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10:52 <mflorea> tmortagne: is there a way to overwrite a translation key that comes from a document translation bundle? My translation bundle, from where I want to overwrite the key is probably loaded before so it doesn't have any effect.
10:53 <mflorea> I was thinking to "force" loading my translation bundle on demand, but it is also loaded on wiki, so it doesn't work (the location manager probably detects that the bundle is already loaded and doesn't do nothing).
10:54 <mflorea> my last resort is to define a separate bundle that contains only the key I want to overwrite and load this on demand in the places where the key is used
10:58 <tmortagne> TranslationBundle API have the concept of priority but all wiki based bundle provide the same priority, need to add a priority field in TranslationDocumentClass
11:00 <tmortagne> "it doesn't work" not sure what you means here
11:00 <tmortagne> you change from wiki to on demand and it's not taken into account ?
11:01 <tmortagne> mflorea:
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11:02 <mflorea> no, I can't change from wiki to ondemand because I have keys that are used in many places (including AJAX requests). That's why I said that in the end I'll have to use a separate bundle that is loaded on demand and which has only the keys that I want to overwrite
11:03 <mflorea> fortunately, in my case the key I want to overwrite is used in a single place
11:03 <mflorea> so I can load on demand there this separate bundle
11:03 <mflorea> just so that it overwrites the default key
11:04 <mflorea> tmortagne:
11:05 <tmortagne> ok so you tried to use it both at wiki level and on demande, the reason it did not worked is because the bundled are stored in a set in the context
11:05 <mflorea> yep, I thought so
11:06 <tmortagne> plus another issue for this use case any way is that it's a SortedSet
11:06 <tmortagne> sorted based on priority
11:07 <tmortagne> actually it's not an issue
11:07 <mflorea> how does it decide the priority? we can't specify a priority for a document translation bundle, at least not from the wiki page
11:07 <tmortagne> (10:58:47 AM) tmortagne: TranslationBundle API have the concept of priority but all wiki based bundle provide the same priority, need to add a priority field in TranslationDocumentClass
11:08 <mflorea> that would be nice
11:08 <mflorea> and would fit my use case
11:08 <tmortagne> yes, mostly forgot about it
11:08 <tmortagne> plus it's pretty easy to do
11:09 <tmortagne> if you want to look at it it's in AbstractDocumentTranslationBundle
11:09 <tmortagne> right now it does setPriority(DEFAULTPRIORITY_WIKI); but ideally it should look at the document first
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11:09 <mflorea> ok, on my side I need it for procedure flavor, which is still depending on 8.4 so I can't use the latest version yet
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11:11 <tmortagne> creating a jira issue for it, looks like I forgot
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11:36 <mflorea> tmortagne: document translation bundles loaded on demand don't seem to have priority over those loaded on wiki. My workaround (loading a separate bundle on demand to overwrite a key) doesn't work.
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11:39 <tmortagne> mflorea: yes all wiki resource have the same priority, I tough you would gest last added bundled with same priori first but does not seems to be the case DefaultTranslationBundleContext should probably make sure of that
11:39 <tmortagne> right now it just use a SortedSet
11:39 <mflorea> ok
11:39 <tmortagne> looks like SortedSet give priority to first things added
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15:39 <boubou> hey guys
15:40 <boubou> long time no see
15:41 <boubou> Im on xwiki entreprise 8.2.1, is it a fast / good way to update to the 8.4.4 ?
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17:01 <claakmann> hi guys... I have some issues with a new XWiki 8.4.4 installation on JBoss WildFly 10
17:01 <claakmann> When I try to use the CKEditor Extension (v1.10) it works fine in chrome
17:02 <claakmann> but firefox & ie 11 get 404 errors when trying to load xwiki-resource/resourcePicker and xwiki-macro/macroWizard js files
17:02 <claakmann> because they resolve those files without the version number (1.10) for some reason
17:02 <claakmann> any ideas?
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