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523 523  This should be done only for final versions (i.e. includes bugfixes)
524 524  {{/info}}
525 525  
526 -* Create an task issue on the [[XDOCKER>>]] project with subject {{code language="none"}}Upgrade stable version to <version>{{/code}}.
527 -* Update the version of XWiki in the [[##build.gradle##>>]] file found in the XWiki Docker repository (clone it locally first).
528 -** To know how to generate the sha256, check the doc inside build.gradle. You need to download in advance the *.war file and run the according command in order to generate.
529 -** On Linux, use the following one-liner and replace the value of the VERSION variable accordingly:(((
530 -{{code}}
531 -VERSION="9.11.8"; wget${VERSION}/xwiki-platform-distribution-war-${VERSION}.war && sha256sum xwiki-platform-distribution-war-${VERSION}.war && rm xwiki-platform-distribution-war-${VERSION}.war
532 -{{/code}}
533 -)))
534 -** On Mac, use the following one-liner and replace the value of the VERSION variable accordingly:(((
535 -{{code}}
536 -VERSION="10.11"; wget${VERSION}/xwiki-platform-distribution-war-${VERSION}.war && shasum --algorithm 256 xwiki-platform-distribution-war-${VERSION}.war && rm xwiki-platform-distribution-war-${VERSION}.war
537 -{{/code}}
538 -)))
539 -* Execute the Gradle build (run ##./gradlew##) to generate the various Dockerfiles and other resources for all image tags
540 -* Test the modified files. {{info}}On Linux, you need to use {{code}}sudo{{/code}} on each docker command or [[configure it differently>>]].{{/info}}
541 -** Install Docker. For Mac you can check the [[installer>>]].
542 -** Make sure you open Docker before running the commands.
543 -*** Linux (except Ubuntu): {{code}}sudo systemctl start docker{{/code}}
544 -** {{code}}docker network create -d bridge xwiki-test{{/code}}
545 -** (((
546 -{{code}}
547 -docker run --net=xwiki-test --name mysql-xwiki-test -v /tmp/xwiki-docker-test/mysql:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=xwiki -e MYSQL_USER=xwiki -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=xwiki -e MYSQL_DATABASE=xwiki -d mysql:5.7 --character-set-server=utf8 --collation-server=utf8_bin --explicit-defaults-for-timestamp=1
548 -{{/code}}
549 -)))
550 -** Navigate to the directory to test, e.g. ##10/mysql-tomcat## and issue:
551 -*** {{code}}docker build -t xwiki-test .{{/code}}
552 -*** (((
553 -{{code}}
554 -docker run --net=xwiki-test --name xwiki-test -p 8080:8080 -v /tmp/xwiki-docker-test/xwiki:/usr/local/xwiki -e DB_USER=xwiki -e DB_PASSWORD=xwiki -e DB_DATABASE=xwiki -e DB_HOST=mysql-xwiki-test xwiki-test
555 -{{/code}}
556 -)))Note that same as for mysql container above you'll need to remove the container if it already exists.
557 -**** In case you had an XWiki instance running on 8080 and the above command fails (i.e. address already in use), you cannot simply run it again. If you do (and you should try, actually), will try to recreate the container with the ##xwiki-test## name that is now already in use by a container for which you are given the ##ID## (note that down). Instead, you need to simply start the mentioned container ID which previously failed by running {{code}}docker start <FAILED_START_CONTAINER_ID>{{/code}}.
558 -** Open your browser to ##http:~/~/localhost:8080## and try to setup XWiki and verify it works
559 -* If all is ok commit, push and close the jira issue created above
560 -* Note down the SHA1 of the last commit and update with it by creating a Pull Request (you can edit directly on the GitHub web page and create a Pull Request).
561 -* If you need to update the official documentation create a Pull Request for (you can edit directly on the GitHub web page and create a Pull Request).
562 -* Clean up by running the following in a shell:(((
563 -{{code}}
564 -docker stop xwiki-test
565 -docker rm xwiki-test
566 -docker stop mysql-xwiki-test
567 -docker rm mysql-xwiki-test
568 -docker network rm xwiki-test
569 -docker rmi xwiki-test
570 -sudo rm -Rf /tmp/xwiki-docker-test
571 -{{/code}}
572 -)))
526 +See documentation in the [[Docker GitHub project's README>>]].
573 573  
574 574  {{info}}
575 575  If you need help, ask Vincent :)

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