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09:42 <Aison> hello
09:44 <Aison> I tried to define some anchor links, but the anchor parameter in [[Label>>||anchor="foobar"]] is always removed after saving
09:45 <Aison> the anchor itself is defined with {{id name="foobar"/}}
09:45 <Aison> wikisyntax 2.1
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09:53 <vmassol> hi Aison
09:53 <vmassol> what version of xwiki?
09:53 <vmassol> could you try to reproduce this on
09:53 <vmassol> I've never seen this behavior so we need a way to reproduce it
09:53 <vmassol> would be nice if you could show us how to reproduce it
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09:55 <vmassol> Aison: as you can see on the anchor is not removed
09:55 <vmassol> note that there's no reason it's removed after saving since there's no code in xwiki that does this
09:56 <vmassol> wiki editor?
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10:27 <tmortagne> Aison: maybe you are using xwiki/2.0 syntax instead of 2.1
10:28 <tmortagne> [[Label>>||anchor="foobar"]] is 2.1 syntax while the 2.0 one is [[Label>>#foobar]]
10:28 <tmortagne> it all depends what exactly you mean by "removed"
10:29 <tmortagne> I doubt it's removed from the document content, that would not make any kind of sense, whatever you put in that would not be removed even if it's totally wrong unless you have some extension doing it
10:29 <tmortagne> so I assume you mean the anchor is not taken into account in the generated html
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10:46 <Aison> vmassol, plain text editor, WYSIWYG disabled
10:46 <Aison> vmassol, it is really strange. When I add it and use the preview it works, but after saving it is always removed
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10:47 <Aison> tmortagne, document syntax is set to 2.1
10:50 <vmassol> Aison: has someone developed some Event Listener on your wiki by any chance?
10:50 <vmassol> :)
10:50 <vmassol> Aison: have you tried reproducing ont he page I pointed to on playground?
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10:50 <tmortagne> the only possibility is some extension messing with your content when its saved and there is no such thing in standard XE
10:51 <vmassol> tmortagne: that's why I'd like Aison to try the page I created on playground
10:51 <vmassol> if it reproduces then it's a browser extension issue in Aison's browser
10:53 <Aison> vmassol, testing in a few minutes :-)
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11:08 <martinus__> Hello everybody !
11:09 <martinus__> When I tick the box SSL ( "If enabled, all this wiki's generated externals URLs will start with "https". )  and click save, now, any link on the wiki should start with https:// isn't it ?
11:10 <martinus__> So accessing http://wiki should still work but generated links should start with https:// (If I understand correctly)
11:11 <tmortagne> yes this option means that the links to this wiki should be generated with https
11:12 <tmortagne> and its only taken into account for link generation
11:13 <tmortagne> if you want to force https the best generally s to put a redirect in apache or whatever frontend you have before XWiki
11:13 <tmortagne> https access I mean
11:17 <martinus__> tmortagne, thanks. I don't necesseraly want to force in apache, if xwiki can generate its links as https. I've ticket the box for one of our wiki but If I then go to my profile, I only get regular http links (xwiki 6.4.4). Is a restart needed ?
11:17 <martinus__> note that this is the main wiki
11:18 <tmortagne> no, no restart needed but maybe you have xwiki.cfg "xwiki.home" property set to an http URL ?
11:18 <martinus__> well it could be, let me check
11:18 <tmortagne> when you are on the same wiki XWiki generate relative link
11:18 <tmortagne> it's just your browser resolving them for you but if you look in the html you won't see http
11:19 <tmortagne> complete link are only generated when you link to a different wiki
11:19 <martinus__> ok, I have xwiki.home=http://xxx
11:19 <martinus__> that's it
11:20 <tmortagne> "SSL" option does not force absolute link, it just indicate that when you need absolute link i should be https
11:20 <tmortagne> s/i should/it should/
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11:33 <martinus__> tmortagne, yes, and it seems (as told by our webmaster) that when using a macro of the main wiki from a https child wiki (using ,$xwiki.ssx.use("xwiki:XWiki.YoutubeMacro") for ex )  there is an absolute link generated with http : is it because of xwiki.home or the SSL option ?
11:34 <tmortagne> yes xwiki.home have priority I think
11:34 <tmortagne> you need to restart after changing xwiki.cfg
11:35 <martinus__> tmortagne, yes, thanks. I think I get it :)
11:35 <tmortagne> you're welcome
11:35 <Aison> vmassol, with my personal machine it works, but I have to use the wiki with a stupid secured machine on a secured network with no internet connection
11:35 <Aison> vmassol, so I can't test with the online sandbox
11:36 <vmassol> if it works on your machine then it's not a browser plugin issue
11:36 <vmassol> (provided you use the same browser in your tests)
11:36 <Aison> no, on my own machine i use firefox on ubuntu :P  and the secured machine is some windows 7 with IE 10........
11:37 <Aison> I guess there are not plugins at all, but IE10 is crap
11:37 <vmassol> still IE10 shouldn't change the content of a text area...
11:37 <vmassol> maybe you could explain to us exactly what you're doing
11:38 <vmassol> step by step I mean
11:40 <tmortagne> sounds a lot like some listener on your remove wiki
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11:47 <Aison> maybe some extension...
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11:48 <tmortagne> s/remove/remote/
11:50 <vmassol> sdumitriu: ping
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13:00 <RodrigoXwiki> Hello
13:10 <vmassol> hi
13:42 <RodrigoXwiki> I'm confused about something.. Can I still use spaces in 7.4? I actually could use the concept.
13:46 <vmassol> RodrigoXwiki: yes spaces are still there in the model
13:47 <vmassol> you should read this:
13:47 <vmassol>
13:47 <vmassol> then if you still have questions then report them here as we'll need to improve that doc! :)
13:54 <RodrigoXwiki> I did read it. I guess my problem is how it translates to the interface now, there's many options And I'm still exploring that. But Seems that every non-terminal page is actually a space, which kinda defeats the purpose of space as a more top level context container. Foswiki also had the webs concept for this.
13:55 <vmassol> "how it translates to the interface now, there's many options". WDYM?
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13:55 <vmassol> there's only 1 option now which is to create a page
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13:55 <vmassol> (from the UI POV)
13:55 <RodrigoXwiki> Not creation, navigation.
13:55 <vmassol> ok WDYM by several nav options?
13:56 <vmassol> (trying to understand the complexity to see if we can do something about it)
13:57 <vmassol> (I'll get to your other points once we finish with this one. I'm taking them one by one ;))
13:57 <RodrigoXwiki> Of course. I can't access the xwiki instance now, let's resume this when I can actually elaborate while looking at it.
13:57 <vmassol> the UI is supposed to be consistent and should only show pages
13:58 <vmassol> you can navigate from several ways of course but I see this as a good thing. To give a few examples:
13:58 <vmassol> - ctrl + g
13:58 <vmassol> - direct URL
13:58 <vmassol> - breacrumb
13:58 <vmassol> - tree view in the breadcrumb
13:58 <vmassol> - Index page
13:58 <vmassol> - links inside page contnet
13:58 <vmassol> - search
13:58 <vmassol> is that what you meant?
14:00 <vmassol> btw I gave you a wrong url above, the correct one is
14:00 <vmassol> (my browsers keeps autocompletion with preview action ;))
14:04 <RodrigoXwiki> I have to leave for lunch. I'll ping here afterwards and expose better. Tks again.
14:04 <vmassol> ok bon appetit
14:04 <vmassol> I'm really interested to continue the conversation
14:04 <vmassol> as I'd like to make it as simple as possible to understand and I know we have some quirks after introducing Nested Pages
14:04 <vmassol> s/we have/we probably have
14:05 <vmassol> so I need to understand the issue when someone fresh tries to graps it ;)
14:07 <sdumitriu> vmassol: pong
14:08 <vmassol> sdumitriu: hmm now need to remember what I wanted to ask you… :)
14:08 <vmassol> ah yes…
14:09 <vmassol> on
14:09 <ClemensR> about the "navigation: where are the spaces": personally I vaguely guess the issue is that people get used to have spaces a simple, basic, top-level structures ... so a widget showing only "top level spaces" might help ... but that is just a vague guess of mine
14:09 <vmassol> it mentions "This property sets the 'Uberspector', the introspection package that handles all introspection strategies for Velocity. You can specify a comma-separated list of Uberspector classes, in which case all Uberspectors are chained. "
14:09 <vmassol> I guess this is something you contributed back
14:10 <vmassol> my question is why are we still using our own chaining code instead of velocity's now?
14:10 <vmassol> (any reason or just lack of time migrating to it?)
14:10 <vmassol> ClemensR: sure but OTOH it would totally confuse everyone else
14:11 <vmassol> (since you'd need to explain the concept of spaces and how it's different from nested pages)
14:11 <ClemensR> yeah, I know, maybe name it "top level pages" ?
14:11 <vmassol> what we do need though
14:11 <vmassol> (and guillaumeD is working on it)
14:12 <vmassol> is a migration guide
14:12 <vmassol> we have that already :)
14:12 <vmassol> it's even on the dashboard home page
14:13 <vmassol> I think RodrigoXwiki understood correctly actually
14:13 <vmassol> since he said "But Seems that every non-terminal page is actually a space, which kinda defeats the purpose of space as a more top level context container"
14:14 <vmassol> this is exactly why we deprecated the concept of space in the UI because it's replaced by a more generic concept of nested pages
14:14 <vmassol> (which supports several levels and not just one)
14:14 <vmassol> however the underlying model still has spaces so Nested Pages are implemented with Nested Spaces under the hood
14:14 <vmassol> this is the tricky part that we'll have till we remove spaces from the model
14:16 <ClemensR> ok, then my guess is just wrong :)
14:17 <sdumitriu> vmassol: No reason, just that we didn't get around to actually update our code after the upgrade
14:17 <vmassol> let's see what RodrigoXwiki says
14:17 <vmassol> sdumitriu: ok thanks
14:17 <vmassol> so something that we should do
14:18 <sdumitriu> We should check if there's something we have in our class that's not part of the official codebase, although I doubt there is
14:18 <vmassol> k
14:18 <vmassol> btw
14:18 <vmassol> I asked a question to you in a jira issue
14:18 <vmassol> regarding filtering of dates in livetbales
14:18 <sdumitriu> I think they didn't accept the LinkingUberspector, which we don't use anyway
14:18 <sdumitriu> Didn't see that
14:18 <vmassol> ah didn't know we don't use it, ok
14:19 <sdumitriu> I don't read jira and commits notifications anymore...
14:19 <vmassol> I saw that you assigned yourself to a jira issue regarding this
14:19 <vmassol> and I was hoping that you were porting the work you did on phenotips to the platform :)
14:19 <vmassol> (I remember seeing a nice date filter there on phenotips)
14:19 <sdumitriu> Yes, that's the plan
14:19 <vmassol> ok very cool then
14:19 <sdumitriu> I want to reduce the amount of patches that we have
14:20 <vmassol> cool for the xwiki project
14:20 <vmassol> any timeframe? :)
14:21 <vmassol> (this issue has been recently asked a lot)
14:21 <sdumitriu> Not really...
14:21 <sdumitriu> Bogged down with work
14:22 <vmassol> that's nice (hoping you enjoy it :))
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14:47 <vmassol> sdumitriu: I see LinkingUberspector in velocity 1.7
14:51 <sdumitriu> Good
14:51 <sdumitriu> So there's nothing else to do but to deprecate our classes
14:52 <vmassol> in case someone has created a custom uberspector right?
14:52 <vmassol> (a custom chained uberspector based on our class that is)
14:52 <vmassol> so we can deprecate and move them to legacy
14:58 <vmassol> sdumitriu: I think there might be bug in your impl
14:59 <vmassol> In AbstractChainableUberspector.getMethod(…) for example you have: return (this.inner != null) ? this.inner.getMethod(obj, methodName, args, i) : null;
14:59 <vmassol> so if you impl a chained uberspector and you put it as the frist uberspector in the chain, it'll return null always
15:00 <vmassol> instead it should probably call super.getMethod() instead
15:00 <vmassol> to call the impl from UberspectImpl
15:00 <vmassol> wdyt?
15:04 <tmortagne> this.inner is the following Uberspect in the chain so not sue what you mean
15:04 <tmortagne> s/sue/sure/
15:04 <tmortagne> ("inner" is quite a bad name BTW)
15:04 <vmassol> if I put a single uberspector in the chain it fails
15:05 <vmassol> (this is my test case)
15:05 <tmortagne> ok so you don't mean first you mean alone
15:05 <vmassol> the reason it works for MethodArgumentUberspectorTest is because it uses the full default list
15:05 <vmassol> this.defaultProperties.setProperty("runtime.introspector.uberspect.chainClasses", StringUtils.join(
15:06 <vmassol> inner is the previous one for me
15:06 <vmassol> wrap(Uberspect inner)
15:07 <vmassol> so a chaining uberspector wraps another one
15:08 <tmortagne> indeed looks like ChainingUberspector initialize the chain in the wrong order
15:10 <tmortagne> now indeed it should probably call super, thing is since implementing getMethod is the main job of the uberspector this method is rarely executed
15:11 <tmortagne> ha no they call super indeed
15:11 <vmassol> not sure what you mean, all our uberspectors call super.getMethod
15:11 <vmassol> ie AbstractChainableUberspector.getMethod()
15:12 <vmassol> talking about DeprecatedCheckUberspector and MethodArgumentsUberspector
15:12 <vmassol> and my ExceptionCatchingUberspector now
15:14 <tmortagne> never really been an issue for for us since we always had SecureUberspector as first element which is not a chainable uberspector (and it will probably be like this for a long time I guess)
15:14 <tmortagne> but indeed probably better fix the abstract
15:15 <tmortagne> now we live with this issue since forever
15:15 <vmassol> if someone wanted to configure his wiki without the secure uberspector, he'd have a problem...
15:16 <tmortagne> yes we could have lots of security holes :D
15:16 <tmortagne> so either we keep our implementation and fix it or we use Velocity one (I guess we cannot really expect a release of Velocity anytime soon)
15:17 <vmassol> even with the secure uberspector first my test is fialing debugging
16:15 <vmassol> found my problem it was fun :)
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17:35 <vmassol> haha…. we currently have #try() executed around all content
17:35 <vmassol> (from contentvars.vm)
17:36 <RodrigoPT76> hello again (ex-RodrigoXwiki here)
17:37 <RodrigoPT76> strange issue I'm facing.. A deleted page insists in showing up as a space
17:37 <RodrigoPT76> and as a child page
17:37 <RodrigoPT76> this is under Sandbox
17:37 <RodrigoPT76> can't figure out how to make it go away
17:38 <RodrigoPT76> then I click in it, and I get "The requested page could not be found."
17:38 <vmassol> the page was deleted for sure
17:39 <vmassol> you're still seeing the space because I guess it contains other pages
17:39 <vmassol> set your user to see hidden docs and check the content of that space
17:40 <vmassol> and let me know what you get
17:42 <RodrigoPT76> I'm as Admin
17:42 <RodrigoPT76> no child pages in it
17:42 <vmassol> admin doesn't show hidden dics by default
17:42 <vmassol> *docs
17:42 <RodrigoPT76> I know, but I have that enabled
17:42 <RodrigoPT76> just double-checked
17:42 <RodrigoPT76> I see all the other Xwiki stuff that wouldn't show otherwise
17:43 <vmassol> it's not possible :)
17:43 <vmassol> you cannot see a space if it doesn't contain a page
17:43 <vmassol> so at least it must contain WebHome
17:43 <vmassol> (which you won't see in a tree because it's hidden)
17:44 <vmassol> it's hard to help you without knowing what you did exactly
17:44 <RodrigoPT76> I think I didn't do anything fancy, actually this was created and deleted many days ago, only noticed it now
17:44 <RodrigoPT76> it was my first page creation test
17:44 <vmassol> could you reproduce please and let us know the steps?
17:45 <vmassol> I need to understand the flow
17:45 <RodrigoPT76> in the navigation panel it shows as a Sandbox.Teste1, only as a bullet
17:45 <vmassol> that doesn't help me
17:45 <vmassol> I don't know what is Test1
17:45 <vmassol> where it's a space or a page
17:46 <vmassol> and I don't know what you deleted
17:46 <vmassol> *Teste1
17:46 <vmassol> s/where/whetyer
17:46 <vmassol> *grr whether
17:51 <RodrigoPT76> I have a WebHome link on OrphanedPages pointing to /Sandbox/Teste+1/
17:52 <vmassol> ok so Test+1 is a space
17:52 <RodrigoPT76> and it has a preferences page in the navigation
17:52 <vmassol> containing Webhome
17:52 <vmassol> *WebHome
17:52 <vmassol> so what have you deleted?
17:52 <vmassol> WebPreferences
17:52 <RodrigoPT76> WebHome ?
17:53 <RodrigoPT76> I think I deleted WebHome
17:53 <vmassol> normally when we delete a WebHome in a space, if there's a WebPreferences it's deleted too, cehecking the jira issue for this
17:53 <RodrigoPT76> BEcause the preferences page does open
17:54 <vmassol> ok so you deleted the WebHome and WebPreferences remain in the space
17:54 <vmassol> checking jira
17:54 <RodrigoPT76> ok
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17:55 <vmassol> I remember tmortagne implemented it
17:55 <tmortagne> vmassol: you are mixing with export
17:55 <vmassol> ah no mixing with
17:55 <vmassol> still I remember I raised this issue
17:55 <vmassol> (about delete)
17:56 <vmassol> It was raised to me by a user when I was in the US...
17:56 <tmortagne> I think you have to enable children delete to have WebPreference deleted
17:56 <tmortagne> there is no reason to delete WebPreferences when you don't delete the whole space
17:56 <vmassol> I think there is tmortagne
17:56 <vmassol> if the space contains only WebHome + WebPreferences
17:57 <tmortagne> then it's about having the children delete enabled by default or not
17:57 <vmassol> actually
17:57 <vmassol> when a space contains only one page + WebPreferences and you delete that page
17:57 <vmassol> by default is too dangerous
17:58 <vmassol> especially since it's transitive
17:58 <tmortagne> then it's fine since it's disabled by default
17:58 <vmassol> it's not fine as proven by RodrigoPT76
17:58 <vmassol> (and as was reported to me by the user in the US too)
17:59 <vmassol> and as proven by
18:00 <tmortagne> I think you don't understand what I said, "then it's about having the children delete enabled by default or not" is about when we should enable it by default or not, it's not always or never
18:00 <vmassol> ok
18:00 <vmassol> I see what you mean
18:00 <vmassol> indeed we have the 2 options
18:00 <tmortagne> what I mean is that there is already an option to delete the other page of the space if what you want to do is delete the space
18:00 <vmassol> either do as you say leaving the control to the user
18:00 <tmortagne> you can choose it
18:01 <tmortagne> but sometime you reallt just want to delete the home page and not destroy the space setup
18:01 <vmassol> or always remove it, ie never have a space with only a WebPreferences. But I agree there could be use cases I don't see now that would require this
18:01 <vmassol> yes
18:01 <vmassol> creating jira issue
18:04 <RodrigoPT76> pardon the intromission, but couldn't the option be presented in the UI when deleting?
18:06 <RodrigoPT76> and any workaround to delete that WebPreferences?
18:06 <vmassol> it is presented :)
18:06 <vmassol> you just didn't selecet iut
18:06 <vmassol> *select
18:06 <vmassol> I've now created
18:06 <tmortagne> not in 7.4 I think
18:07 <vmassol> the delete children checkbox has been there for a long time
18:07 <tmortagne> ha yes it's in 7.4 too
18:07 <tmortagne> I was not sure since I was looking at 8.0
18:07 <vmassol> RodrigoPT76: its not easy to delete it indeed since it's an admin pag
18:08 <vmassol> so it redirects to the admin action
18:08 <tmortagne> so yes you do have an option RodrigoPT76 just did not understood that WebPreferences was a children page probably
18:08 <vmassol> so you need to force the "delete" action by changing it in the url
18:08 <vmassol> so go to that WebPreferences page
18:08 <vmassol> and replace "admin" by "delete"
18:08 <vmassol> in the URL
18:12 <vmassol> bb
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18:57 <RodrigoPT76> vmassol: oops, probably didn't seleted true. I'm going to re-test this.
19:00 <RodrigoPT76> ok that WebPreferences is gone
19:01 <RodrigoPT76> but still can't get rid of its parent
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19:01 <RodrigoPT76> I see the parent of Sandbox/Teste+1 is actually Sandbox/TestPage3
19:04 <RodrigoPT76> weird...
19:05 <RodrigoPT76> I went to Page Index, deleted it there and now it's finally gone.
19:14 <RodrigoPT76> I'm doing some CSS overriding in the Cerulean color theme
19:17 <RodrigoPT76> and one thing I'm noticing that is a problem is inconsistency in some page headers. Many page headers are built differentely (talking about *internal* xwiki pages). Seems to me that it could benefit from a more standardized approach to the internal page templates.
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20:00 <RodrigoPT76> Ok.. did something I shouldn't do, and now cant get the editor to load. I'm getting a 404 to /xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/F458B91E2913965D3967BD7881E777B6.cache.html, and it just spins the wheel.. any suggestion to resolve this? thanks
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20:32 <RodrigoPT76> resolved by re-installating the wysiwyg folder from the deb package..
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