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Welcome to the XWiki community!

This page will help you getting started as a member of the XWiki Community and start contributing to the project.

It's organized in the form of Tasks that you should perform to get familiar with the various tools and practices.

Since there are various domains where you could contribute, we've organized them in Tracks.

Task 1: Become part of the community

First things first, let's actually join the community communication channels.

The XWiki community uses various tools to communicate.

  1. Register on (Hint: click the Drawer icon in the top right corner of the screen)
  2. Register on using your account (see Discuss for more details) and introduce yourself by creating a post in
  3. Register on, access the #xwiki chat room and say hello (see Chat for more details)

Available Tracks

Pick one of the following tracks depending on what you wish to achieve:

  • Track 1: Contribute to the core
  • Track 2: Contribute to an existing extension
  • Track 3: Contribute a new extension
  • Track 4: Add translations
  • Track 5: Report an issue!$ by jeet


Get Connected