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09:32 <flook> Enygma`, how should I start for the blame view project?
09:33 <vmassol1> good morning
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09:33 <vmassol> reminder: we have one week to finish 8.0, the final release is planned for the 14th of March, i.e. next Monday
09:33 <Enygma`> Hi flook. Please have a look at
09:34 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: you're ok to be the RM for 8.0 final? See I'm planning to release 6.4.8 Thursday on my side.
09:36 <gdelhumeau> I'll see with thomas if we can exchange maybe
09:36 <vmassol> actually, that reminds me that for the next release dates, i need to propose release dates that don't fall on Friday or Monday since you're off Fridays. And Thursday is also dangerous since it can mean postponing till Monday. So basically Tuesday or Wednesday. I think I'll propose Tuesday. WDYT?
09:37 <vmassol> ok I'll let you talk to Thomas
09:37 <flook> Enygma`, I went through that link
09:37 <flook> should I build xwiki ?
09:38 <Enygma`> flook: that link says "Usually, you don`t need to know how to build XWiki itself. What is more  important is to understand is how to build applications/extensions on top of XWiki."
09:38 <flook> are there any bugs related to this?
09:39 <Enygma`> see the section below, "Increasing your chances of being accepted as a student"
09:39 <Enygma`> you need to get up to speed with XWiki, what it does and now to develop on top of the XWiki platform
09:39 <Enygma`> and then find an easy bug that you can fix by sending a Pull Request
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09:42 <flook> Enygma`, to fix a bug I'll have to set up the dev env.
09:42 <flook> that means I'll have to build xwiki
09:43 <Enygma`> not necessarily
09:43 <Enygma`> XWiki is a platform + applications
09:44 <Enygma`> it can be a bug inside an application (with code inside wiki pages)
09:44 <Enygma`> or it can be a bug in the platform (which can be java code, velocity templates, javascript)
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09:44 <Enygma`> you can work in a local instance that you can install for yourself
09:45 <Enygma`> also, you don`t need to run the entire XWiki build, which can take up to several hours
09:45 <Enygma`> but you can build a specific module which you are working on
09:45 <vmassol> but it could be a good step to know how to setup a dev env IMO. And for that you can follow and
09:45 <Enygma`> that could take 30 sec to 5 minutes
09:46 <Enygma`> as I`ve said, only partially. Don`t try to build the entire XWiki build since it would be a waste of time :)
09:46 <Enygma`> also, the blame project is an UI project so you need to work with velocity + HTML + CSS + JS
09:47 <vmassol> this is explained on btw
09:49 <Enygma`> flook: the bottom line is that your dev environment can be reduced to a running XWiki instance + a web browser
09:50 <flook> Enygma`, thanks
09:51 <vmassol> (that's because we code UIs in wiki pages and the blame API - written in Java - already exists. The goal of this project is to write the UI, aFAIK)
09:52 <Enygma`> yep
09:52 <flook> Enygma`, do I need to know JAVA for this one
09:53 <vmassol> flook: see
09:53 <vmassol> there's a developer profile section
09:54 <pakhandibaba> ok
09:54 <vmassol> so the answer is no, could be a plus if there's a need to modify the java api
09:54 <flook> thanks
09:54 <vmassol> it's also a plus to debug when there are issues
09:54 <vmassol> but otherwise no
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10:15 <xwikiorg_guest_4> Good morning!
10:16 <vmassol> good morning
10:16 <xwikiorg_guest_4> I am new with Xwiki, I happen to be trying the JAR file version for fast testing.
10:16 <vmassol> ok cool
10:16 <xwikiorg_guest_4> Yes, looks great!
10:17 <xwikiorg_guest_4> When I want to include a page or space on the workspace through one of the include plugins, the page does not get displayed...
10:17 <vmassol> {{include reference:"..."/}}
10:17 <vmassol> ?
10:17 <xwikiorg_guest_4> The root of this page is Wiki.Gmail
10:17 <xwikiorg_guest_4> Well, I just added the plugin and then I added the root of the page as Wiki.Gmail
10:18 <vmassol> I don't understand
10:18 <vmassol> what plugin?
10:18 <vmassol> you have a link?
10:18 <xwikiorg_guest_4> plugin = extension
10:18 <vmassol> what extension?
10:18 <vmassol> :)
10:19 <xwikiorg_guest_4> Sorry for my wrong vocabulary, just learning about it :)
10:19 <vmassol> there's no need for a extension for include
10:19 <vmassol> which is why I'm asking
10:19 <xwikiorg_guest_4> I tried with Include Macro
10:20 <vmassol> includes must be done with the include macro ({{include}}) or the display macro ({{display}})
10:20 <vmassol> you need to provide a valid reference to the page to include
10:22 <xwikiorg_guest_4> I thought I was doing that, but I am wondering how can I find the valid reference to be completely sure
10:23 <xwikiorg_guest_4> I have searched the from the root and saw all spaces. Compared that page with another page -> the welcome wiki included in the workspace
10:23 <xwikiorg_guest_4> and for the welcome wiki it did worked again, but for the new wiki I created it didn't work
10:26 <xwikiorg_guest_4> @vmassol do you know if it could be related to something like rights management?
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10:43 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Good morning! I've closed by mistake the tab and failed to see previous response
10:45 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I have something I want to clarify. I am trying to make work the include macro. But I don't know what I am doing wrong. I take as an example the Welcome Wiki which has in the include macro Reference: Main.Welcome. Nevertheless, it appears to be on the Pages Macro on Home-> Welcome to your wiki. I can see that the url that it points out is Home/Welcome...
10:46 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Now, if I take another example from the same default Pages macro included in the workspace. Let's say Blog->First blog post, it points out to URL /Blog/BlogIntroduction
10:46 <xwikiorg_guest_8> If I try to include in an include macro the reference as Blog.BlogIntroduction it does not work
10:47 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I guess first of all, my question would be. How do I find out the reference from pages or spaces so I can include them in macros and make them display?
10:47 <Pbas> Hi guest, what is your URL on the page where you want include another page?
10:47 <Pbas> could you give both URL?
10:48 <Pbas> you can remove server name of course
10:49 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Yes of course, I am just trying to make this macro work
10:49 <xwikiorg_guest_8> So I take the default pages that come with Xwiki
10:49 <xwikiorg_guest_8> 8080/xwiki/bin/view/Blog/BlogIntroduction
10:49 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Ok, let me find another one
10:49 <xwikiorg_guest_8> :8080/xwiki/bin/view/Sandbox/TestPage1
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10:50 <Pbas> This page is the page you want include?
10:50 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Ok, that one works out like Sandbox.TestPage1
10:50 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I was trying to test but I see that this one works as well
10:50 <xwikiorg_guest_8> are the references then taken out from the URL?
10:51 <Pbas> Blog contains "special" page because it is an application
10:51 <Pbas> If you edit source of a blog entry you can see it
10:52 <Pbas> it seem empty (you must edit a blog entry with object editor)
10:52 <xwikiorg_guest_8> For example, I now created a page called "Hola" behind the XWiki page... The URL of this new page is :8080/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/Hola/
10:53 <xwikiorg_guest_8> and if I try to include XWiki.Hola it doesn't work
10:53 <xwikiorg_guest_8> the XWiki.Hola has text inside the page to be displayed in the macro and it's not display
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10:53 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I am logged in as Administrator
10:54 <Pbas> Do you edit code include or use macro from editor tool?
10:55 <Pbas> What is the URL of main page you want display include one?
10:55 <xwikiorg_guest_8> :8080/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/Hola/
10:56 <Pbas> this one is the page you want include
10:56 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I have added an include macro on :8080/xwiki/bin/view/Dashboard/, I want on that include macro to display a new wiki page I have created which is under :8080/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/Hola/
10:56 <Pbas> ok
10:58 <Pbas> {{include reference="XWiki.Hola"/}} or {{include reference="xwiki:XWiki.Hola"/}} doesn't work?
10:58 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I was using the edit pencil on top of the macro instead of that
10:58 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Shall I write that on the Reference on the same UI?
10:59 <Pbas> Edit /xwiki/bin/view/Dashboard/ with wiki editor to paste/check include code
11:02 <ClemensR> for the dashboard it is probably in the object editor, in one of the  XWiki.GadgetClass objects
11:04 <Pbas> ok thxs for your help :)
11:04 <ClemensR> the "reference" field should contain "XWiki.Hola" , as Pbas said. Then it should work
11:05 <vmassol> actually it won't
11:05 <vmassol> you need XWiki.Hola.WebHome
11:05 <vmassol> since your URL is :8080/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/Hola/
11:05 <vmassol> if it were XWiki/Hola then XWiki.Hola would be good
11:06 <vmassol> xwikiorg_guest_8: we're missing shortcuts for nested pages in macro parameters ATM
11:06 <xwikiorg_guest_8> it should be edited with the wiki editor inside the macro?
11:06 <vmassol>
11:07 <vmassol> xwikiorg_guest_8: you can use the wiki editor or the wysiwyg editor, as you wish
11:07 <vmassol> I was just giving you the proper reference to use
11:07 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I will try with the WebHome, what is the reason of this?
11:07 <xwikiorg_guest_8> It works with the WebHome!
11:07 <xwikiorg_guest_8> :)
11:07 <vmassol> if you're up for reasing a bit: ;)
11:08 <vmassol> *reading
11:08 <vmassol> in short:
11:08 <vmassol> we're transitioning to Nested Pages
11:08 <vmassol> ie ability to create children pages
11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Of course I am up, I want to understand why this is happening because in other cases it might be different and I will need to see how that is in order to include the appropiate reference
11:08 <vmassol> and this is one of the few remaining things to iron out
11:09 <vmassol> things = ability to hide WebHome
11:09 <xwikiorg_guest_8> so is soon to be changed ?
11:09 <vmassol> using WebHome will always work
11:09 <vmassol> but we want to make it simpler
11:09 <vmassol> and automaitcally add the WebHome part for you
11:09 <vmassol> so in short:
11:09 <vmassol> - our internal model supports only pages (hence the WebHome part)
11:10 <vmassol> - our UI is now hiding the concept of spaces and it simulates only pages
11:10 <vmassol> a bit difficult to understand
11:10 <vmassol> you should read that link and come back with questions after :)
11:10 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I will read it, thanks in advance Vincent :)
11:11 <vmassol> "our internal model supports only pages " not correct actually. What I meant is that our internal model suports Nested Spaces + Pages, ie a reference always ends with a page name
11:12 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Which at the moment seems to be WebHome I guess
11:12 <vmassol> when you create a page in the UI
11:12 <vmassol> what we do is create a space of that name
11:12 <vmassol> and inside that space a page named WebHome
11:12 <vmassol> this gives the ability to create other pages inside that "space"
11:13 <vmassol> which as a user you see as the ability to create Nested Pages
11:13 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Perfect! One more question, if I would have wanted to include as {{include reference="XWiki.Hola.WebHome"/}} or {{include reference="xwiki:XWiki.Hola.WebHome"/}}
11:13 <xwikiorg_guest_8> How could have I done that? I was looking into that but couldn't find the place to insert that reference in the source code
11:13 <vmassol> "when you create a page in the UI" that's unless you decide to create a "terminal page" (this option is visible to advanced users)
11:14 <vmassol> I don't understand
11:14 <vmassol> what source ode?
11:14 <vmassol> *code
11:14 <vmassol> what you pasted is wiki syntax
11:14 <vmassol> (XWiki Syntax 2.0+ to be precise)
11:14 <Pbas> It is on dashboard Vincent
11:14 <vmassol> ah
11:14 <xwikiorg_guest_8> On Dashboard -> Edit -> WYSIWYG -> Source
11:14 <vmassol> so the question is how to edit a dashboard using wiki editor
11:14 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Was it there the place where I was supposed to put that code or where?
11:15 <xwikiorg_guest_8> It could be formulated in that way as well, yes
11:15 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I don't know how I could have done that in the other way
11:15 <vmassol> here:
11:15 <xwikiorg_guest_8> With these references => {{include reference="XWiki.Hola.WebHome"/}} or {{include reference="xwiki:XWiki.Hola.WebHome"/}}
11:16 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Cool, will try that. Thanks again!
11:16 <vmassol> np, thanks for bearing with our quirks ;)
11:16 <Pbas> A tip to find reference: Ctrl + G
11:17 <vmassol> actually Pbas:
11:17 <vmassol> sorry
11:17 <vmassol> thought you were telling xwikiorg_guest_8 how to navigate
11:17 <vmassol> but yes good tip to find a reference
11:17 <Pbas> yes since nested page :-)
11:18 <Pbas> Ctrl + G and copy/paste
11:18 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Pbas.. interesting tip that one, found the WebHome at the end when looking for it :)
11:19 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Thanks again guys!
11:19 <Pbas> I use this way if I want check if it is a terminal page or not.
11:19 <Pbas> np (sorry for all my mistake ;-) )
11:20 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Why would you want to know whether is a terminal page or not?
11:20 <Pbas> To retrieve page reference (without WebHome or not)
11:21 <vmassol> it's also easy to deduce it from the URL
11:22 <Pbas> for the pro only ;-))
11:22 <vmassol> you just need to know that "/" at the end of a URL is a shortcut for "WebHome"
11:22 <vmassol> that's all you need really
11:22 <vmassol> you can try replacing "/" with "/WebHome" and you'll see that it works ;)
11:23 <xwikiorg_guest_8> That's good enough for now, great! :)
11:23 <xwikiorg_guest_8> Next will be looking into Developer guides and how could I contribute :)
11:23 <vmassol> awesome! :)
11:23 <xwikiorg_guest_8> I should consider doing a user here instead of being xwikiorg_guest
11:23 <xwikiorg_guest_8> :D
11:23 <vmassol> yep :)
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15:09 <vmassol> creating wiki on for user
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15:32 <vmassol> ouch NPE on;rev2=32.3
15:33 <vmassol> creating tooltip macro jira
15:37 <gdelhumeau> I can't create a subwiki on a buit snapshot
15:37 <gdelhumeau>  Allowed namespace list [wiki:(] does not matches namespace [wiki:subwiki]
15:38 <gdelhumeau> same with DW: Allowed namespace list [[[wiki:(?!xwiki)]]] does not matches namespace [wiki:subwiki]
15:40 <vmassol> looks like error one user reported this morning
15:40 <vmassol>
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16:11 <asam> @Enygma. May I, the know the URl of repository of the "Blame View" Module?
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16:19 <ClemensR> @asam:  this one:  ?
16:20 <asam> Thanks :)
16:23 <asam> bug list for this repository?
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16:24 <vmassol> creating the jira compnent, it's missing
16:25 <vmassol> asam:
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18:44 <darshan> Hey I am interested in android authenticator project
18:44 <darshan> I compiled and built the app
18:44 <darshan> However I am unable to login to my XWiki account
18:45 <darshan> It throws a toast saying 404
18:45 <darshan> I tried with and as server url
18:52 <asam> vmassol: is there is any offical documentation to bluid xwiki-commons repository on system?
18:55 <vmassol> asam: hi sure see
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18:57 <asam> thanks
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19:12 <Enygma`> asam: remember that you don`t need to build the entire repository
19:12 <Enygma`> just the modules you need
19:13 <Enygma`> the setup is the same, just the build itself should be limited to the actual module to avoid wasting time in building everything
19:14 <asam> ok but can you suggest me the link so i can build the specific module?
19:14 <vmassol> asam: why do you want to build any(thing?
19:14 <vmassol> (if you answer that question you'll answer yours ;))
19:15 <Enygma`> to develop for the Blame View project all you really need is an XWiki instance and a browser
19:16 <Enygma`> now, once you get to packaging your code as an XWiki extension, then you might need to create a maven module (for the UI part)
19:16 <asam> ok. :)
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