There is an Android Authenticator application (Google Play link), which aims on synchronization of contacts from any required XWiki instance and able to get the main info about users: phone number, e-mail and others. Currently, this project is already realized, but we have a few possible ideas to improve it: 

  • Upgrade dependencies, fix bugs, minor improvements, actualizing of Jenkins build
    • With actualizing of Jenkins build it is required to implement Jenkins Pipelines (look at the issue in jira)
  • Integrate XWiki notification with Android notifications system (to be warned when something happen in the wiki and click to go to the page)
  • Convert the current application into:
    • A library which contains most of the current application and can be used to create dedicated application authenticators for specific instances of XWiki
    • The current authenticator/application but this time based on the new library
    • A new authenticator dedicated to to serve as an example for people whiling to build their own dedicated XWiki authenticator


Developer profile

Currently there is no some strong requirements for this project.

Highly recommended:

  • Experience (or aim to learn) in work with Kotlin.

Will be pros:

  • Experience in XWiki system
  • Experience in Android development
  • Experience in development and publication of JVM and/or Android libraries


Created by Aleksei Ovsiannikov on 2020/02/18 09:50

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