Implement PDF export with XHTML and paged CSS

Last modified by Eduard Moraru on 2020/03/09 09:50

Estimated workload
2-3 man months

Currently, the PDF export of XWiki is implemented based on XSL-FO and transformation of XHTML to FO. This poses a couple of problems, mainly related to the current level of support of FO from libraries implementing FO to PDF transformation, as well as the limitations of automatized transformation of XHTML to FO. The problems are mainly related to styling limitations, auto-layouting, etc.

The idea is to try to replace this with a pure XHTML & CSS (paged CSS) export, using an open source library for producing PDFs out of this.

This is only the first step of this project, the next steps being to validate that all customisation that is currently possible on the PDF export will remain possible with the new tool, and explore the new capabilities of the export (once ported to the new technology), build tools for it, etc.




Developer profile
  • Basic to medium Java knowledge
  • Good knowledge of XHTML and CSS
  • Knowledge, experience or interest in document preparation systems is useful
  • Passionate about completeness and attention to details



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