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5 All Serious decisions are made on the [[Forum & Mailing lists>>Community.Discuss]]. However if you have a question or want to drop by for a chat, we have an Matrix/IRC channel that can be accessed with an IRC client or simply through a [[ channel>>]] that is bridged to the IRC channel.
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8 The #xwiki IRC chat channel used to be logged before we moved to Matrix (it's now not logged anymore):
10 * On [[this wiki>>IRC.WebHome]]
11 * On [[>>]]
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14 = Etiquette =
16 If you are new to asking for help via chat medium, there are a few things you can do which will get you an answer faster and be make it a more pleasant experience for the developers.
18 * Join and ask your question into the channel, that's what it's for. We are not available all the time and with volunteer support you will need to make your question easy to answer. If you ask a specific question then the developer who is most knowledgeable in the area of your question will see it and be able to help you.
19 ** **Good:** "Hi, I am having a problem registering new users on XWiki-2.1"
20 ** **Bad:** "Is anyone around to help me?"
22 * Don't ask and run, just because you didn't get an answer doesn't mean you won't ever get one. It's perfectly fine to idle in the channel for as long as you want.
24 * Provide any relevant information from the logs, paste it to one of the numerous pastebins on the web then provide the link with your question. {{error}}If you see this{{/error}} in your wiki, click on it and it will likely expand to provide you with more information which you can paste to a pastebin.
26 * Sending private messages to people who you don't know is rude. It amounts to demanding their immediate attention and it will often be ignored.
28 If you are interested in how to ask better questions which will get you better answers, you should read [[How To Ask Questions The Smart Way>>]].
30 **If you ask a question and don't get a response, please wait (maybe for a number of hours.) We're not at the computer all the time but when we do see your question we will try to answer.**
32 = Matrix =
34 This is the simplest way to join the chat. You can either install a [[desktop client>>]] or simply use the web client by clicking on the room links below. The following rooms exist:
36 * [[#xwiki (>>]]: Main discussion room.
37 * [[#xwiki-notifications (>>]]: Contains notifications (commits, etc)
38 * [[#xwiki-security (>>]]: Private room dedicated to discussion security-related issues. If you want to join this room, ask for permission by posting on the [[ forum (in the ##Other## category)>>]] and explain why you need access. Committers will decide whether you will get access or not.
40 Using Riot allows you to keep the history and see messages even when you were not connected. This channel is bridged to the IRC channel on freenode (see below).
42 = IRC =
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45 In order to post messages or ask questions directly on the IRC channel, you need to //[[log in using a registered nickname>>]]//.
46 We have established this rule in order to avoid spambots.
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49 You can connect to our IRC channel through this webpage.
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58 Or you can connect with your favorite chat client.
60 The IRC channel is available on FreeNode:
62 * Server:
63 * Port: 6667 (SSL on port 7000)
64 * Channels:
65 ** ###xwiki## for discussions
66 ** ###xwiki-notifications## for notifications (XWiki IRC bot notifications, GitHub notifications, etc)
68 You can use any IRC client. Examples of IRC clients are:
70 * [[Riot>>]] (web app, desktop apps, remembers messages when you were offline)
71 * [[Pidgin>>]]
72 * [[Irssi>>]]
73 * [[Chatzilla>>]]
74 ** If you have chatzilla, use this direct link to our channel: ##ircs:~/~/
75 * [[KVirc>>]]
76 * [[Colloquy>>]]
77 * [[Adium>>]]
79 == Bots ==
81 We used to have 2 bots running in the ###xwiki-notifications## IRC channel. They're currently not active anymore since we moved from IRC to Matrix.
83 === XWiki Bot ===
85 It allows to perform several actions:
87 * [[Log the channel>>IRC.WebHome]]
88 * Search wiki pages
89 * Search JIRA issues
90 * and more...
92 Check the [[XWiki IRC Bot documentation>>extensions:Extension.IRC Bot Application]] for more information.
94 === Github Bot ===
96 Commits in the ##xwiki## GitHub organization are notified in the ###xwiki## IRC channel.
98 = Archives =
100 The IRC chat is archived and the archives are located [[here>>IRC.WebHome]].

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