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12:26 <vmassol> hi ClemensR
12:26 <vmassol> how are you?
12:26 <vmassol> you didn't vote on the "XWiki Core - take 3" thread. I'm curious to know what you think about it though
12:26 <ClemensR> hi vmassol  quite ok, but busy.   how are you?
12:26 <vmassol> fine, busy as always but that's good :)
12:27 <ClemensR> ah, should catch up with reading mailing list ... I am somewhat filtering by bug reports currently ;)
12:31 <ClemensR> first reading: I am somewhat worried that xwiki-enterprise (the default distro)  either will have dependencies into xwiki-contrib, or it will be nearly empty ...
12:32 <vmassol> no dep on xwiki-contrib
12:32 <vmassol> compared to XE the blog app will be removed by default
12:32 <vmassol> you should also check the thread about the demo flavor
12:32 <vmassol> also note that this proposal is for xwiki github org, we can definitely have flavors in contrib if we wish
12:32 <vmassol> (hence the demo flavor I'm proposing for example)
12:33 <vmassol> you should also check the mail I've just sent about a list of extensions to move out of platform
12:34 <vmassol> the general idea is:
12:34 <vmassol> xwiki core dev team focuses on core
12:34 <vmassol> leaving it to the community (xwiki-contrib) to create vertical apps and flavors
12:34 <vmassol> community AND colpanies
12:34 <vmassol> *companies
12:35 <ClemensR> hm, yes,  it might confuse users that download a "plain"  xwiki, and find no "vertical" apps. Maybe the vanilla distro needs a hint on the welcome page to e.x.o ;)
12:35 <vmassol> there's no such thing
12:35 <ClemensR> just as an idea
12:35 <vmassol> as downloaidng a plain wiki
12:35 <vmassol> the first screen asks the user to choose the flavor
12:35 <vmassol> (after they install xwiki)
12:36 <ClemensR> well, but there is  where 90% of first time users will get xwiki from
12:36 <vmassol> that's not a flavor
12:36 <vmassol> that's the xwiki runtile
12:36 <vmassol> runtile
12:36 <vmassol> grr
12:36 <vmassol> *runtime
12:36 <ClemensR> ah, ok, I should really read the mails first ...
12:36 <vmassol> and enterprise will go away
12:36 <vmassol> just platform will remain
12:37 <vmassol> basically transforming the old hardcoded concept of enteprrise into flavors
12:37 <vmassol> providing 2 to start with: a base one, and a demo one, and waiting for the community to create a lot more
12:37 <vmassol> I know that XWiki SAS is working on a XCS one for example too
12:38 <vmassol> (the base one, whatever name we choose for it, will be very similar to XE, it'll not have the blog app yb default)
12:38 <vmassol> now
12:38 <vmassol> I agree with you about getting started with a base one
12:38 <vmassol> that's why the idea is also to get the Tour app in platform
12:38 <ClemensR> then the distribution wizard will indirectly have the "dependencies" by referencing to the flavours then
12:38 <vmassol> and offer tours for new users
12:39 <vmassol> the DW has runtime deps on e.x.o yes
12:39 <vmassol> (as it has now)
12:39 <vmassol> so we could point to e.x.o in the tour to explain to users that they can install extensions
12:39 <vmassol> (+ explain the UI ofc)
12:40 <ClemensR> I am not sure if the DW currently proposed the most recent version of an extension, or the most recent compatible with platform ... will have to check that
12:40 <vmassol> (lunch time, bb in 30mn)
12:40 <ClemensR> ok, bonne appetite
12:40 <vmassol> thx
12:41 <ClemensR> aside of that less apps inside core/platform certainly makes sense, even if some fall by the wayside then due to lack of maintenance ...
12:52 <vmassol> yes, the main idea is to increase contributions to them
12:52 <vmassol> since being in contrib makes them more easy to update for contributors
12:52 <vmassol> in addition the platform is becoming too large for just the few xwiki core devs to handle
12:52 <vmassol> (back to lunch)
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13:18 <vmassol> back ClemensR
13:18 <vmassol> (I commented above btw, if you missed it ;))
13:19 <ClemensR> yes, I have seen it. I got distracted while figuring there is a multi-language blog variant ...
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16:19 <vmassol> btw WDYT about filtering the "Updated Watchlist" messages from
16:19 <vmassol> (in the irxbot)
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17:28 <ClemensR> can these watchlist updates be distinguished from other updates reliably? (Not that someone writes a spambot for XWiki which uses "Updated WatchList" as change comment for every edit :D )
17:34 <vmassol> it can be distringuished by the comment + the fact that the change is in the XWiki space
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17:38 <ClemensR> ah, that is probably pragmatic enough, no bot is likely to spam the XWiki space ...
17:39 <ClemensR> except for creating user profile of course, e.g.
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