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Project name
Integration of Mozilla Bespin as a core Script editor in XWiki
Estimated workload
3 month men

Pushing further the initial hack of Bespin in XWiki and the Skin Editor application developed from it by integrating Bespin's editor as the script editor of XWiki's platform. The script editor would be a third alternative to the current Wiki and WYSIWYG editors, for developers. It would be available to edit wiki pages, or text-area properties of semi-structured data (for example to write scheduler jobs in the groovy language). The integration could then be pushed further writing XWiki Syntax 2.0 coloration engine, or writing new XWiki-specific commands, in order to make in-wiki developers more efficient (example: dynamic XWiki API help).



Created by JeromeVelociter on 2009/03/09 17:53

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