Wiki Collections

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10 14:44

Estimated workload

175 hours (Medium size project)


An XWiki extension for creating and managing collections of wiki pages. The extension must provide both

  • a component and a script service to access the collections programmatically (i.e. an API to create and manage the collections programmatically)
  • and a user interface to allow simple users to manage their collections of wiki pages.

For the API you can rewrite the xwiki-plugin-collection into a component, but only after a discussion on the devs mailing list. For the UI you can implement Caty's proposal for Selective Export UI, of course, without the export options.

Collections are extremely useful as the input for:

You should check how the existing Multipage Export Application uses the xwiki-plugin-collection in order to understand the main use case for Wiki Collections.

Developer profile

Good knowledge of both Java, for writing the component and the script service, and JavaScript plus HTML and CSS, for implementing the user interface. Passion for UI/UX design is a big plus.





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