Ideas for increasing Active Installs

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2019/06/15 10:45

The purpose of this page is to brainstorm and list ideas about how to increase our Active Installs numbers.

Increasing Active Installs can be done in 2 complementary ways:

  • Attract more users to XWiki
  • Keep them using XWiki more

The idea is to see if there are some low hanging fruits and implement them.

Attracting more users

IdeaFromComplexity & Cost
Talk at more conferencesVincentMedium
Move XWiki to a well known foundation such as EclipseVincentHard
Have XWiki bundled in some distributions (e.g. linux distributions)VincentHard
Make it even simpler and more visible to demo XWiki on XWiki SAS CloudVincentEasy
More videos of XWiki in action on youtube and update old onesVincentMedium
Write a book about XWikiVincentHard
Have some new large company using XWiki and advertise itVincentHard
Write a bot that creates new XWiki instances every day! just kidding ofc emoticon_winkVincentEasy
Provide several Flavors for several needsVincentHard
Provide an XWiki package on the Snap Store (an app store for Linux supported by more and more distributions and the list is already impressive)ThomasMedium
Finish and maintain rpm packages and repositoryThomasTechnically easy but require someone who actually use a rpm based system or it won't work
Announce our releases on more websites. List of websites we could add:VincentEasy
Promote myxwiki: make it work, promote wikis hosted herexrichardHard (and already done with XWiki Cloud which is cheap and free for open source projects)
<add your idea here><add your name here><add cost here>

Keeping users

Reasons for leaving:

  • Fail to install XWiki
  • Generally too complex to use / Frustration
  • Doesn't understand how to use in the first 10mn
  • User don't see all the nice things they can do with their wiki and stop for lack of knowing this
  • Doesn't see the value of the features and what they can be used for
  • Missing some key feature. Which one?
  • Competition is better. Which one?
  • Too hard to upgrade? (Hopefully not, we've worked hard to make this one no longer be the case)
IdeaFromWhat does it fix?Complexity & Cost
Provide a Feedback Panel by default in XS. Something similar to what we get in survey forms Feedback would be aggregated on automatically.VincentUnderstand frustration/problemsMedium
Make XWiki work on Java9+VincentFail to install XWikiMedium
Promote more the cloud options instead of the download option (higher success rate). Maybe have a single "download" get on and ask if the user is technical or not and if not, promote the XWiki SAS cloud optionVincentFail to install XWikiEasy
Promote less the manual WAR install and instead promote more the Debian and Docker installs for installation on premises since they're easier to use and avoid mistakesVincentFail to install XWikiEasy
In the Support panel, have a chat and allow Admin users to ask questions on this chat (possibly during the 1st week of usage to reduce support cost; after that time it could become a link to the chat page of, to reduce ). This chat would integrate the XWiki Matrix/IRC chatVincentGenerally too complex to use & Doesn't understand how to use in the first 10mnEasy
Provide some demo content by default in XWiki Standard to see the usage in action, with ability to remove content easily when user is ready to use it for real.VincentDoesn't see the value of the features and what they can be used forEasy
Provide several Flavors for several needsVincentUsers may not know what to do with their wiki and how to startHard
<add your idea here><add your name here><add cost here>

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