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02:59 <daemoen> good, there are some folkss here :)
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03:38 <daemoen> did 7.* replace the concept of spaces with 'subwikis' ?  I can't find how and where to set spaces at all.
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03:48 <daemoen> lo cjd
03:52 <cjd> hi
03:54 <daemoen> Is there updated documentation for how to administer 7.4.1 ?  I can't even find the add space dialogue :(
03:56 <cjd> Not entirely sure but if it is to be found, you'll find it on
03:56 <cjd> if it isn't, you can add it... it is a wiki afterall
03:59 <daemoen> yeah, but in order to add it, you have to be able to figure out how to make sense of all the changes that arent documented to begin with
03:59 <daemoen> :\  makes it a fun catch 22
04:01 <daemoen> haha, figured it out.  had to use {{spaces}} instead of {{ velocity }} ( spaces ) {{ /velocity }} etc
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