Estimated workload
3 month

The idea would be that a user should be able to configure some automated actions to take place when certain states are achieved in the wiki. There should be simple scripts / UIs to determine whether a state needs to trigger an action and simple scripts to configure the actions to be taken, along with a potential list of predefined actions.

Since workflows are a complex and fuzzy subject, let's look at a simple example, the blog validation workflow (although validation is not very very wiki-like action, it illustrates well the idea of simple workflow):

When any user edits the content of a blog article, the blog post is hidden from public access (regardless of its state up to that point) and a mail is sent to a group of users in the wiki which are the "blog administrators".

Although this kind of workflows can be implemented in the specific wiki applications themselves (e.g. for the case above in the blog application itself), a generic workflow mechanism can be envisaged to:

  • allow such triggering to happen for any wiki document or any structure (even if it was not coded a priori in the application), potentially cross application
  • allow users that don't know code details to implement such behaviour.


Developer profile
  • some java knowledge
  • some understanding of web frontend technologies: http, html, js, css, some scripting language (velocity is a plus, php, groovy, etc)
  • user focus (ability to identify and focus on the benefits the user has from a specific feature) rather than backend libraries interest
  • interest for iterative approach of problem solving
  • passioned by the project itself and wants to see it done and working
  • some previous knowledge of XWiki and its "structured documents" principle can be a plus



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