Estimated workload
3 months

The objective of this project would be to provide an integration between XWiki and CryptPad.
There are multiple levels of integrations to implement:

Feature 1: A simple macro to display a live document from CryptPad in XWiki
Feature 2: I have a document on CryptPad and I want to retrieve it and store it in the Wiki
   2a: Wysiwyg documents
   2b: Markdown documents
   2c: OnlyOffice documents
Feature 3: I have a document in an internal XWiki and I want to edit it with external users. I push the document to cryptpad for editing there and I have a way to retrieve it
   3a: XWiki document -> Wysiwyg document
   3b: XWiki document -> Markdown document
   3c: XWiki Attachment -> OnlyOffice documents

The project is challenging as CryptPad is integrating client-side cryptographic security, and multiple ways to store documents, it is necessary to run code in Javascript to read and write CrytpPad documents. This could be done either in the browser or using the Java based Nashorn engine on the server side.

This project will require both Java skills and Javascript skills. The student will have access to a mentor with experience with both XWiki and CryptPad.



Developer profile

Javascript, Java




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