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37 37  * (/) [[Verify>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HInitialBackwardCompatibilityCheck"]] that the {{scm project="xwiki-commons" path="pom.xml"}}${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H}xwiki-commons${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H}'s top level POM{{/scm}} has a ${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H}xwiki.compatibility.previous.version${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H} property correctly pointing to the latest stable (non-milestone) release and if not, change it.
38 38  * (!) Verify that there are [[no JIRA issues with commits for this branch>>$datetool.format('yyyy-MM-dd', $previousRCReleaseDate)%22]] and that are not closed
39 39  * Make sure next version exists on [[jira>>]] projects (JIRA releases are done automatically in the build):
40 -** (x) [[Commons JIRA>>]]
41 -** (x) [[Rendering JIRA>>]]
42 -** (x) [[Platform JIRA>>]]
40 +** (/) [[Commons JIRA>>]]
41 +** (/) [[Rendering JIRA>>]]
42 +** (/) [[Platform JIRA>>]]
43 43  * (x) [[Verify>>ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HVerifyJIRAissue"]] that there are no [[open issues on JIRA for version $version>>$version%22%29+and+resolution+in+%28%22Unresolved%22%29]] and that there are [[no open Blockers>>]].
44 44  * (x) Since the release is performed on ${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H}agent-1-1${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H} and since it shares memory with other ${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H}agent1-*${escapetool.H}${escapetool.H} agents, mark as offline [[agent1-1>>]], [[agent1-2>>]] and [[agent1-3>>]] to avoid using them in the CI. Put as comment {{code language="none"}}Temporarily marking agent-1-* offline for the release of $version{{/code}}.
45 45  * (x) [[Log on the release machine>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HLogonReleasemachine"]], [[set up your identity>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HSetupyouridentity"]], [[update the release scripts>>ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HUpdateReleasescripts"]] and [[set the correct Java version>>dev:ReleasePlans.ReleasePlanHelp||anchor="HConfiguretheJavaVersion"]]

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