The project is to create an authoring tool to create an ebook that works on mobile devices: Android, iOS or any other. The objective is to export a collection of wiki pages within an ePub book (a zip of XHTML files) that is downloaded. While this seems trivial, the challenge of this project is to make it so that it can be read comfortably on mobile devices, with or without internet access.

The software should complement the XWiki collaborative editing mechanism to support the author in previewing and verifying the display of the content on various devices (e.g. warning that a given tag is not going to work on particular ePub readers, or previewing the rendering so as to verify the layout). It should also apply media-conversion and embedding, e.g. scale images so that it works well on the target sizes and platforms.

A very successful contribution should, with a small amount of changes, allow developers to also export to other package formats such as Daisy, iBooks or SCORM.

Delivery: new "xwiki extension" project to be created on github with open-source code (LGPL) using XWiki, Groovy (or java), Velocity.



Developer profile
  • good understanding of CSS and ebook readers
  • notions of java or Groovy to write the tools to generate the export
  • available mobile devices to test with
  • good sense of typography


Created by Paul Libbrecht on 2019/01/31 18:50

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