Project name
New XEclipse Navigator
Estimated workload
2 months

XWiki Eclipse (or XEClipse for short) is a desktop tool that allows to edit, view, save or delete pages located on an XWiki server. It can be used as a standalone desktop application or as an Eclipse plugin. Its main usages are productivity, offline and application development in XWiki pages.

XEclipse provides a navigator view that allows a user to display XWiki resources in a hierarchical view and navigate through them. Currently the navigator is quite basic, it displays spaces, pages and objects. The goal of this project is to improve the current navigator in order to support the display of more XWiki resources (i.e., attachments, translations, etc.) and support advanced functionalities like drag&drop, state persistence and a better integration in the workbench.



Developer profile

The developer should be familiar with the Eclipse platform and, above all, with UI programming.


Successfully terminated

Created by Fabio Mancinelli on 2009/03/22 21:54

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