Target size exceptions

Last modified by Lucas Charpentier (Sereza7) on 2024/01/09 15:25

In order for the interface to be easily operable by anyone, we have a minimum size for targets.
However, in some situations, this minimum size is not needed for the target to fulfill accessibility requirements for WCAG 2.2 AA.
Here is a list of those situations:

  • The target is inline, then its height is constrained by line-height.
  • There is enough non interactive space around the target so that we could grow it the required size without overlapping any other target. The target itself can be smaller in this case.
  • Two targets have the same function, only one of them needs to have the required size.
  • Target size is determined by the user.
  • The target presentation is essential for the information being conveyed (this one is up to interpretation and relies on common sense).

A more precise definition of these exceptions is available at Understanding WCAG SC 2.5.8 > Exceptions.

All of these exceptions make it trivial to justify not complying to the success criterion. However, it should be followed in good faith to avoid anti-patterns.

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