Wiki Console

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2023/10/10 14:45

Estimated workload

175 hours (Medium size project)


Enhance the CRaSH Console extension to:

  • make it available for users that don't have programming rights (limiting the set of available commands based on user rights)
  • be able to write commands that redirect the current page (e.g. a document export command)
  • be able to write new commands outside the crash-api jar (e.g. in wiki pages, using Groovy code).

Then implement XWiki specific commands to:

  • browse the wiki using a "cd"-like command
  • list the "children" of the current entity (wiki, space, document) using a "ls"-like command
  • delete, move, rename wiki entities (wikis, spaces, documents, objects, attachments)
  • create or edit wiki entities (redirect to edit mode)
  • less, grep, find, uname etc.
  • actions specific to each wiki entity (export a wiki page with various parameters, view the history of a document, etc.)
  • more (ask the community)
Developer profile

Knowledge of JavaScript is required to enhance the front-end. Good knowledge of Java is needed in order to implement the back-end for the varios commands. Experience with Groovy is a big plus since one of the targets is to be able to implement new commands in wiki pages using Groovy and the XWiki API.






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