XWiki Development Zone

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Welcome to the XWiki development community. This area is for developers of the XWiki project itself and all contributors in general.

If you're looking for how to develop inside XWiki pages or extend XWiki in general, check the Platform Developer's Guide.

governance.png Project Governance
How the XWiki project is managed.
coders.png Hall Of Fame
Come and acclaim all those who have contributed to XWiki...
health.png Project Health
Statistics about XWiki development.
irc.png Chat
Talk with other XWiki users or developers in real time.
mail.png Forum & Mailing Lists
Discuss with other XWiki users or developers.
contrib.png Contributing
Find out all the different manners in which you can contribute to the project.
source.png Source Repository
Find information on how to get XWiki sources.
tools.png Development Tools
A list of development tools that can be used when developing for the XWiki project.
devpractices.png Development Practices
Tools suggestion to be able to contribute to the project in good conditions.
committership.png Committership
Explain what is a Committer and his role and responsibilities.
codestyle.png Code Style
Be a good XWiki citizen and follow the agreed upon code style when submitting patches or committing code.
debug.png Debugging
Learn how to debug XWiki when things go wrong...
build.png Building
Learn how to build XWiki directly from the sources
profiling.png Profiling
Learn how to profile XWiki
testing.png Testing
Defines XWiki's test strategy.
release.png Release Plans
List all steps to take for releasing XWiki.
continuousbuild.png Continuous Integration
Information about XWiki's Continuous Integration (CI).
applications-games.png User Experience Guidelines
This space is dedicated to collecting and describing the User Experience guidelines to follow when developing new features.
idea.png Design
This is where new designs and proposals should be logged. Discussions should happen on the mailing lists and be taken in that space so that they do not evaporate and are recorded for posterity!
draft.png Drafts
Space for work in progress meant to be moved to the main xwiki.org spaces when it's finished. Feel free to start working on stuff in there.
devpractices.png Support Strategy
Strategies we use to decide what to support (for example Browser and Databases to support).
idea.png Automation Achievements
Lists the Automation achievements done over time.
tools.png Onboarding
Onboarding steps to start developing for XWiki.
idea.png Presentation Ideas
List of ideas for giving conference talks about XWiki.
devpractices.png Documentation Guidelines
Guidelines when contributing documentation on xwiki.org.
release.png Security Policy
XWiki Policy for handling security issues.

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