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04:20 <xwikiorg_guest_1> hello?
04:21 <xwikiorg_guest_1> I am a student from china, I'd like to apply the GSoC in your project, can I get some advice?
04:22 <xwikiorg_guest_1> ??
04:22 <xwikiorg_guest_1> 你好
04:23 <xwikiorg_guest_1> my Email is [email protected], if you have time you can email me. Thanks!
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08:37 <littlewonder> hello, I am interested in Improve GSoC Project. I wanted to know how to get started
08:37 <littlewonder> It'd be great if someone could help me on this
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09:37 <tmortagne1> littlewonder: hi, the first thing to do usually is look at, and in case of create an account there and look at how it works and the (many) things that could be improved
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11:08 <xwikiorg_guest_2> hello
11:10 <xwikiorg_guest_2> plz tell me more about what red pen integration project is
11:10 <xwikiorg_guest_2> i want to work on it in google summer of code
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14:41 <sgc072> Can anyone tell me what is an XHTML renderer?
14:41 <tmortagne1> sgc072: the short version is that wiki syntax is parsed into a special XWiki dom and then renderers are used to serailize that dom
14:42 <tmortagne1> so the XHTML renderer serialize XWIki dom into XHTML
14:42 <tmortagne1> there is also a HTML5 renderer, etc.
14:45 <sgc072> tmortagne1, Thanks for your help. :)
14:46 <tmortagne1> sgc072: you're welcome :)
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15:11 <sgc072> Is there any example of XHTML renderer?
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15:13 <tmortagne1> sgc072: not sure I understand the question, there is A XHTML renderer. Do you mean an extension of renderer ?
15:14 <tmortagne1> you can find the current XHTML renderer on
15:14 <tmortagne1> but we are using the HTML5 one now
15:14 <tmortagne1> see
15:16 <sgc072> tmortagne1, Actually I was going through the proposed project for Gsoc17 "Translation in Context", and there it is written  by using XHTML Renderer.
15:18 <tmortagne1> the goal is not to write a XHTML renderer but to use the annotated XHTML renderer to find translation macros in the html content
15:19 <tmortagne1> that would be the annotated html5 renderer now
15:19 <tmortagne1> let me update the proposal
15:19 <tmortagne1> it's an old proposal we keep copy from one gsoc to another :)
15:20 <sgc072> Yes, it is updated now.
15:21 <tmortagne1> you don't really need to look at the source of the annotated html renderer I think, this project is about navigate in the dom using javascript to find translation macros by matching special html comments
15:22 <tmortagne1> you can add ?outputSyntax=annotatedhtml to the URL for the page to be rendered with the annotated html renderer
15:23 <tmortagne1> the when you look at the source in your browser you will find stuff like <!--startmacro:velocity|-||-|
15:23 <tmortagne1> that what indicate the beginning of a macro, its name, its parameters and its content
15:24 <tmortagne1> the WYSIWYG use those annotation to find macros too
15:24 <tmortagne1> the WYSIWYG use those annotations to find macros too
15:24 <tmortagne1> maybe there is some code that could be reused to find macros, mflorea1 ?
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15:49 <sgc072> oh, I see. I was going in a wrong direction I guess.
15:53 <sgc072> So if I put ?outputSyntax=annotatedhtml to the URL of any webpage then it will be rendered with annodated html-renderer.
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15:54 <tmortagne1> sgc072: yes
15:55 <tmortagne1> then you can start play with javascript to find translation macros
15:58 <sgc072> tmortagne1, Thanks again. I will try and do a little more research about this concept and the project ofcourse. :P
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15:59 <tmortagne1> sgc072: great :)
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