What XWiki Realtime Editor 2.0 Should Look Like

Last modified by Roman Muntyanu on 2012/11/29 12:04


Every letter typed is 1 XMLHttpRequest so pasting content kills the current editor.

See who's editing

  • List of users on the side?
  • Google docs like names pointing to text?
  • Etherpad style highlighted text? (this looks ugly but is effective)
  • Chat?


  • Optional

Handling merging if there has been a concurrent editing

  • Editing offline and storing content in your local storage?
    • This would mean an entire wiki available offline which is prohibitively complicated but perhaps it is useful for non-xwiki applications.
    • What if you lose wifi for a few minutes?
  • How will edit history look like after concurrent edit?

Support a live switch from wiki editing to real-time editing

  • Alice would like to edit this document with you, click here to join a realtime editing session.

I believe Google Wave had that concurrent editing feature, so that other users could see as you type.
So it's one place to start from to see how they implemented notifications, merges and "flickering" connection.
Google Wave source is currently known/available as Apache Wave

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