Debugging XWiki using Eclipse WTP

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2018/02/06 15:27

The goal of this tutorial is to describe a way to setup Eclipse to be able to:

  • edit web files (javascript, images, ...) in and automatically publish them in a running instance of XWiki without restarting it
  • edit and debug java without restarting the XWiki instance

All these tricks helps to improve the programming speed a lot.


If it's not already done you should take a look at Working with Eclipse for the base setup of Eclipse for XWiki.

Setting Eclipse for debug

To be able to launch XWiki into Eclipse and debug it we will create a WTP project which will be a mirror of the product web we want to work on.

  1. Mirror XWiki war
  2. Import and link maven jar projects to debug
  3. Start Debug Project
  4. Troubleshoots
  5. Enjoy emoticon_smile



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