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24 24  In all cases, all opened issues must be closed before the release can be done.
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26 += Verify issues with commits =
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28 +Such open issues may exist because the wrong issue key was used when committing, the existing commits are just trying to fix a test or adding extra logging (and not affecting the runtime) while the problem has not been addressed, it's a commit in a feature branch, etc. You need to ignore these false positives and detect any issue that has actual work done on it that is relevant for this release, close it and assign it the correct fix version so that it's properly counted in the release notes.
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30 +Note: The JIRA query is not perfect yet as we [[cannot query on the commit update date>>]]. Thus FTM you'll need to review each issue listed and verify if the issue should be closed or if it's a false positive.
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26 26  = Log on Release machine =
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28 28  {{code language="sh"}}

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