Project name
Template and Document Type Manager
Estimated workload
3 months

A Wiki manages document and XWiki has the powerfull ability to manager semi-structured documents thanks to the object model. 

When users want to create a new document we want to give them the ability to create a new document from a template. This template can be a pure wiki content document but can also be a structured document using an XWiki Class. The create from template feature alreay exists in the xwiki core.

What we want the SOC project to build is a Template Manager allowing to select a page from the wiki and make it a template. Then we want the create buttons to open a UI allowing to choose a template. Templates should be organized by tags.

If the student is efficient enough the next step would be to expose the XWiki Class system for non programmers allowing to create a simple structured document with simple fields (text, textarea, date, list) from the simplest UI possible (current the XWiki Class definition has too many options for basic users) and generate the display script of this document type automatically.

The result of this project should be well integrated in the XWiki UI.



Developer profile
  • Likes scripts
  • Wants to get in the XWiki programming API
Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2009/03/19 23:09

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