XWiki Snap developer guide

Last modified by Vedant Pol on 2022/09/05 15:41

Building XWiki snap

Prerequisites to build

You'll need to perform 3 mandatory steps to build the snap :

Run the following commands to install snapcraft and multipass after installing snapd :
sudo snap install snapcraft --classic
sudo snap install multipass

Building the snap

  • clone the repository
  • cd into xwiki-jetty
  • run snapcraft

This will build the xwiki_13.10.8_amd64.snap
 cd into the directory of the snap you would like to build 
 eg. cd into xwiki-base-snap folder to build xwiki-base-snap 

Installing the snap

Make sure you are in the directory where the snap is built
sudo snap install xwiki_13.10.8_amd64.snap --dangerous

  xwiki-base-snap and xwiki-mysql-snap has been depriciated. xwiki-jetty snap is the official snap.


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