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08:48 <vmassol> sonar licenses updated!
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09:27 <vmassol> one less job failing :)
09:29 <vmassol> haha found something for the stackoverflow issue of the quality job, trying it....
09:33 <vmassol> done, we'll see during the next job runs if it works or not
09:33 <vmassol> (FYI see the "notes" on where I explained what I added)
09:33 <vmassol> (the XX:ThreadStackSize thing)
09:35 <vmassol> fixing quality job on 7.4.X branch: [WARNING] Rule violated for bundle XWiki Platform - Legacy - Model: instructions covered ratio is 0.34, but expected minimum is 1.00
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09:43 <vmassol> guys rest tests are still failing on master:
09:44 <vmassol> there's also some NPE in the logs
09:44 <vmassol> for ex$xwiki-enterprise-test-rest/testReport/
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09:57 <vmassol> tmortagne: good morning, I'll need your help to fix the javadoc ^^^^^ (not urgent)
09:58 <vmassol> (I made some progress on the javadoc job for platform but I'm stuck on those right now and it's bit difficult for me to fix them)
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10:06 <tmortagne> vmassol: E is the type of the entity (BaseClass, BaseObject, XWikiDocument, etc.)
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10:10 <vmassol> Enygma`: ^^^^ :) We need to do something about this and have the style we want by default IMO
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10:13 <Enygma`> vmassol: you mean about the image macro?
10:14 <vmassol> yeah
10:14 <vmassol> this has been tickling me for a long time now
10:15 <Enygma`> we can control the styling from the sheet
10:16 <Enygma`> but the autolink (when the image is resized) needs to come from rendering
10:16 <vmassol> there are 2 aspects: 1) having a solution for and 2) having a solution for the product
10:16 <vmassol> I think I have a jira issue for the product somewhere
10:17 <vmassol> we have something a bit similar here:
10:18 <vmassol> actually XWIKI-7602
10:18 <vmassol> closing 7603 as dup
10:20 <Enygma`> vmassol: what does captioning have to do with image boarder and autolink?
10:21 <Enygma`> (which are the current 2 features and reasons why we use the image macro on
10:21 <vmassol> Enygma`: basically the person who created this issue wanted the same look at wikipedia
10:21 <vmassol> and this includes border
10:22 <vmassol> and the solution to also add caption is most likely similar to the one to add border
10:22 <vmassol> either a macro or some parameters
10:22 <vmassol> note that the issue with parameter is that it's too complex and lengthy to use
10:22 <vmassol> (lenghty and complex)
10:23 <vmassol> for for ex we want it by default
10:23 <Enygma`> [[image:test.png|caption="My caption"]]
10:23 <vmassol> so it could be the notion of default parameters configured in the admin for ex
10:23 <Enygma`> or "title"
10:23 <vmassol> or macro
10:24 <Enygma`> I don`t really see this as something coming from a macro
10:24 <vmassol> basically there are 3 characteristics we would need: caption, border and resize
10:25 <vmassol> could be a style parameter maybe
10:25 <tmortagne> depends what is the goal, there is a looot more stuff in mediawiki images :)
10:25 <vmassol> [[image:test.png|style=small]] which would do both border + resize to a fixed small size
10:26 <vmassol> with a confiurable style in the admin
10:26 <vmassol> on we hve defined 3-4 styles
10:26 <vmassol> 4
10:26 <vmassol>
10:26 <Enygma`> we can already control the size through the width & height parameters (that also accept percentages)
10:27 <vmassol> yes but odon't understand
10:27 <Enygma`> we just need to add a title and a link parameter
10:27 <vmassol> the goal is to be 1) simple and 2) consistent throughout the site
10:27 <vmassol> if you leave it to the user you get 1000 different styles
10:27 <Enygma`> if you add a macro, nobody will use it
10:28 <Enygma`> they will use the standard, documented syntax
10:28 <Enygma`> as best as they can
10:28 <vmassol> if you offer 3 parameters to use it's going to be even worse
10:28 <vmassol> :)
10:28 <Enygma`> we just need good defaults
10:28 <vmassol> nobody will us ethe
10:28 <vmassol> *use them
10:28 <vmassol> or they'll use them with wrong values
10:28 <Enygma`> link can be default
10:29 <vmassol> that's why I was mentioning defaults but you can't have defaults
10:29 <Enygma`> I`m primarily interested in a solution for the product here
10:29 <vmassol> because as mentioned already we have 4 valid styles for
10:29 <vmassol> and you can imagine that by default we may not want all images to have the same size
10:29 <vmassol> border could be a default
10:30 <vmassol> linking too could be a default (when the image is resized)
10:30 <Enygma`> linking should be done always (IMO, not just when resized)
10:30 <vmassol> why would you want to click on an image?
10:30 <vmassol> (when it displays the same thing)
10:30 <vmassol> your browser already has an action to open the image
10:31 <Enygma`> I want all images to be clickable so that they can be opened in a new tab and easily referenced
10:31 <Enygma`> I don`t want it to open it in the current tab
10:31 <vmassol> your browser already has an action to get the link to an image
10:31 <vmassol> the only reason I see for the linking is when the image is resized
10:32 <vmassol> or when there's a link to another place ofc
10:32 <Enygma`> I like to keep it simple
10:32 <Enygma`> I find it more flexible that way
10:32 <vmassol> [[[[image:…]]>>...]]
10:32 <vmassol> in this case we don't want the autolink btw ;)
10:33 <Enygma`> yes, we also introduce this confusion
10:33 <Enygma`> users might expect to go somewhere
10:37 <evalica> vmassol: what's up with ? I don't appear in any of the categories and also the colors are off + there are very few contributors. Clemens also is missing, etc.
10:42 <tmortagne> HallOfFame is outdated since a long time
10:42 <vmassol> yes there are issues with the version there I think. I had been working on the next version in github but it's not been fully finished/deployed AFAIR
10:42 <vmassol> could be something to do during a hackathon for example ;)
10:43 <vmassol> I'll update the page with a wanring for now
10:43 <vmassol> I think it can be fixed easily by deleting the scm data in the perm dir to recreate them
10:43 <vmassol> but would need some time for this
10:48 <gdelhumeau> Hello. Please hold your commits
10:48 <gdelhumeau> I need to know if the build is stable
10:50 <gdelhumeau> acotiuga: are you finxing ?
10:50 <evalica> gdelhumeau: no - we need help
10:50 <acotiuga> no
10:50 <gdelhumeau> I've just seen your message on skype
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12:04 <gdelhumeau> mflorea: are you ready to commit XWIKI-13528
12:05 <mflorea> gdelhumeau: not yet :( I still need a few hours
12:06 <gdelhumeau> could it break any test?
12:06 <vmassol> yes
12:06 <vmassol> :)
12:06 <gdelhumeau> by principle :p
12:07 <gdelhumeau> then I won't be able to fix them (if it is needed) and to release
12:07 <gdelhumeau> so either I release early this afternoon, either someone else do it afterwards
12:08 <vmassol> IMO it's going to be too late to reelase today if we wait for it
12:08 <vmassol> because we'll need the full build to pass
12:08 <vmassol> so we need to decide what to do
12:09 <vmassol> I think it would be a pity to not have it for RC
12:09 <vmassol> so I'd be in favor of postponing the release to tomorrow if we can't achieve it today
12:09 <vmassol> we just need to find a RM
12:09 <vmassol> but we need to not postpone more than tomorrow
12:09 <vmassol> as we're risking to endanger the final reelase date
12:10 <vmassol> next RM on is Caty and then Marius
12:10 <mflorea> I will do the release as I'm the one delaying it
12:10 <vmassol> ok cool
12:10 <vmassol> so if we succeed today, GD does it and if not Marius
12:10 <vmassol> ok?
12:10 <mflorea> yes
12:11 <Signum> Is there a way to use XWiki like a database? Confluence offers a way to add fields to each page (e.g. in a table) and then display a list of pages and selected fields from subpages. I'd like to create an inventory of stuff and put each item on a page.
12:12 <Signum> Similar to the "References" project. But I'd like to avoid coding. Just use what's available in xwiki.
12:12 <gdelhumeau> Signum: it's the main advantage of XWiki actually :)
12:13 <gdelhumeau> you should try
12:13 <Signum> gdelhumeau: Uh, nice. How come I missed that? Thanks.
12:14 <vmassol> for a general concept see also
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13:26 <gdelhumeau> is broken
13:27 <vmassol> gdelhumeau: that'es normal
13:27 <vmassol> it's a work in progress
13:36 <tmortagne> gdelhumeau: always been broken :)
13:36 <vmassol> btw tmortagne did you see my message of this morning on irc about it?
13:37 <tmortagne> vmassol: I answered you
13:37 <vmassol> haha
13:37 <tmortagne> don't have new bugs to fix right now for MediaWiki so I will take care of it
13:38 <vmassol> so I missed the answer :)
13:38 <vmassol> ok cool thx
13:55 <mflorea> vmassol: I have a bit of a problem. I need to commit the configuration for the default WYSIWYG editor. It should be either in or XWikiPreferences but since the value is going to be ckeditor it can't be committed in platform, which is not aware of the CKEditor (as we decided to have he dep in XE).
13:55 <mflorea> so it needs to be committed on XE, but this would mean overwriting or XWikiPreferences in XE
13:57 <vmassol> since we have default values for all properties
13:58 <vmassol> this is just about documenting the properties for the user
13:58 <vmassol> so indeed we would need overwriting in XE
13:58 <mflorea> it doesn't apply in this case, because the platform code that defines the configuration option doesn't know about ckeditor
13:58 <vmassol> I don't remember exazctly where we generate the file
13:58 <vmassol> but we have an extra config property
13:59 <vmassol> $!xwikiPropertiesAdditionalProperties
13:59 <vmassol> (in the build)
13:59 <mflorea> indeed
13:59 <mflorea> we use it for tests
13:59 <vmassol> got to go now (eval meeting), bb later but maybe others (thomas?) can help?
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14:13 <tmortagne> mflorea: for me it's just about documenting this property and make the value configurable at build time like we do for several already (like we should probably do for all actually at some point)
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14:51 <mflorea> tmortagne: but ckeditor should be the default editor in 8.2 and for this it needs to be explicitly configured. Having "ckeditor" as the default value doesn't work because the configuration source is in platform, which doesn't know about ckeditor. So XE must configure ckeditor explicitly
14:52 <tmortagne> mflorea: and that's exactly what I said
14:52 <tmortagne> XE would set it at build time
14:52 <tmortagne> same as various other properties
14:52 <mflorea> ok, good
14:52 <tmortagne> but it should be an actual property, documented and with a placeholder
14:52 <tmortagne> XE should not use $!xwikiPropertiesAdditionalProperties
14:53 <mflorea> you mean a POM property?
14:54 <tmortagne> I means same as
14:54 <mflorea> ok
14:54 <tmortagne> and then in XE you set a Maven property which is then used at platform level to generate the file
14:54 <mflorea> thanks, I'll do the same
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14:56 <gdelhumeau> we were supposed to not commit
14:59 <ClemensR> edvorg: you got mail ;)
15:01 <gdelhumeau> mflorea: so you will commit it today?
15:03 <mflorea> I'm trying, but I can't tell for sure
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15:10 <lucaa> hello xwikiers
15:10 <lucaa> I have made a fix for the issue
15:11 <lucaa> and I would like to also put it on some older versions (I would need it on the stable-7.4.x for example)
15:11 <lucaa> but I don't know exactly what is the rule, what other branch I should merge it on, besides master and this stable-7.4
15:12 <lucaa> any of the 8.x branches?
15:12 <lucaa> from what I understand from here , I guess this would be 8.1 as well
15:12 <lucaa> please confirm
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15:15 <gdelhumeau> stable-8.1.x and stable-7.4.x
15:15 <gdelhumeau> but please don't commit anymore on master
15:15 <gdelhumeau> we are supposed to release
15:22 <lucaa> oh, sorry for this
15:22 <lucaa> I already committed :(
15:29 <tmortagne> lucaa: no need to cherry pick in stable-8.1.x since we are not going to release a 8.1.1 given the release date of 8.2 final
15:30 <tmortagne> (but yes usually you would put it in 8.1.x and 7.4.x)
15:30 <lucaa> well, I guess, but since I don';t know the release plan I'm putting everywhere :)
15:31 <tmortagne> as you want
15:34 <lucaa> gdelhumeau: I closed XWIKI-13544 since I just pushed all the fixes for it, and I marked it resolved in 8.2-rc-1 , as I assume this is what is being released and I also assumed my commit on master was included in the release
15:34 <lucaa> lemme know if it's not the case, I will change the fix version
15:35 <gdelhumeau> that's ok
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17:39 <vmassol> I'm curious aobut "Various tools and helpers for teams of people" :)
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17:49 <gdelhumeau> platform still not built :(
17:49 <gdelhumeau> on ci
17:54 <tmortagne> vmassol: you will have to wait longer than I tough, github commit application is totally unusable
17:57 <vmassol> so it's something about saving wiki pages to SCM
17:57 <vmassol> (SCM = github)
17:59 <tmortagne> no
17:59 <tmortagne> I wanted to use github application to commit it
17:59 <vmassol> ah
18:00 <vmassol> you're adventurous :)
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20:35 <boubou> [14:32:53] <boubou> :(
20:35 <boubou> [14:34:28] <boubou>
20:36 <boubou> what can cause that ?
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