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10:24 <vmassol> bfd?
10:24 <vmassol> goodm orning
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11:16 <Pbas> Hello, may I propose my QOTD (Question of the day)? :)
11:16 <Pbas> with groovy I list group members with xwiki.rightsmanager.getAllMembersNamesForGroup (yes I found syntax for "xwiki.rightsmanager" a little bit randomly ;-) ).
11:16 <Pbas> now I want to know if my group member is a group or a user. Then I use for each group member something like:
11:16 <Pbas> if (MyMember.getObjects('XWiki.XWikiUsers')){
11:16 <Pbas> println it + " is a user"
11:16 <Pbas> My purpose is to move periodicely subgroup member in a main group because this bug
11:17 <Pbas> anyway, don't hesitate to tell me if I must use mailing list for my questions :-)
11:23 <vmassol> Pbas: I don't think we have this. We're missing a nice user/group API ATM.
11:24 <vmassol> some pointers:
11:24 <vmassol> -
11:24 <vmassol> -
11:25 <Pbas> ok thxs, then I continue my code :-)
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13:41 <vmassol> acotiuga: it would be good that you participate to BFDs btw
13:41 <vmassol> :)
13:42 <vmassol> see
13:42 <acotiuga> Hello! I would like to know if there are any requirements to met in order to become admin on I would like to be able to update translations as I add something new on github instead of asking somebody all the time. Thanks
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14:20 <tmortagne> acotiuga: the requirement is that I trust you enough I guess :D
14:21 <tmortagne> adding you to admin group
14:21 <vmassol> acotiuga: don't click that button often though
14:21 <acotiuga> ok, thanks
14:21 <vmassol> you should note that it slows down l10n
14:21 <vmassol> (quite a lot)
14:21 <vmassol> AFAIK
14:21 <tmortagne> acotiuga: by the way translation are automatically imported every night so you don't have to import them
14:22 <acotiuga> ok, even better
14:23 <tmortagne> so the only reason to import them right away is when you can't wait to translate them (or in case of new transation)
14:23 <tmortagne> what's you id on l10n ?
14:23 <tmortagne> found it
14:23 <tmortagne> your are now admin
14:51 <slestak> Pbas, thank you for the reminder that we have a users mail list.  I am moving my non-dev questions to that tool =)
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15:03 <Pbas> @slestak: np :) You can use this to find some pepite too!
16:07 <vmassol> tmortagne: how do I make xwiki/1.0 syntax available in a 8.0 wiki?
16:07 <vmassol> I've installed the extension for syntax 1.0 parser
16:07 <tmortagne> vmassol: it depends what you mean exactly
16:07 <vmassol> I also need to copy the oldrendering jar to we-inf/lib?
16:07 <tmortagne> there is two different things
16:08 <tmortagne> the old rendering framework and new rendering xwiki/1.0 parser
16:08 <vmassol> what I want is to have a page with xwiki/1.0 syntax
16:08 <tmortagne> "I also need to copy the oldrendering jar to we-inf/lib" you don't need to put anything in web-inf/lib, everything is an extension
16:08 <vmassol> so the old rendering I guess
16:08 <vmassol> ah yes cool
16:09 <vmassol> installing oldrendering
16:09 <tmortagne> so the old framework to render a xwiki/1.0 page is
16:09 <vmassol> hmm I wonder why I don't see xwiki/1.0 in the list of syntaxes even though I added it in xwiki.cfg
16:09 <tmortagne> usually you also need the xwiki/1.0 parser for code that just rely on new rendering API
16:09 <cjd> does XWiki/1.0 parser work to render old pages?  (modulo slight differences from the old rendering framework)
16:10 <tmortagne> vmassol: this is a special hack to hide it sdumitriu did some time ago
16:10 <tmortagne> to enforce the fact that it's deprecated
16:10 <vmassol> hmm not very nice
16:10 <vmassol> how do we add xwiki/1.0 content?
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16:10 <tmortagne> cjd: it works, it's just big lost sometimes with complex velocity+html old pages
16:11 <tmortagne> s/big/bit/
16:11 <vmassol> ok I'll edit the panel...
16:11 <tmortagne> and you could have slight differences, so it's not enought from full retro compatibility point of view
16:11 <sdumitriu> vmassol: We all agreed that it should be hidden
16:11 <vmassol> yes but it makes less sense now
16:11 <vmassol> now that it's optional
16:11 <sdumitriu> Agreed
16:11 <tmortagne> yes we could remove the hack I agree
16:12 <sdumitriu> It's a hack that we can remove now
16:12 <tmortagne> I just forgot about it when I moved xwiki/1.0 modules
16:12 <sdumitriu> What's with the M-vmassol accounts?
16:12 <cjd> so you can install it and then select "syntax 1.0" on the page (modulo sdumitriu1's lingering patch) and it will "just render" as if it were the oldrendering ?    If so then that's cool
16:12 <vmassol> sdumitriu: it's from
16:13 <M-cjd> We're experimenting with Matrix chat and it has a bridge to IRC
16:13 <vmassol> nice thing is that it keeps history when you're away. I'm jus testing it
16:13 <vmassol> *just
16:13 <M-cjd> It's a different approach with similar goals as XMPP
16:15 <tmortagne> cjd: yes you just install the extension and it support xwiki/1.0 syntax, same limitation that other syntax like markdown is that you won't have a WYSIWYG for it since there is no renderer
16:15 <cjd> Hah that's neat
16:16 <tmortagne> same as when you install any other syntax renderer actually
16:16 <cjd> Probably a good alternative to using oldrendering if someone requires 1.0 because they have tons of documentation in syntax 1.0 don't but they don't have any horrible code-heavy pages which cause serious compatibility issues
16:16 <tmortagne> yes in many cases it's probably enough
16:17 <tmortagne> (minus that it's not maintained anymore and it might still contain bugs)
16:17 <tmortagne> (well anyone could continue working on it actually)
16:17 <cjd> oldrendering same (and probably more bugs)
16:19 <vmassol> sdumitriu: you have a bug in CategoriesCode's #getCategoryName
16:19 <vmassol> leading to
16:20 <vmassol> I'm going to set some variable about the current doc in the context
16:20 <vmassol> so that it works when called from a panel or from a wiki page
16:20 <vmassol> the bug is in using $doc
16:20 <vmassol> (when in a panel this should be $panelDoc)
16:20 <vmassol> $paneldoc actually
16:21 <vmassol> that's a pain btw to write code that works both in panels and in wiki pages
16:21 <vmassol> I guess we should have kept $doc as the panel doc
16:22 <vmassol> and instead introduce some other binding when in a panel to mean the enclosing doc
16:22 <vmassol> going to be hard to change now...
16:24 <tmortagne> cjd: yes but expected bugs :) It's mostly used to have the exact same behavior it used to
16:25 <cjd> heh
16:30 <vmassol> sdumitriu: ok I'll check if $paneldoc is set and use it so and otherwise use $doc, that's the simplest for now without breaking any api
16:42 <vmassol> one BFD :)
16:42 <vmassol> (for me)
16:42 <tmortagne> me too, before :P
16:43 <vmassol> :)
16:43 <vmassol> someone taking ?
16:44 <tmortagne> anyone who take XRENDERING-439 should also do XRENDERING-399 at the same time probably
16:44 <tmortagne> lookings at on my side, fun one
16:44 <vmassol> mflorea1: I don't get the issue in the gwt wysiwyg btw
16:45 <tmortagne> according to the issue it should be easy to reproduce in a xhtml module unit test, no need for the WYSIWYG
16:45 <vmassol> tmortagne: marius closed it as a dup but I had tested it in the GWT WYSIWYG and ti works fine there so I don't know what's different between the 2 editors
16:46 <vmassol> ah wait
16:46 <vmassol> I'm using a wrong input
16:46 <vmassol> :)
16:46 <vmassol> forget it
16:46 <vmassol> I mixed up two issues I'm looking at at the same time
16:56 <vmassol> grrrr
16:56 <vmassol> having problems with my IDE in rendering
16:56 <vmassol> because of ListBLock vs ListBlock
16:56 <cjd> there are two classes called ListBLock and ListBlock ?
16:57 <vmassol> yes typo got fixed recently
16:57 <vmassol> tmortagne: I think you missed and possibly othres
16:57 <vmassol> (I said you because you applied the PR ;))
16:57 <cjd> ahh, good on ya for fixing the typo, I usually just add a comment and say "thus it shall be until the next major refactoring"
16:58 <tmortagne> vmassol: no it was not forgotten, you should look at the discussion in the PR
16:58 <vmassol> ok
16:58 <tmortagne> if you change the extends then you break any existing code looking for ListBLock
16:58 <vmassol> then missing some comments
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16:58 <tmortagne> you can indicate in the commit that some comment should be added then yes
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17:02 <vmassol> bb in 30mn
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18:11 <Pbas> Hello again
18:11 <Pbas> I can not call this method with groovy?
18:11 <Pbas>,%20java.lang.String,%20com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiContext%29
18:11 <Pbas> addUserToGroup method
18:12 <Pbas> this method doesn't exist anymore in new "Scripting API Reference"
18:13 <Pbas> I tried xwiki.userdirectory.addUserToGroup('XWiki.xwikilecteur','XWiki.XWikiEditeurs',xcontext) without success
18:15 <Pbas> I think I use wrong syntax: Caused by: javax.script.ScriptException: javax.script.ScriptException: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'userdirectory' on null object
18:15 <tmortagne> I can't find this plugin actually
18:15 <tmortagne> no idea where it went
18:15 <tmortagne> oldcore legacy maybe
18:15 <Pbas> it is on old SRD:
18:16 <tmortagne> nop not there in oldcore legacy either
18:16 <tmortagne> so I don't know where it's supposed to be sorry
18:16 <Pbas> I could not find new method for addUserToGroup on
18:17 <Pbas> ha it is on oldcore?
18:17 <Pbas> *in
18:17 <tmortagne> it was in oldcore I think
18:17 <tmortagne> I don't really know actually
18:17 <tmortagne> just sounds like old plugin
18:18 <Pbas> ok then I can not use it with grooxy/xwiki 7.0.1 I suppose
18:18 <tmortagne>,%20java.lang.String,%20com.xpn.xwiki.XWikiContext%29 does not give much information about the module
18:18 <tmortagne> maybe you have something to install
18:20 <tmortagne> Pbas: yep was in oldcore
18:22 <tmortagne> but it's not anymore and I don't find it in oldcore legacy either not looks like someone made a mistake
18:22 <Pbas> It's meaning I must copy/import(?) fuile ?
18:22 <Pbas> * file
18:22 <tmortagne> it means there is something wrong IMO, we are not supposed to completely delete something like this, trying to understand what happen
18:23 <Pbas> yes I think so because another old method still working
18:23 <tmortagne> which method ?
18:24 <Pbas> All method on
18:24 <Pbas> it is the first one I can found on new
18:24 <tmortagne> you are not talking about another method in this plugin, right ?
18:24 <Pbas> no
18:24 <tmortagne> as otherwise I'm completely lost :)
18:24 <Pbas> :-D
18:25 <tmortagne> yes we usually don't delete anything
18:25 <tmortagne> just move them in legacy or their own module you can install
18:27 <tmortagne> ha found it
18:27 <tmortagne>
18:27 <Pbas> Vincent the guilty then...
18:28 <tmortagne> so if you absolutely need this plugin you can take the last version that was built and put it in your WEB-INF/lib but would be better to not use it anymore if you can
18:28 <vmassol>
18:29 <Pbas> yes thxs then I must use something like this then
18:29 <Pbas> gObj = MyGroup.newObject('XWiki.XWikiGroups')
18:29 <Pbas> gObj.set('member',udoc.fullName)
18:30 <Pbas> ha thxs vmassol, -1 for me ;-))
18:31 <tmortagne> vmassol: would have been nicer to do at least do one release of this plugin since right now it's impossible to install it for someone that needs it
18:33 <Pbas> (and/or update at $xwiki.userdirectory: deprecated)
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18:35 <tmortagne> Pbas: note that there is much better than the SRD now
18:36 <tmortagne>
18:36 <tmortagne> you should use that instead of you target a version not much older than the version is running on
18:36 <tmortagne> or you can also install the application locally
18:37 <tmortagne> to get the document for your exact version
18:37 <Pbas> yes but I prefer old one to search method
18:37 <Pbas> anyway can I add some group member in one shot? I have a list of user to inject in a group
18:38 <Pbas> or I must add XWiki.XWikiGroups object and save add another one and save ?
18:39 <Pbas> with groovy
18:39 <tmortagne> no idea if there is any API for that, I would do it trough xobjects I think
18:40 <Pbas> trough xobjects? like that? MyGroup.newObject('XWiki.XWikiGroups') and gObj.set('member',udoc.fullName) ?
18:41 <mflorea1> vmassol, tmortagne: is it normal that icon transformations are execute inside {{velocity wiki="false"}} ?
18:41 <mflorea1> I have this {{velocity wiki="false"}}before (i) after{{/velocity}}
18:41 <tmortagne> Pbas: yes (xobjects = XWiki objects)
18:42 <tmortagne> mflorea1: velocity macro produce regular wordblock etc...
18:42 <Pbas> ok I can not add a list of object in one shot?
18:42 <tmortagne> it's not wiki syntax
18:42 <vmassol> icon tx is ececuted after macro tx
18:42 <vmassol> *executed
18:42 <vmassol> so macro executes first
18:42 <vmassol> and then icon tx executes on the new XDOM
18:43 <vmassol> actually it may be the other way around
18:43 <tmortagne> IMO icon should be added to a xwiki/2.2 syntax since they cause many issues as transformation
18:43 <vmassol> neeed to check which one is first in the config
18:43 <mflorea1> so there's no way to disable the transformations inside some part of the content
18:43 <vmassol> no
18:44 <vmassol> yes defaut is : rendering.transformations = macro, icon
18:44 <mflorea1> this means that if my code generates some json and this happens to include (i) it will get converted
18:45 <mflorea1> and there's no way for me to say "don't touch the json"
18:46 <Pbas> ha maybe: "public List<Object> addObjectsFromRequest(String className)"
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18:46 <Pbas> I must read doc, thxs
18:46 <vmassol> mflorea1: what will happen is that if you generate plain text, the renderer will see an image and it'll not output it since it's not plain text
18:46 <mflorea1> yes, and I loose (i)
18:46 <vmassol> so it'll make the text disappear by magic...
18:46 <mflorea1> yep
18:47 <vmassol> we have a jira issue for this one btw
18:47 <mflorea1> we need some syntax to disable transformations inside some part of the content
18:48 <vmassol> yes that would be nice
18:48 <mflorea1> wiki=false on the script macro sounds like a natural choice for me
18:48 <mflorea1> otherwise we need some new syntax
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18:49 <vmassol> this means a tx would be allowed to say to not execute other txs in the chain...
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18:49 <vmassol> script macro is rendered by the macro tx
18:49 <vmassol> it's not just about wiki = false
18:49 <tmortagne> wiki=false is related to the source and not the translatformation and right now icons are not wiki syntax which is the unatural part IMO
18:50 <vmassol> you may still want some other tx to execute after the macro tx
18:50 <vmassol> tmortagne: that's one thing yes but generally speaking we may want some tx to execute in some context
18:50 <vmassol> I guess we could store something in the TransformationContext
18:51 <mflorea1> ha
18:51 <mflorea1> :)
18:51 <mflorea1> "Not needed for now."
18:51 <mflorea1> hmm
18:51 <mflorea1> how does the code macro handle this?
18:52 <vmassol> too bad the commit tab isn't working
18:52 <tmortagne> "we may want some tx to execute in some context" probably but the best fix for all the issues with have with icons is to include them in the syntax, we can see later for other (not existing yet) tx
18:52 <vmassol> mflorea1:
18:53 <tmortagne> I don't think is really true anymore
18:54 <vmassol> ah I introduced some ProtectedBlock concept apparently
18:54 <mflorea1> code macro works fine
18:54 <vmassol> and the icon tx respect them
18:55 <tmortagne> indeed it's still true
18:55 <tmortagne> I tough it was related to it's old use of verbatim block that was removed
18:55 <vmassol> return (block instanceof MacroMarkerBlock)
18:55 <vmassol>     && "code".equals(((MacroMarkerBlock) block).getId());
18:55 <tmortagne> but while using this kind of trick for code macro it's not right for velocity macro wiki=false which have nothing to do with transformations
18:55 <vmassol> inside ProtectedBlockFilter
18:57 <vmassol> so I created XWIKI-5693 for the issue with the code macro and then closed it as won't fix since I introduced the concept of protectedblockfilter
18:57 <mflorea1> Also found this which could also help me, because I could disable the icon trasformation from the URL
18:58 <vmassol> yes
18:58 <mflorea1> so two options: (1) new wiki syntax (2) query string
19:01 <tmortagne> (2) is easier short term and we probably want it anyway
19:02 <tmortagne> as long as we don't have any proper way for a tx to indicate what it modified like macros do you can't risk to execute any other tx in the WYSIWYG
19:03 <tmortagne> in other words any other tx will generate the exact same issue we have with icons right now
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19:12 <vmassol> yep
19:15 <vmassol> tearing my hair with the XHTMLWhitespaceXMLFilter code :) not easy to understand
19:15 <vmassol> I wish we could use a generic library instead
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22:15 <boubou> hey all
22:15 <boubou> Im trying to setup ldap auth with xwiki
22:16 <boubou> im doing that with ldap extension manager
22:17 <boubou> anyone have an config example to show me ?
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