Weblate is an open source web-based translation tool written in Python. We use it as the implementation behind l10n.xwiki.org.
This page documents the operations contributors are able to perform with Weblate UI. For more information about maintaining Weblate, check this page.

Add new component

Each source translation file on a git repository is handled by a Weblate component. Whenever a committer adds a new source translation file, she should also creates the corresponding Weblate component. Before adding the new component, there's two question the contributor should check:

  1. what's the format of the new source translation she added? The XWiki Translation Formats are described there.
  2. is there already an existing component for the repository where the source translation file has been added? if the file has been added to xwiki-commons, xwiki-rendering or xwiki-platform, the answer is yes. If the file has been added to a repository of xwiki-contrib, then you should check if there is already a component for this repository on Weblate.

When you answered those questions, click on the top-right menu on "Add a new translation component". If you don't see this menu then it means you don't have the rights for creating a component.

Then depending if you answered yes or no to the second question, you have two choices:

  • if there is no existing component for the repository, you need to add a component for a new repository
  • else you need to add a component for an already existing repository.

Adding a component for a new repository

For adding a component for a new repository, you need to select "From version control" on the UI of adding new components. That's normally the default option.

Adding a component for an existing repository

If the second question's answer is yes, then you need to add a component for a repository already existing.

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