Git/GitHub application

Last modified by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2022/02/25 09:25


There are already several extensions that deal with git: a module that allows to perform operations on a git repository from the wiki, a small GitHub stub that allows to list committers for an organization or a project, and a more complex application that allows to synchronize wiki pages with a repository on GitHub. The goal of this project is to provide a richer integration with git:

  • a space in the wiki can be linked to a repository on GitHub (or any other git repository)
  • display in the wiki active pull requests and their status (when using a GitHub repository)
  • insert custom events in the Activity Stream for new commits, pull requests, comments on commits, new/deleted branches or tags...
  • code and committers statistics
  • list commits, linking user names to users in the wiki, and issue numbers to the corresponding Jira issue

Another direction is enhancing the GitHub Commit Application:

  • better UI
  • better handling of merges
  • support for selective commits (like git add --interactive)
  • better support for user configuration





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