Finish and improve Android XWiki authenticator and contact synchronization

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The idea is to continue the work on XWiki Authenticator and contacts started during GSOC 2016.

The main use case is to get all the contacts of your organization's intranet automatically synchronized on your phone so that you don't have to use a browser, go to your intranet, login and search form some user to see if he entered his phone in his profile. The other important part is to make sure this is as integrated and as standard as possible from Android point of view and allow other applications to use registered XWiki authenticators to access an XWiki instance without the need for the user to give the password to that application.

Current code:
Known bugs/improvements:

The first requirements for this project during this GSOC are:

  • get something stable enough to release a 1.0 version, especially a good support of bad network
  • a nicer and more polished configuration UI

Then any improvement idea is welcome. You can find some ideas already listed on jira and here are a few others:

Developer profile
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  • Android dev



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