of them
10:22 <gdelhumeau> from the core PoV
10:22 <gdelhumeau> from the user PoV, it's weird indeed
10:22 <vmassol> administer is ok IMO if the page rights is not shown
10:22 <vmassol> ie you can only administer children
10:22 <vmassol> well not even sure, need to think more :)
10:23 <vmassol> anyway I agree there's an issue and we need to decide
10:23 <Denis> XWIKI-12628
10:23 <Denis> but could be evolved as needed
10:24 <Denis> actually, we have a regression
10:26 <Denis> there is lots of weird situation with missing WebHome, including the fact that you can, (you need to) reach them (if you want to administer them)
10:26 <Denis> for the user PoV this is really weird and not pleasing
10:27 <vmassol> commented
10:32 <Denis> and replies
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10:34 <Denis> please, note that it is bad to have ML discussion in Jira issues, it seems to happen more and more, and so, let's create a ML thread about this !
10:34 <vmassol> and replied :)
10:35 <vmassol> ys I agree
10:35 <vmassol> about the ML
10:36 <vmassol> Ramona2: hi
10:36 <vmassol> Ramona2: is not correct IMO. Try adding annotations on the Sandbox.WebHome page and you'll see it should work
10:37 <vmassol> commenting and closing as dup since this issue already exists
10:38 <Ramona2> i am trying no on Sandbox.WebHome
10:38 <Ramona2> now
10:38 <vmassol> ok waiting
10:39 <Ramona2> it's working ok on Sandbox.WebHome but i don't know why i see this behavior on the main page
10:40 <vmassol> you'll see it on any dashboard I believe
10:40 <vmassol> it might be caused by
10:40 <Ramona2> but on 72m3 it worked ok
10:41 <vmassol> hmm are you sure about that?
10:41 <Ramona2> i test it again before creating the jira issue
10:41 <vmassol> indeed it works on 7.1.1
10:41 <vmassol> so I won't close the issue
10:41 <vmassol> thanks
10:42 <Ramona2> np
10:42 <Ramona2> it happens also on 72RC1
10:42 <Ramona2> i could reproduce the issue
10:46 <Denis> vmassol, gdelhumeau: also created XWIKI-12629
11:57 <Denis> With gdelhumeau, I have just notice that the Children links depend actually on the availability of the docextras, which is maybe not appropriate either… I am not sure what is the best behavior, but at least it is a change of behavior that is a breakage
11:58 <Denis> while it could be seen nice in AWM, it could also be seen annoying for devs and advanced user, and annoying for normal user in customized site that does not consider this new constraints
11:58 <Denis> I am about to open a jira, wdyt ?
11:59 <gdelhumeau> I think you can
12:02 <Denis> .
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