XCalendar is a GWT Calendar Application that's use the standard XWiki-GWT Service to create, update and load events,

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  • Events Manipulation (create, update, view and delete)
  • Support of the standard XWiki.CalendarEvent class
  • Different Calendar view mode (days-view, weeks-view, months-view and my planning).
  • Local cache manager
  • Time scroller
  • Fully in AJAX
  • fully windowed forms
  • scrollable time-slot's
  • improved performance with a local-cache manager.

in the Future

  • Agenda manipulation (create, update, view and delete)
  • event-attachements manger
  • integration of joda-time
  • calendar export
  • internationalization
Created by samir Chakour on 2008/08/03 20:48

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